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You Unstuck Creating a Culture of Risk Taking and Innovation

  1. The Conference Board Women’s Leadership Conference YOU UNSTUCK Cultivating A Culture of Risk-taking & Innovation
  2. 3 Keys to Risk-taking & Innovation • Master the“CSE” Model for Success • Maximize Your Leadership DNA • Live the Kaizen Concept
  3. “CSE” Vision & Execution Model • CLARIFY the vision • SIMPLIFY the path • EXECUTE the plan
  4. Fear: Gift or Non-Starter?
  5. Immediate Negative Response • We tried it once and it didn’t work. • No one’s tried so it probably won’t work. • Our competitor already did it so we can’t. • It could take too much time/resources/$$. • We have too many things on our plate.
  6. Your Leadership DNA Director: Focused & driven Supporter: Hard-working & loyal Thrill-Seeker: Charismatic & creative Analyst: Info & data-oriented
  7. Live by the Kaizen Concept • Make incremental changes S.O.P. • Challenge the INR • Innovate and take risks • Give 10 x expected value at all times
  8. Strategic Innovation & Risk-taking  Structure  Systems  Support
  9. Match Organizational Structure to Objectives
  10. Provide People-Friendly Systems
  11. Questions & Giveaway!
  12. Serve Others with Fanatical Support
  13. Thank you! “Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.” - David Lloyd George