Kala azar presentation in bengali


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Presentation made by Md. Kabiul Akhter Ali, VBD Consultant, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal

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Kala azar presentation in bengali

  1. 1. Leishmaniasis
  2. 2. 88 ­cn x H¢nu¡, B¢éL¡, ¢j¢Xm CØV, ­p¾VÊ¡mBÉ¡¢j¢lL¡ ,­j¢X­V¢lu¡e ­h¢pe96 % L¡m¡SÆl x c¢re f§hÑ H¢nu¡ (i¡la, h¡wm¡­
  3. 3. c¡¢SÑ¢mwEšl ¢ce¡Sf¤lc¢re¢ce¡Sf¤lj¡mc¡j¤¢nÑc¡h¡ch£li¨jhdÑj¡ee¢cu¡Ex24flNe¡cx24flNe¡ ýN¢m
  4. 4. i¡l­a L¡m¡SÆl fËbj f¡Ju¡ k¡u Bp¡j J ¢hq¡­ll f§¢ZÑu¡ ­Sm¡u 1882 p¡­mzH­L L¡m¡c¤M Abh¡ cjcj ¢gh¡l hm¡ qazi¡l­a 1891,1917J 1933 p¡­m L¡m¡SÆl jq¡j¡¢l quz 1950 p¡m fËkÑ¿¹Hl fËLf i¡lah­oÑ Q­m z1953 p¡m ­b­L jÉ¡­m¢lu¡l SeÉ ¢X ¢X ¢Vl hÉhq¡l öl¦ qh¡l fl L¡m¡SÆ­ll fËLf Lj­a b¡­L Hhw 1975 p¡­m Hl pwMÉ¡ n§­eÉ ­f±R¡uz1975 p¡­ml fl ­b­L f¤el¡u L¡m¡SÆ­ll ea¥e ­Lp Hhw jªa¥ÉlpwMÉ¡ h¡s­a b¡­LzXx CE He hËrÈQ¡¢l (1873-1946) fËbjL¡m¡SÆ­ll Kod ­hl L­le k¡l e¡jCE¢lu¡ ¢ØVh¡¢je
  5. 5. L¡m¡SÆl 4 fËL¡lx1.¢i­pl¡m ­mp­j¢eu¡¢pp,2.¢LE­V¢eu¡p ­mp­j¢eu¡¢pp,3.¢jE­L¡ ¢LE­V¢eu¡p ­mp­j¢eu¡¢pp4.­f¡ØV L¡m¡SÆl X¡lj¡m ­mp­j¢eu¡¢pp (PKDL)
  6. 6. H¢V flS£¢h O¢Va ­l¡N zHC flS£¢hl e¡j ­mpjÉ¡¢eu¡ ­X¡­e¡iÉ¡¢ez
  7. 7. i¡lah­oÑ Ù»£ ­h­mj¡¢Rl ­Lhm j¡œ HL¢VfËS¡¢a-C L¡m¡SÆl S£h¡e¤l h¡qLz HCj¡¢R BL¡­l M¤h r¥â k¡ jn¡l BL¡­ll J 1/4i¡NzHl S£he Q­œ²l Q¡l¢V cn¡ kb¡ ¢Xj,m¡iÑ¡, ¢fEf¡ J f§ZÑ¡‰ j¡¢Rz S£heQœ² pÇf¨ZÑ Ll­a fË¡u HL j¡p pju m¡­NzS£he Qœ² pÇf¨eÑ qu c¤¢V cn¡u, A­ÜÑL cn¡ j¡eh nl£­l J A­ÜÑL cn¡ j¡¢Rlnl£­lzHC j¡¢R p¡d¡lea h¡¢s J ­N¡u¡m O­llAåL¡l, ¢i­S J pÉ¡ya pÉ¡y­a S¡uN¡uhph¡p L­lz Hl¡ ¢en¡Ql a¡C Hl¡ l­š²lSeÉl¡­a j¡e¤o­L L¡js¡uz
  8. 8. Ù»£ ­h­mj¡¢R¢Xj f¡l¡l pju l­š²l fË­u¡S­ej¡e¤o­L L¡js¡uaMe L¡m¡SÆ­ll S£h¡e¤ ­h­mj¡¢Rl L¡jsà¡l¡ S£h¡e¤hqeL¡¢l ­l¡N£­b­L p¤¤ÙÛj¡e¤­ol nl£­lfË­hn L­lz
