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DC Seminar Nairobi VMware Presentation


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Presentation on the business value of going virtual

Published in: Technology, Business
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DC Seminar Nairobi VMware Presentation

  1. 1. Server Virtualization – The Right Investment Phares Kariuki, Westcon Africa
  2. 2. Agenda Economic Environment in 2010 Why VMware is a Strategic Investment Evolution of Virtualization Proven Customer Success
  3. 3. The Rough Road Ahead…. A global economic recession is forecasted for 2009 US -0.7% GDP growth EMEA -0.5% GDP growth The economic environment is a leading indicator of tech spending 71% of CIOs anticipate flat or decreasing IT spending budgets IT budgets in developed countries set to decline by 5% Total IT spending is the “lowest in the history of the survey”. Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey Source: Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey, Nov 2nd 2008 Source: IMF World Economic Outlook Report, Nov 6th 2008
  4. 4. The IT Dilemma I am supposed to still do the same job, but with less budget and headcount?!?
  5. 5. The Problem Where the IT Budget Goes 5% Overwhelming complexity Infrastructure Investment >70% of IT budgets just to keep the lights on 23% <30% of IT budgets goes to Application 42% Innovation Infrastructure innovation and competitive Maintenance advantage 30% Application Maintenance Your Business Can Change Only as Fast as Your IT Can
  6. 6. The Goal IT Efficiency as a Service (Internally or Control Externally Choice Provisioned)
  7. 7. VMware Solutions Delivers Efficiency Control Choice …and remaining independent Cut capital of hardware, and operational …while automating operating system, costs by over 50%. quality of service… application stack, for all applications.. and service providers
  8. 8. Agenda Economic Environment in 2010 Why VMware is a Strategic Investment Evolution of Virtualization Proven Customer Success
  9. 9. Top 3 Reasons Why VMware is the Right IT Investment in a Tough Economic Environment 1 Reduce Physical Infrastructure Cost Reduce Datacenter Operating Cost 2 (e.g. Power & Cooling) Increase Productivity, Operational 3 Flexibility and Responsiveness
  10. 10. Reduce Server Spend Through Consolidation Typical VMware… Consolidation: 10:1 Decouples software from hardware Encapsulates Operating Systems and applications into “Virtual Machines” Typical Excess A Server or Desktop Hardware Capacity: 3 Virtual Machine Years! 10
  11. 11. The Always On, Optimized, Energy Efficient Datacenter Shared pools of resources Self-protecting Self-optimizing Automated Fault tolerant X VMware Infrastructure
  12. 12. VI Transforms Critical Infrastructure Services… Resource Business Application Management Continuity Availability Service Level Security Management Consolidation & Containment VMware Infrastructure
  13. 13. Rolling Out a New Business Service Availability Availability Security Internal APP Cloud Security Performance Performance Lowest TCO Becomes a Matter of Specifying Required SLAs
  14. 14. On the Internal or External Cloud Internal Cloud External Cloud APP APP Management Management Cloud OS Cloud OS Internal External Cloud Clouds Unlock new market based economies of scale, service and innovation beyond what currently exists today
  15. 15. IT Leaders Can Say “Yes!” We can deliver new business services… On time Within Budget With Assured QoS 56 $14,235 $30 MM $5,694 $4 MM 2 Before After Before After Before After Days to Provision Infrastructure Cost Business Loss Due to a New App Per App Datacenter Outage * The above data comes from specific VMware customer case studies
  16. 16. Reduce Energy Consumption Highest consolidation rates on most secure and reliable virtualization platform Safely improve utilization rates 80% energy reduction Dynamic server and storage migration Power off unneeded servers in real-time Migrate storage dynamically 25% energy reduction Host desktop PCs in the datacenter Use thin clients, double refresh cycle Reduce storage for similar desktop images 70% energy reduction Copyright © 2005 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. vCompute vStorage vNetwork Green IT with VMware vSphere™ Power Optimization features DPM consolidates workloads onto fewer servers when the cluster needs fewer resources Places unneeded servers in standby mode Brings servers back online as workload needs increase APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS ESX supports Intel Speed VMware vSphere™ Step/AMD Power now for individual host power optimization DPM brings DPM powers Minimizes power consumption servers back off server while guaranteeing service online when when levels load increases requirements No disruption or downtime are lower to virtual machines
  18. 18. Additional 20% Reduction in Power Costs with DPM… DPM Savings calculated for a datacenter with 100 physical servers $80,300 Before DPM After DPM $63,093 16,800 13,200 Hours per Week Dollars per Year Assumptions: 50 out of 100 servers can be powered down for 8 hrs/day on weekdays and 16 hrs/day on weekends. Total power consumption per server ( operating power + cooling power) = 1130.625 watts/hr Cost of energy = $ 0.0813 per kWH (source: Energy Information Administration)
