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the student is describing the way to school.

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  1. 1. I start at Kovářova Street
  2. 2. I turn left to Wolkerova Street
  3. 3. I go across the track, I turn left and I go past the track
  4. 4. I go past the park
  5. 5. I will across the street when I am at the end of the street
  6. 6. I turn right, then I turn left after then I turn right
  7. 7. Then I go across the street
  8. 8. Then I go slighty to the left and I enter Zhořelecká street
  9. 9. Then I go along this street, after then I turn right and I go along Budyšínská street
  10. 10. At the end of the street I turn left and here is my school