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Nurturing EDU innovations - US Perspective


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Published in: Business, Education
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Nurturing EDU innovations - US Perspective

  1. 1. Global Startup Weekend - EDUNurturing US Education Innovations By Learning From Top Countries’ K-12 Academic Successes Mark Lee Dec 2011
  2. 2. New Technology Enables New Ideas What Other Ideas Are Possible? US$45 WP, Web browsing, video conferencing, two USB ports, 256 MB RAM.
  3. 3. Initial IdeaAn Education Startup Weekend in Orlando To Nurture Education Innovations
  4. 4. ChallengeAn Orlando Startup Weekend EDU event Sources Ideas (Primarily) From the USA How About Learning From These Countries? Finland Singapore ORLANDO
  5. 5. Top Countries Ranked By K-12 Academic Success Why Are These Countries Doing So Well Academically? Finland Singapore What Can We Learn From Them?
  6. 6. A Global Idea: Host a Global Startup Weekend - EDU To Collaborate Globally On Education Innovations Helsinki Orlando Singapore
  7. 7. Global Startup Weekend – EDU Builds Upon SW’s Vision of Transcending Boundaries Startup Weekends Proposed Global Transcend Startup Weekend – EDUFunctional Boundaries Transcend National Boundaries • Educators • Developers • Singapore • Designers • Business strategists & • Helsinki/Finland • Orlando/US • Product Managers • Startup Enthusiasts EDU Innovations/Startups
  8. 8. Nurturing Education Innovations from Diverse Global Successes A Global Startup Weekend EDU(sometime between Jun – Aug 2012) To Nurture Bottom-Up Education InnovationsThat Transcend National Boundaries Orlando Helsinki Singapore
  9. 9. Each Site & Team Will Have Global Participation Each Global Site Each Global Team 1+ 1+ On-Site Remote/OnlineEducator Representative Educator Representative from the other 2 Sites from the other 2 Sites
  10. 10. Gates Foundation Supports Startup Weekend – EDU ($250,000) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $250,000 to the Startup Weekend EDU series of events, the dedicated education-focused vertical within the non-profit. 10
  11. 11. Solicit Funding For Global Collaborative SW EDU Existing Proposed Global Startup Weekends Startup Weekends – EDU (Individual & Isolated) (Global Collaboration)Startup Weekend Org Startup Weekend Org Structure Structure Global How-To’s How-To’s Collaboration?Boston London Orlando Helsinki Singapore Singapore Individual & Isolated Peer-to-Peer Events Global Collaboration
  12. 12. As of Dec 20th, 2011 USA Singapore1 Nov 17th Kickoff Meeting 1 In Orlando, FL Organizer2 Contacted Startup Weekend CEO, and Talked with EDU Lead3 Have contacted Finnish 2 Started Conversation with Prof Moncef who will Singapore Government’s share Finnish academic & Nat’l Institute of Education startup contacts Faculty 3 Presented Remotely4 Warmup Event? @ NIE’s 12/2 EDUCamp Host an EDUCamp e.g. @ Berkeley
  13. 13. Supplemental Slides 13
  14. 14. Global Startup Weekend – EDUA Bottom-Up “Little Bets” Opportunity to Nurture Education Innovations A little bet is a low-risk action taken to discover, develop, and test an idea.
  15. 15. “Surpassing Shanghai” A Top-Down Agenda to Improve US Education Surpassing Shanghai: An Agenda for American Education Built on the Worlds Leading Systems This book answers a simple question: How would one redesign the American education system if the aim was to take advantage of everything that has been learned by countries with the world’s best education systems? The message is clear: If we are serious, we have to stop simply comparing California to Connecticut to Kansas. It’s time to swim in deeper water with Singapore, Ontario, Japan, and others who are eating our lunch. — John Merrow, education correspondent, PBS NewsHour and president, Learning Matters
  16. 16. Google Supports Startup Weekend, Including EDUToday, we’re announcinga partnership with Startup Weekend—a global organization committed topromoting real entrepreneurshipin local communities. …Participants gather on Friday, and (Announced Nov 10th, 2011)by Sunday afternoon, they launch a product.This partnership will help Startup Weekend expand to dozens of additional citiesaround the world and launch new vertical competitions focused on specificthemes such as education, health or gaming.… we’ll be working to bring in Google’s developer community in the formof Google Technology User Groups as an additional resource to Startup Weekendparticipants.