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Kachingle's Twitter Integration in one slide!


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The Kachingle Twitter integration described in one slide. For more information please visit

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Kachingle's Twitter Integration in one slide!

  1. 1. Kachingler tweets! – turn on in Settings page<br /><ul><li> join Medallion
  2. 2. monthly distribution</li></ul>Medallion tweets! – turn on in “Sites I Own”, then “manage”<br /><ul><li> new Kachingler
  3. 3. monthly payment</li></ul> tweets!<br /><ul><li> new Kachingler for a Medallion
  4. 4. new Medallion joins Kachingle</li></ul>Copyright 2010, Kachingle, Inc. -- Please Share - Aug. 2010 Community Meeting<br />