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Disruptive Inclusion: How to Use Internet Technologies to Foster ERG Collaboration & Innovation


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Disruptive Inclusion© is proactive recognition and embracing of both the similarities and differences in people, with a clear objective of improving organizational environments, individual motivation and ultimately business innovation. This session will demonstrate how to leverage the power of Internet-based technologies to permeate deep into business organizations and make transformation from the inside out. Learn strategy and methodology to align ERGs to an organization’s innovation process; acquire high level knowledge of how a set of Internet tools and applications can increase collaboration among ERGs and with business customers, candidates and consumers; and view demos of internet collaborative technologies specifically with ERGs.

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Disruptive Inclusion: How to Use Internet Technologies to Foster ERG Collaboration & Innovation

  1. 1. Disruptive Inclusion How to Use Internet Technologies to Foster ERG Collaboration & InnovationKevin Carter #ERGTech Asli BilginDirector, Diversity & Practice Manager,Inclusion Cloud ComputingCampbell’s Soup Slalom Consulting
  2. 2. Definition Theory Case Study Role of ERGsPractice Model Exercise Discussion
  3. 3. Definition: Diversity•  Diversity is the similarities and differences that make us who we are and that fuel our perspectives, ideas and behaviors. "Beyond Individual Creativity : The Superadditive Benefits of Multicultural Experience for Collective Creativity in Culturally Diverse Teams," 2012, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
  4. 4. Definition: Inclusion•  Inclusion is encouraging others to share, hearing them, and valuing the skills, experience and perspective they bring to a "Diversity and organizational innovation:The role of employee task involvement," 2010 Wharton School
  5. 5. Theory: Types of Media•  Portray diversity in an inclusive manner leveraging social networks, Paid communities and word of mouth in an engaging way Earned Owned
  6. 6. Case Study: Coca Cola•  A refreshing new intranet connects 70,000 employees and leads to improved collaboration, efficiency, and idea sharing.•  The multi-lingual intranet includes thousands of published items, serves Coca-Cola’s employees worldwide, and has dramatically improved collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness across the company.
  7. 7. Case Study: Nike - fansumer•  Nike Jumpman23•  Cloud computing•  Interactive web application•  Diverse representation in a visually engaging fashion
  8. 8. Practice Model: Build Networks•  Step 1: select, setup and customize technologies that identify connections, and facilitate the development of Networks. "The Bias Against Creativity: Why People Desire But Reject Creative Ideas," 2011 Cornell University
  9. 9. Practice Model: Intercultural Competence•  Step 2: Manage and foster ideas through and across networks with the Intercultural Competence to ensure active and broad user engagement. "The value of intercultural competence for performance of multicultural teams," Citation: Alexei V. Matveev, Richard G. Milter, (2004) "The value of intercultural competence for performance of multicultural teams", Team Performance 2004 College of Staten Island Management, Vol. 10 Iss: 5/6, pp.104 - 111
  10. 10. Exercise: FormulaCopyright 2011 – 2012 © KevinACarterAll Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Theory: Formula Diversity + Intercultural Competence + Inclusion = Inclusion Innovation
  12. 12. Practice Model: Idea Networks•  Diversity in people can drive diversity of ideas …. o  Inclusion of diverse ideas promotes innovation through …. o  increased employee engagement and insight into what the market really wants.•  Accelerate Innovation with an open mind and internal “idea networks”•  These networks are already within your organization and can be linked to customers and consumers outside your organization to reap organizational benefits.
  13. 13. Case Study: Slalom Portal•  SharePoint 2010 with NewsGator•  Harness subject matter experts•  Exposed ideation
  14. 14. Case Study: eBay Hub•  The eBay Hub is an internal eBay iPhone application to allow employees to quickly and easily access internal company information such as latest news, employee directory search and conference room locations.•  It uses a SharePoint back-end and is built using Appcelerator, a cross-platform mobile application tool
  15. 15. Case Study: Network of Networks•  BRANs as "Idea Networks" for Innovation
  16. 16. Role of ERGs•  Include internal and external stakeholders•  Marry internal data, communities with external buzz Copyright 2011 – 2012 © KevinACarter All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. Industry Trend: Employee Slalom Offerings: Application Build, Project Deploy & Manage A new business hub opens the door to better collaboration and helps employees access key information securely on their iPhones. RESULTS BACKGROUND PROJECT Completed in multiple phases overeBay, the world’s leading Slalom Consulting designed and built nine months, the project enabled eBayecommerce company, integration to a new SharePoint mobile employees to access the informationwanted to provide access app while following eBay’s strict they need while on the go through any security standards, as well as workedfor employees with iPhones iOS-based device. eBay turned to with a third-party mobile developmentto its internal SharePoint Slalom for additional mobility strategy platform vendor throughout the project.portal. work soon afterwards.
  18. 18. Discussion:•  How could you leverage these definitions, theories, and case studies within your organization?•  What learning, tools and partnerships would necessary to fuel success?•  Do you feel equipped with a sufficient online community to build programs?
  19. 19. Definition: Disruptive InclusionDisruptive Inclusion:is conscious anddeliberate effort to injectand foster differenceinto a team workenvironment for Copyright 2011 – 2012 © KevinACarterbusiness results. All Rights Reserved
  20. 20.