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Vocabulario sena completo


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Vocabulario sena completo

  1. 1. VOCABULARY CPU: is the most important element of a computer system. CPU: es el elemento mas importante de un sistema informatico. KEYBOARD: is a peripheral which is a key system,such as a typewriter that allows you to enter data to a computer or device. TECLADO: es un periférico que consiste en un sistema de teclas como las de una maquina de escribir, que te permite introducir datos a un ordenador o dispositivo.
  2. 2. HARD DRIVE: is a magnetic decive that stores all programs computer data. DISCO DURO: es un dispositivo magnetico que almacena todos los programas y datos de la computadora.
  3. 3. PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE: is the set of tools that allow the programmer to develop information programs. SOFTWARE DE PROGRAMACION: es el conjunto de herramientas que permiten al progamador desarrollar programas informaticos. RAM MEMORY: is the type of computer memory which can be accessed randomly. MEMORIA RAM: es el tipo de memoria de ordenador a la que se puede acceder aleatoriamente.
  4. 4. OPERATIVE SYSTEM: the basic software of a computer that provides an interface between the other computer programs, hardware, divices and user SISTEMA OPERATIVO: es el software basico de una computadora que prove una interfaz entre el resto de programas del ordenador, los dispositivos de hardware y el usuario
  5. 5. ANTIVIRUS: are PROGRAMS whose function is to detect and eliminate computer viruses ANTIVIRUS: son progamas cuya funcion es detectar y eliminar virus informaticos SEARCH. is a website to which Internet users can consult to find information on the topic that interests them. BUSCADOR: es una página de Internet a la que los usuarios de Internet pueden consultar para hallar información sobre el tema que les interesa.
  6. 6. . PROCESSOR:Microchip is responsible for executing instructions and processing data are required for all computer functions. You could say that is the brain of the computer. PROCESADOR: Es el microchip encargado de ejecutar las instrucciones y procesar los datos que son necesarios para las funciones del computador. Se puede decir que es el cerebro del computador.
  7. 7. MAINBOARD: is a multilayer printed circuit board included in the surface mount components PLACA BASE: es una placa de circuito impreso multicapa en la que se incluyen elementos de montaje superficial SCANNER: Peripheral that lets you transfer an image from a paper or surface and transformed into digital graphics ESCANER: Periférico que permite transferir una imagen desde un papel o superficie y transformarlos en graficos digital
  8. 8. POWER POINT: is an application developed by Microsoft for Windows and Mac OS, which allows the development of multimedia presentations. POWER POINT:es una aplicación desarrollada por Microsoft para Windows y Mac OS, que permite desarrollar presentaciones multimediales.
  9. 9. PRESSES: is a program that can reduce (compress) the size of a file. This is achieved through a series of algorithms that allow data contained in a file take up less size without loss of data occurs. COMPRIMIDOR: es un programa que permite reducir (comprimir) el tamaño de un archivo. Esto lo consigue mediante una serie de algoritmos que permiten que los datos contenidos en un archivo ocupen menos tamaño sin que se produzca perdida de información. BROWSER: is a program that lets you view the information contained in a web page (since it is
  10. 10. hosted on a server within the World Wide Web or a local server). NAVEGADOR: es un programa que permite ver la información que contiene una página web (ya se encuentre ésta alojada en un servidor dentro de la World Wide Web o en un servidor local).
  11. 11. Photoshop is probably the best program design and picture editing. " Reviewed by the editorial team PortalProgramas Google Ads Become King of Photoshop Learn Photoshop in record time System tested and guaranteed 100% / tutorials With Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended (no photoshop) you can get editing capabilities, composition and painting most current industry standard software, along with tools that allow you to create and improve 3D images and motion-based content. Designed with greater flexibility through Repoussé Adobe technology. Create logos, illustrations, 3D web buttons and text from any layer, selection, design or mask layer, and then twisted, broken, or cannot inflate your designs.
  12. 12. Get realistic and natural painting effects with the brush mixer, which provides the ability to blend colors on canvas, with bristle tips, which allow you to create textured brush strokes that look real, with a color picker screen, and much more. Delete any details or order of the images and see how the fill as the content fill the space left behind by magic. This innovative technology adjusts the lighting, tone and noise so that it appears that the removed content never existed. Get better results than ever to select the image complicated elements, such as hair, and removes the background color on the edges of your selection. Automatically varies the edges of the selection and perfect masks with new development tools. All this and much more await you in this new version of the most famous graphic editor. iTunes is a program that runs on Apple Macs and now, the company has decided to launch the popular software for Windows version also. It is a very complete application that lets you do almost anything you like with MP3. The program allows: - Play music in many formats, not just MP3.
  13. 13. - Create playlists - Organize music you have on your computer - Search for specific songs - Record music from CD to hard disk - Transfer MP3 to iPod - Listen to Internet radio stations The player is very complete, you can listen to music and use an equalizer to enhance the sound. It is one of the file-sharing programs, called because they come from English P2P Peer to Peer, but used today. That is a great benefit for all users and that the more people to use more sources exist and therefore more shared files, which means that our searches have many opportunities to find answers. This is a file sharing program with no spyware or any other type of advertising program on your category. By downloading this program you have the ability to share music, movies, text and images you want. Many programs are based on: - Lite - Tube - Mp3 - Musica
  14. 14. - Destiny - Gold - Ultra Search but only this is the original. Others are based in this release, and many incorporate advertising. Since Ares Galaxy is based on P2P (peer file sharing) is very important to share, plus the simple act of sharing will increase your own download speed. It has several very useful options: resume interrupted downloads above, has a library to organize your downloads and has an audio and video player to view the files while you are downloading. Using it is very simple, just settings and only need to install and run and you can start sharing files. It has thousands and thousands of users, ensuring that the network will be many shared files. Microsoft Office 2010 seeks to improve significantly the management of documents, streamlining all office-related work and make the remote group work is no longer a pending issue. Your new interface inherits from the 2007 version, but much
  15. 15. improved, much more friendly and intuitive than before. All the tools are usually accurate within reach of a mouse click, and visually detectable. Products available in this version: - Access - Excel - InfoPath - OneNote - Outlook - PowerPoint - Publisher - SharePoint - Word - Communicator Formats that the suite is compatible: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, MDB, ACCDB, PUB, RTF, TXT, HTM, JPG, PNG, TIF, EMF, WMF, XML, WRI, ODT, ODP, ODS, WMV, AVI, PDF.
  16. 16. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 meets multimedia capabilities in a collection of three materials incorporated into an effective package. Includes advanced video editing, multimedia player and organizer, burning software, backup technology of trust and special multimedia tools to enhance the music, photos and video. Highlights: - Edit video with Nero Vision Xtra: Create movies on Blu-ray and HD DVD with HD video SmartEncoding to produce faster and create Blu-ray with a high quality film format of 24 frames progressive. - Burning with Nero Burning ROM: Protect the life of your discs against scratches, the passage of time or damage to the protection technology SecurDisc. Drag and drop files to burn and copy to CD, DVD and Blu-ray disk or saves. - Backup & Burn with Nero BackItUp: Create an automatic backup with one click without the need to redefine the configuration of your computer. News - Burning Blu-ray and HD-DVD. - Create slideshows. - Create high-definition video formats Blu-ray and HD DVD. - RescueAgent is a new program to recover deleted or damaged files from CDs and DVDs.