Kachingle Community Online Meeting July 2010 slides


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Introducing Named/Multiple Medallions and the Who's Kachingling Whom widget, overview of the latest release of the Kachingle Medallion for WordPress plugin and update on our work with PayPal.

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Kachingle Community Online Meeting July 2010 slides

  1. 1. Kachingle Community<br />Agenda<br />July Online Meeting<br />Welcome and Introductions – Host and Moderator Bill Lazar<br />New Kachingle Homepage, the Who's Kachingling Whom widget and the WordPress plugin – Bill, Kachingle’s Technical Marketing Lead, will explain recent updates<br />Named and Multiple Medallions – Founder Cynthia Typaldos, with help from our JavaScript Engineer Sharon Minsuk, will explain the just released Medallion enhancements<br />PayPal Update – Our CEO, Fred Dewey, will give the latest on our work with PayPal<br />Open Discussion – this is the time for you to ask questions and give feedback<br />Closing Remarks and Thanks<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  2. 2. Web Tools<br />Reviewing the New Kachingle Homepage<br />Who's Kachingling Whom newsfeed<br />Video block<br />Separate Kachingler and Site Owner signup pages<br />The Who's Kachingling Whom widget<br />New features in the Kachingle WordPress plugin<br />Per Author and Site-wide Medallions<br />Template tag and shortcode for Author Medallions<br />Widget, template tag and shortcode for Site-wide Medallions<br />Supports WordPress 3.0<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  3. 3. Named Medallions are here!<br />as an example of potential usage…<br />Named Medallion = NYTimes Technology<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  4. 4. Named Medallions are here!<br />as an example of potential usage…<br />Named Medallions<br /><ul><li> solely defined by page placement, not URL
  5. 5. can stretch across URLs
  6. 6. or cover just sections
  7. 7. useful for sites with multiple “voices”
  8. 8. can overlap, like Venn diagrams
  9. 9. think of the user!</li></ul>Named Medallion = NYTimes BitsBlog<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  10. 10. Named Medallions are here!<br />as an example of real usage…<br />Named Medallion = The Kachingle Blog<br />Named Medallion = <br />Bill on the Kachingle Blog<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  11. 11. Named Medallions are here!<br />How to create them is easy – <br />Add & Manage in “Sites I Own”<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  12. 12. Named Medallions are here!<br />A bit about some of the technology challenges behind the scenes…<br />Worked in Safari...<br />But not in Firefox<br />Got it working in Firefox, <br />but not quite right<br />PERFECTION ACHIEVED!<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  13. 13. Kachingle/PayPal <br />Relationship<br />Working closely with Osama Bedier, the Senior VP of Platform and Product Development and his team<br />Working on three initiatives:<br />Cost effective fee structures for micropayments<br />Resolving issues with the subscription product<br />Partnering on marketing initiatives to rapidly grow the volunteer social micropayment market which benefits both of us<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  14. 14. Cost Effective<br />Micropayment Fees<br />PayPal will be a major player in the micropayment space, and is partnering with companies like Kachingle to help them get there<br />Challenge: credit card companies charge $0.29+2.9%, which is fine for transactions greater than $15. But at $5 and $10, the percents are high (9% and 6%, respectively)<br />PayPal VERY committed to solving this. They have reduced their pay-out fees for us and are working on reducing the pay-in fees, enabling us to drop our total take from 20% down to 15%.<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  15. 15. Resolving Subscription <br />Issues<br />Subscriptions are critical to Kachingle’s strategy because people will not manually add money to their Kachingle account. It has to be “set it and forget it”.<br />Subscriptions require credit cards in some markets that don’t use credit cards, and PayPal accounts in some markets where people want to pay directly with credit cards.<br />PayPal working with us to make the product more flexible to fit the needs of the market.<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  16. 16. Co-Marketing Initiatives<br />PayPal is a dominant player in macro-payments, and is leading the charge in micropayments. Kachingle is helping PayPal to understand the market and its requirements. <br />PayPal has a massive base of digital content providers that can benefit from having a Kachingle revenue stream.<br />PayPal is helping to create the voluntary social micropayment market by giving Kachingle access to its digital content providers, and featuring us at their Fall X developers conference, as well as in an upcoming newsletter to their customer base.<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />
  17. 17. Kachingle Community<br />THANKS!<br />July Online Meeting<br />Thanks for coming to the first Kachingle Community Online Meeting! We value your questions, concerns and suggestions and your participation in our very new service.<br />Keep the discussion going in the Community Forum:<br />http://groups.google.com/group/kachingle-community<br />Be watching for our email with the details of the August 19th Online Community Meeting. Coming to your inbox soon.<br />July 15, 2010 –Kachingle, Inc. – Please Share<br />