  19. 19. vCompute vStorage vNetwork vStorage Thin Provisioning Virtual machine disks APP APP APP consume only the amount of physical space in use OS OS OS ESX Virtual machine sees full logical disk size at all times Thick Thin Thin 20GB 40GB 100GB Virtual Full reporting and 20GB Disks alerting on allocation 20GB and consumption 40GB 100GB Significantly improve Datastore storage utilization Eliminate need to over- provision virtual disks 60GB 20GB Reduce storage costs by up to 50%
  20. 20. vCompute vStorage vNetwork vNetwork Distributed Switch Aggregated datacenter level virtual networking Simplified setup and APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS vSwitch vSwitch vNetwork Distributed Switch Cisco Nexus 1000V vSwitch change VMware vSphere™ Easy troubleshooting, monitoring and debugging Enables transparent third party management of virtual environments
  21. 21. Total Savings per Workload VMware consolidates servers, storage and networking infrastructure to safely achieve higher utilization BEFORE AFTER SAVINGS Servers 1000 80 $5,816 Physical 1 Infrastructure Network 84 10 $296 Switches Power (kWh) 407 52 $759 Operating 2 Cooling (kWh) 509 64 $949 Cost Real Estate (Sq ft) 2053 257 $431 Savings $8,251* per Workload (Over 3 years) • Actual customer savings per application; represents typical savings • Includes estimated cost of VMware licenses, Support and Subscription
  22. 22. Decreasing Operating Costs Productivity, Do more work with the same 3 Flexibility & number of people = operating cost Responsiveness savings 90–225 Drivers of productivity improvements: Instant provisioning Dynamic patching 30–75 Zero downtime maintenance Built-in high availability Before VMware After VMware Automated disaster recovery Workloads per Admin Source: IDC and VMware TAM program
  23. 23. Cost of Ownership? Obvious Costs/Savings Forgotten Costs/Savings Physical Servers Labor Reassignment Virtualization License Costs Efficiencies Installation Labor Shared Storage Power Maintenance Labor OS License Costs SAN Infrastructure SnS Costs Networking Infrastructure Uptime Savings Power/Cooling Datacenter Space
  24. 24. Cost per VM is a CRITICAL Metric Cost per VM is better metric over Cost of License Cost of license is negligible compared to infrastructure costs (servers, network/SAN ports, power, cooling) Due to overcommitment, we can run the same amount of VMs in half the physical infrastructure Advanced Solutions mean true savings and cost avoidance DPM can equate to real $ DRS avoids SLA misses, saves $ HA and SRM lessens downtime Lab Manager saves money and avoids Management costs
  25. 25. VMware is Lowest TCO Per VM VMware’s cost-per-VM beats even “free” products… VMware VI3 VMware VI3 Other Foundation Enterprise Solutions 2-way server (16GB RAM) $7,000 $7,000 $7,000 Cost: Guest Windows licenses1 $5,998 $5,998 $5,998 Cost: Virtualization license $995 $5,750 $0 Subtotal $13,993 $18,748 $12,998 Total VMs2 (2GB each) 15* 15* 7 Cost per VM $933 $1,250 $1,857 plus … VI3 Enterprise includes advanced functionality such as live server and storage migration, dynamic workload balancing, built in high availability, data protection, and power management which competitors don’t have. 1 List price for 2-socket Windows 2003 Server Datacenter Edition 2 Assumes a 2:1 memory overcommit ratio based on VMware advanced memory mgmt technologies * Assumes 1GB of memory used by “host virtualization SW” for all vendors
  26. 26. Agenda Economic Environment in 2010 Why VMware is a Strategic Investment Evolution of Virtualization Proven Customer Success
  27. 27. The Virtualisation Journey Separate Consolidate Aggregate Automate Liberate 5 4 CapEx OpEx Business Savings Savings Agility 3 Automation Virtual Virtual Infrastructure Infrastructure 2 Management Management Management Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor 1 Test and Server Capacity Self-Managing Computing Development Consolidation On Demand Datacenter Clouds Enterprise Maturity Level
  28. 28. The Evolution of VMware Infrastructure .Net SaaS Windows Linux J2EE Desktop App App App Application Application Availability Security Scalability Management vServices OS OS OS vCenter VMware Infrastructure -> Virtual ESX Datacenter OS Infrastructur Infrastructure vCompute vStorage vNetwork vCloud e vServices Management Off-premise Cloud
  29. 29. Agenda Economic Environment in 2010 Why VMware is a Strategic Investment Evolution of Virtualization Proven Customer Success
  30. 30. Customer Testimonials Reduce Costs “Using VMware software has brought a huge cost benefit to IT - avoiding costs by $1.1 million is fantastic. For every production virtual machine, we estimate a $7,500 cost avoidance per server. We multiply 150 applications by $7,500 and estimate a $1.1 million cost avoidance. Barry Naber, Technology Manager at International Truck and Engine Corporation Simplify Management The net impact of utility computing with VMware Infrastructure 3 for the business is higher service levels, for IT - it is simplified and easier to manage infrastructure. Fazil Habibulla, Vice President and System Architect, NATIXIS Capital Markets Meet Service Levels Efficiently Using VMware virtual infrastructure, we can offer the same levels of service and more flexibility for up to 40 percent lower server and operating costs.” Rob Jones, Director of Technology, ALSTOM 30
