The indus river system


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The indus river system

  1. 1. The Indus River System
  2. 2. River Indus Originates Near Lake Manasarowar
  3. 3. River Indus EntersIndia In Ladakh
  4. 4. Zanskar and Indus river confluence, in Ladakh
  5. 5. The confluence of Indus and Zaskar rivers atNimo, near Leh
  6. 6. Partly frozen river Indus
  7. 7. River Zaskar
  8. 8. Families walking to Leh for 5 days down thefrozen Zanskar River, Ladakh, ...
  9. 9. When the Zanskar river freezes in the winter, itscalled the Chadar
  10. 10. Nubra Valley - Jammu and KashmirNubra river, originates from Siachin glacier
  11. 11. This glacier gives rise to the Nubra River
  12. 12. Nubra Valley is about 150 km northof Leh, the capital townof Ladakh, India. Local scholars saythat its original name was Ldumra(thevalley of flowers). The Shyok Rivermeets the Nubra or Siachan River toform a large valley that separates theLadakh and the Karakoram Ranges.
  13. 13. Shyok River, Ladakh
  14. 14. Shyok River
  15. 15. Kardung La pass. The road descends fromthe pass down a spectacular gorge ...
  16. 16. Shyok River in Khaplu valley,
  17. 17. Gateway to Nubra..Nubra Valley is about 150 km north of Leh, the capital town ofLadakh, India. This is where Shyok River meets the Nubra orSiachan River to form a large valley that separates the Ladakhand the Karakoram Ranges.
  18. 18. Both sides of the western Himalayas from Chitral inPakistan, eastward to Leh and the upper Shyok Riverin Ladakh
  19. 19. Hunza River
  20. 20. Heading up the Hunza River on the Karakoram
  21. 21. Hunza River the silty water of which is known to have secretof longativity
  22. 22. Dt on hunza river
  23. 23. Snow avalanche hits the dammed Hunza River nearShishkat
  24. 24. A view of the snow-covered summit of Mt Rakaposhi fromZero Point near Sikanderabad, by the banks of the Hunza
  25. 25. The Indus River near Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan
  26. 26. "The Indus River east of Skardu, Baltistan"
  27. 27. River Indus in South Punjab, Northeast Balochistanand Gilgit Baltistan.
  28. 28. Rock of Skardu on the banks of river indus, SkarduValley, Gilgit-Baltistan
  29. 29. Attock Fort is on the bank of the Indus River in northernPunjab
  30. 30. The Indus River at Attock, Pakistan
  31. 31. Sunset at River Indus - Kund. This picture is taken in thedestination of Attock Khurd in the province of Punjab in thecountry of Pakistan.
  32. 32. Satluj river flowing in Kalpa,
  33. 33. Sutlej River, animportant tributary ofthe Indus River is thelongest of the fiverivers. It flows throughPunjab in northernIndia as well asPakistan. It originatesfrom the snow filledMansarovar Lake inTibet and ends inPakistani Punjab nearthe port city of Karachi
  34. 34. flood in river Satluj 05 sep 2011 at Bahawalpur.
  35. 35. Bhakra Nangal dam is the biggest dam in India till2011 whose construction was completed in 1963. It isa concrete dam built on Satluj River. It is situated nearthe border area between Punjab and Hemachelpardesh. It is 2nd largest in Asia and 2nd highest inIndia as well. The length of dam is about 1,700 ftwhile its height is 711 ft. Surface area of dam is168.35 km2. 10 heavy turbines are adjusted to thishydro-project which has an Installed capacity of 1,000MV to generate electricity. Water storage capacity ofdam is 9340 million cubic meter. After Indra Sagardam it is second largest water reservoir in India.
  36. 36. Bhakra-Nangal Project is a joint ventureofPunjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.Under this project, two dams have beenconstructed over the river Satluj. They arethe Bhakra Dam and the Nangal Dam. TheBhakra-Nangal Project is an example ofwater management on scientific lines onthe largest scale.
  37. 37. Manali in Himachal Pradesh River Beas Manali
  38. 38. Beas near Kangra
  39. 39. Beas river and mountains as seen from VanVihar, Manali
  40. 40. The River Beas... - Dera Gopipur, Himachal Pradesh
  41. 41. Kullu valley & Beas river - Himachal Pradesh
  42. 42. The Meandering Beas near Dharmpur Kotli
  43. 43. RIVER BEAS
  44. 44. The Ravi river, deep inside its gorge, 10 000 feet below,
  45. 45. (Old Indian Iravati, modern Ravi): river in the Punjab, ...
  46. 46. Ravi River
  47. 47. Ravi river rises from the Bara Banghal ( a branch ofDhauladhar )
  48. 48. River Ravi
  49. 49. River Ravi at Manimahesh
  50. 50. Chenab river
  51. 51. Chenab River In Pakistan. The Chanab river originates in theKulu
  52. 52. River Chaneb near Chiniot
  53. 53. River Chenab at Pari near Damkund
  54. 54. This picturesque river that emanates from the greatHimalayas flows out to Jammu & Kashmir before gushingalong to Pakistan where it gets yet another new name - theChenab.
  55. 55. Jhelum River
  56. 56. River Jhelum
  57. 57. River Jhelum
  58. 58. River Jhelum
  59. 59. Flood In Indus River at Mithankot
  60. 60. Sutlej River. Beas River. Shyok River. Chang Chen MoRiver; Galwan River ... At Mithankot
  61. 61. Delta formedby riverIndus at theArabian Sea
  62. 62. Indus delta