What can Social Media do for Education?


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PodCamp Boston 4 presentation about Academic Technology.

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What can Social Media do for Education?

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA IN EDUCATION Podcamp Boston 4 Kabren Levinson www.kabren.com
  2. how can social technologies be used in the classroom?
  3. what can social media do for education?
  4. me •i podcast (4 years) •i blog (3 years) •i go to bard college in upstate ny •i created an academic technology program in high school •i have spoken at pcb2 and 3, and sxswi 2009
  5. i am a product of progressive education: • fewer standards • smaller classes • more collaboration • stronger student/teacher relationships
  6. i care about how we use technology, particularly in education
  7. using technology in education isn’t easy...
  8. two different worlds coming together
  9. education is slow while technology is fast
  10. i have a dilemma. i am influenced by technology but am also a classical thinker.
  11. i believe in traditional education and admire socratic method
  12. i enjoy small discussion based classes
  13. my own philosophy
  14. when you try to just “use” technology in a classroom, it doesn’t work.
  15. for example
  16. #1 if you don’t think about how technology can be used, it will not be taken advantage of and can be dangerous.
  17. lots of schools are trying to use technology more inside of the classroom
  18. for example
  19. #2 the best uses of technology inside the classroom are outside the classroom
  20. schools assume IT and EduTech are the same they are not.
  21. for example
  22. #3 using technology in the classroom is more about education and less about technology
  23. social media has great potential outside of the classroom
  24. transparency among students and teachers builds trust
  25. classroom culture doesn’t exist in large classes, but social media can help close the gap between students and teachers
  26. social media can also be used in the classroom
  27. wiki’s and google docs encourage collaboration and discussion
  28. blogging offers important skills - if students are writing outside of class on a blog, their writing will improve
  29. publishing online and living in public: - teaches how to take risks - teaches students how to receive feedback from both peers and teachers
  30. social media creates new venues for critique and conversation
  31. new media and technology also teach the idea of UNDO
  32. finally
  33. technology can only be used if it is thought out pedagogically.
  34. again - progressive education: - fewer standards - smaller classes - more collaboration - stronger student/teacher relationships
  35. trying to use technology to fill the gap is good...
  36. ...but education will only be great when the education is reinvented and reconstructed
  37. the schools that really use technology well have thought first about the education.
  38. the values taught by social media need to first be taught to education. and only then can social technologies be used in class.
  39. in order for technology in education to work, students and teachers must learn and know how to trust and take risks.
  40. • small classes: is tech necessary? • technology is an obstruction between people • off hours tech. builds stronger relationships • comments create discussions • transparency
  41. Kabren f Levinson k@kabrenlevinson.com