  31. 31. VMware is the Proven Leader and Provides the Highest ROI “VMware’s incumbent position at the top of the rankings demonstrates that server virtualization momentum remains alive and well with a strong ROI case for a declining budget environment.” -- Goldman Sachs 11/2/2008 Which software providers are gaining share of your IT spending dollars? Source: Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey, Nov 2nd, 2008
  32. 32. VMware Continues to be the #1 Software Investment for CIOs in a Tough Economy # VMware Gaining 1. VMware 2. Cisco Software 3. Red Hat 4. Oracle 5. Informatica 12 Quarters 6. 7. Microsoft 8. EMC Software 9. Symantec 10. Citrix Which software providers are gaining share of your IT spending dollars? Source: Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey, Nov 2nd, 2008
  33. 33. Available Resources Online ROI/ TCO Calculator: Robust and customizable analysis of virtualization’s impact on your IT budget and datacenter costs Why Choose VMware: Vendor selection checklist to ensure a Complete, Robust, Proven Virtual Infrastructure vmware/
  35. 35. Appendix
  36. 36. Efficiency VMware vSphere: Most Efficient 64 logical cores 24 logical cores 32 logical cores Hardware Scale Out 512 GB RAM ~ 1 TB RAM x 128 GB RAM CPU HW-assist or BT Requires HW-assist Req. HW-assist for Win CPU Efficiency Virt-specific scheduler x Reuse gen-OS schdler x Reuse gen-OS schdler Memory HW-assist Memory HW-assist Memory HW-assist Memory Efficiency Overcommit / sharing x No overcommitment x No overcommitment 8-way vCPU 4-way on Win08 only 8-way vCPU Virtual Hardware (VM) Scale Out 255 GB vRAM x 64 GB vRAM ~ 32 GB vRAM Add: vCPU, vMem None No hot-add CPU, mem Hot-add/remove Virtual Resources Add: virtual disk x x Add: virtual disk DPM: Cluster-level No Cluster-level Mgmt No Cluster-level Mgmt Power Efficiency power management x x Thin provisioning Thin disks, but no Only via 3rd party Storage Usage Efficiency Monitoring tools x monitoring tools x storage vendor Distributed switch None None Network Management Efficiency 3rd party virtual switch x x Transparent host patch Host patching causes Host patching, but no Automated Patching Efficiency Auto guest patching x VM downtime x auto guest patching New capability in VMware vSphere Note: Many improvements were also made to existing VI3 capabilities
  37. 37. Control VMware vSphere: Uncompromised Control VMware vMotion (w/ Quick Migration XenMotion Control for Server Maintenance Enh Compatibility) x causes downtime VMware Enhanced Nothing comparable Nothing comparable Control for Storage Maintenance Storage vMotion x x VMware DRS Pro Tips has downtime 3rd party for DRS Control of Resource Allocation Logical Resource Pool x No logical pools x No logical pools VMware Fault No VM-level protection Promised feature Fault Tolerance for VMs Tolerance x x hasn’t shipped yet Integrated NIC teaming Relies on network Supported, but may Control during NIC Failure x vendor to provide ~ require CLI to configure VMware HA Only for host failure Only for host failure Control during Host or VM Failure Up to 32 nodes x 1-VM-per-LUN issue ~ Up to 16 nodes VMware Site Recovery Geo-clustering has no Nothing comparable Control during Entire Site Failure Manager x workflow, testing, audit x Thin Hypervisor to Reduce Attack VMware ESXi Hyper-V w/ Server Core XenServer Surface 70-100MB disk footprint x >2GB disk footprint x 1.8GB disk footprint VMware VMSafe API Nothing comparable Nothing comparable Better Security than Physical 3rd party support x x New capability in VMware vSphere Note: Many improvements were also made to existing VI3 capabilities
  38. 38. Choice VMware vSphere: Maximum Choice >30 OSs supported 11 OSs supported 20 OSs supported Choice thru Guest OS Support More Windows than MS x Windows biased x Large HCL: >450 HBAs, Using Windows drivers Very limited HCL Choice thru Hardware Support >160 NICs,>450 Servers ~ Potential driver issues x ~100 Servers Leader category Leader category Next-tier category Choice thru Application Support (per leading analyst firm) (per leading analyst firm) ~ (per leading analyst firm) Dozens of integrations Can integrate, but SC Citrix Essentials API Integrating with Existing Mgmt Tools vCenter API via SDK ~ competes w/ existing x not readily available VMReady program for Building a MS-hosted No clear cloud Choice in “Cloud” Service Provider cloud providers x offering x strategy Interoperability between Internal & VMReady ensures Apps in MS cloud No clear cloud External Cloud interoperability x don’t come back out x strategy Choice in Using Existing Apps in Run existing apps w/o Apps need to be No clear cloud the Cloud rewriting code x rewritten for MS cloud x strategy New capability in VMware vSphere Note: Many improvements were also made to existing VI3 capabilities