  9. 9. c¤C pç¡­ql ­hn£ SÆl k¡ AÉ¡e¢Vh¡­u¡¢VL/jÉ¡­m¢lu¡ fË¢a­odL Kod ­M­uJ p¡­le¡zc¤hÑma¡, r¥c¡j¾c¡ J JSe qÊÊ¡pzkL«v J fÔ£q¡l BL¡l hª¢Ü­c­ql Q¡js¡ d£­l d£­l f¡am¡, MpM­p J Byn k¤š² q­a b¡­Lz­L¡e ­L¡e j¡e¤­ol ­r­œ q¡a, f¡, ­fV J j¤Mjä­ml Q¡js¡l lw f¢lh¢aÑa q­a öl¦ L­l J L¡­m¡ lw d¡lZ L­l a¡C Hl e¡j L¡m¡SÆlz­l¡N£ lš²¡Òfa¡u i¥N­a öl¦ L­l
  10. 10. L¡m¡SÆ­ll ­l¡N£­k¢c ¢Q¢Lvp¡ pÇf¨ZÑ e¡ L­la¡q­m a¡l PKDL ­l¡N quzHC ­r­œ k¢c H ¢Q¢Lvp¡ e¡ ­eu a¡q­m ­pL¡m¡SÆl hqe L¡¢l j¡e¤o ¢qp¡­h ¢e­Sl AS¡­¿¹pj¡­Sl r¢a Ll­a b¡­L J d£­l d£­l ­pC j¡e¤o¢Vl A‰q¡¢el pñ¡he¡ b¡­LzL¡le ­h­m j¡¢R Aehla a¡l nl£l ­b­L S£h¡e¤ NËqeLl­a b¡­L J p¤¤ÙÛj¡e¤­ol ­c­q a¡l p’¡l O¢V­uL¡m¡SÆl Rs¡­a b¡­LzPKDL ­l¡N£­L ¢Q¢Lvp¡ ¢qp¡­h 84 ¢ce (12pç¡q) k¡ha ¢jm­V­g¡¢pe e¡jL LÉ¡fp¤¤m ­M­aquzc¤C hR­ll ¢e­Ql ¢nö, 60hR­ll E­ÜÑ fË¡çhuú J NiÑd¡leL¡¢le£ j¡-Hl ­r­œ 120 ¢ce k¡haHp Hp ¢S Ce­SLp¡e ¢e­a qu
  11. 11. lš² fl£r¡l j¡dÉ­j (rk 39 Kit)L¡m¡SÆl ¢eZÑu Ll¡ quz plL¡¢l q¡af¡a¡m J Efü¡ÙÛÉ­L­¾cÊ lš² fl£r¡ ¢he¡ j§­mÉLl¡ qu gm¡gm 10 ¢j¢e­Vf¡Ju¡ k¡uz Bn¡LjÑ£l j¡dÉ­j f¡W¡­e¡ ­L¡e p­¾cq SeL ­l¡N£­fl£r¡uf¢S¢Vi q­m Bn¡ LjÑ£­LplL¡¢l al­g 50 V¡L¡ Evp¡q
  12. 12. plL¡¢l q¡af¡a¡m J Efü¡ÙÛÉ ­L­¾cÊ L¡m¡SÆ­ll ¢Q¢Lvp¡ ¢he¡j§­mÉ Ll¡ quz¢jm­V­g¡¢pe e¡jL LÉ¡fp¤¤m 28 ¢ce ­M­mCL¡m¡SÆl ­b­L j¤¢š² f¡Ju¡ k¡uzfË¡ç huú­cl ­r­œ HC LÉ¡fp¤¤m ¢c­e c¤­V¡ L­lHhwh¡µQ¡­cl r­œ HC LÉ¡fp¤¤m ¢c­e HLV¡ L­l ­M­a qu M¡Ju¡l flzc¤C hR­ll ¢e­Ql ¢nö, 60hR­ll E­ÜÑ fË¡ç huú JNiÑd¡leL¡¢le£ j¡-Hl ­r­œ ­cJu¡ qu e¡z H­r­œ Hp Hp¢S Ce­SLp¡e ­cJu¡ qu 30 ¢ce d­l (fË¢a ¢ce HL¢V)haÑj¡­e ü¡ÙÛÉ cçl ­l¡¢N­cl ¢Q¢Lvp¡ pÇf¨ZÑ Ll¡l flfË¢a ¢ce 50 V¡L¡ ¢qp¡­h ­j¡V 28 ¢c­el SeÉ 1400V¡L¡ Ae¤c¡­el hÉhÙÛ¡ L­l­RHR¡s¡ Bn¡LjÑ£­cl SeÉ 250 V¡L¡ Ae¤c¡­elhÉhÙÛ¡ Ll¡ q­u­R k¢c a¡l¡ ­l¡¢N­cl h¡¢s ¢N­u fË¢a
  13. 13. h¡¢s Hhw ­N¡u¡m Ol f¢l×L¡l J öL­e¡ l¡M¡j¡¢Vl ­cu¡­ml J ­j­Tl g¥­V¡ h¾Ü L­l ­cJu¡h¡¢sl B­n f¡­nl S‰m f¢l×L¡l l¡M¡hoÑ¡l B­N J f­l ¢X ¢X ¢V f¡JX¡­ll p¡q¡­kÉh¡¢s Hhw ­N¡u¡m O­ll ­ial ­ØfË Ll¡­e¡ k¡ ü¡ÙÛÉ cçl ­b­L ¢he¡j§­mÉ fËc¡eLl¡ quzl¡­al ­hm¡ ­n¡Ju¡l pju AhnÉ jn¡l£l hÉhq¡lLl¡ E¢Qaz¢h­no ¢h­no ­r­œ plL¡¢l pq¡ua¡u Kodk¤š² jn¡¢l (ITBN / LLIN) c¡e Ll¡ quz