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Mrs. Dupre and Mrs. Brown's Unit Information for Adding and Subtracting


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Mrs. Dupre and Mrs. Brown's Unit Information for Adding and Subtracting

  1. 1. + Classroom Project for this Unit This presentation is an explanation of what we will be doing in class this week and details about the addition and subtract project we will be completing.
  2. 2. + What you will learn from this presentation:  This presentation will explain to you what your child will be learning about in this next unit. This unit is covering addition and subtraction and we will be completing a project at the end of this unit to asses their knowledge and understanding. Your child will learn to add and subtract numbers from 1-20. This unit will last all week and the final project is due on Friday. Each group will be presenting their project to the class and I welcome any parents to come and watch these presentations. This slide share presentation that I created will enable you to see what is expected of your child this week and allow you to be part of their learning during this unit.
  3. 3. + Objectives:  Your child will learn how to add and subtract numbers from 1-20.  Your child will collaboratively add and subtract numbers with their group using a food item that they bring to class.  Your child will increase their communication and collaboration skills as they work in these groups.  Your child will use technology for their final project. They will be creating a digital poster on Gloster to present to the class on Friday March 21st.  Students will demonstrate self direction, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and their technology skills during this unit.
  4. 4. + Questions for this Unit: Curriculum Framing Questions:  Essential question- How can you use addition and subtraction in your everyday lives?  Unit question- How can understanding addition and subtraction help you in the future?  Unit question- What would people do without knowing how to add and subtract?  Content question- What are the definitions of addition and subtraction?  Content question- What does 12+14 equal?
  5. 5. + What is your child required to do for this unit?  Your child will be taught addition and subtraction on Monday, March 17th during math time.  Your child will be required to bring to class 20 small food items for our hands on learning activity. (such as pretzels, marshmallows, skittles, cheese itz, crackers, m&ms, etc.)  In class they will do an activity with these items and practice their addition and subtraction with their group.  They will they complete a digital poster on Gloster with their group.  This will be due Friday March 21st and each group will present their poster to the class.
  6. 6. + How can parents get involved?  Parents participation in this unit is encouraged because it helps students know that their parents are part of their learning process  Help your child pick a small food item and count out 20 pieces together to bring to class. (Put it in a Ziploc baggy please)  Practice addition and subtraction problems at home using flashcards.  Show lots of interest in their new skill they learned and encourage them to practice as much as possible.  I encourage all parents to come to class on Friday, March 21st to watch the presentations they have created.
  7. 7. + My Job as the Teacher:  As a teacher, I will access their prior knowledge by doing a brainstorm activity before the lesson.  I will be teaching the material to the class before they begin their activities and final presentations.  As they are working in groups, I will be circling the room and making sure each group is on task and answering any questions they may have.  Your child will be assessed by the digital poster that they are creating and presenting to the class.
  8. 8. + PBL  PBL stands for Project based learning which I will be incorporating in the classroom during this unit.  This means that your child will be participating in groups to complete a final presentation of their knowledge from the unit.  This project helps them grasp the new material and be able to connect it to the outside world.  Students will learn many different skills such as communication and collaboration, technology, self direction, critical thinking and problem solving through project based learning.  This is a fun way to learn the material and assess the students knowledge and understanding of this new unit we are covering.
  9. 9. + Contact Information  You are welcome to email or call me at any time with any questions you may have about this new unit.  Mrs. Dupre -Email: -Phone Number: 205-345-7890  Mrs. Brown -Email: -Phone Number: 205-678-8769
  10. 10. + I look forward to this new unit we are covering and for the parents participation. Remember to encourage your students to practice addition and subtraction at home and to always have a positive attitude. Math is fun 