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Gamification Article on ICE Business Times Magazine


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Introducing Gamification technique

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Gamification Article on ICE Business Times Magazine

  1. 1. IdeawatchINTRODUCINGGAMIFICATIONA Vibrant user engagement technique thatevery business should consider usingABy Kabir AhmadAdvent of using digital application in Game has something more than just it is predicted that 80% of Global 2000business already proved the better user passing time that keep people engaged organization will have at least onemonetization metrics in terms of is called Game Techniques or Mechan- gamified applications by, social networking, and ics i.e. using point calculator, perfor- Still the big question remains, whatmanaging enterprise resources. Not mance ranking, rewarding user a actually Gamification is? By definition, iteven the technique, the web itself has badge, live competitions, wining is an embedded gaming technologyemerged into more vibrant way as Web trophy and showing it to live leader- where gaming techniques or mechanics3 standard can function like a human board to name a few. are applied to non-game environment toi.e. aggregating data & information and The digital marketing innovation create fun and pleasure. The processproducing as the way user demand. The continued and emerged “Gamification” starts with analyzing real life behavioraldifferent digital marketing techniques as a new user engagement technique pattern & innate motivators of targetedi.e. Search marketing, paid marketing, in 2010 from Silicon Valley, USA. Within users followed by defining motivators associal media marketing, apps style two years it spreads across the globe. game mechanic or technique, applying itmarketing, and lately game & mobile Big brands like IBM, CocaCola, Pepsi, to website or application or enterprisemarketing, everywhere the target is LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Hallmark, resource program, monitoring theattracting visitor and engaging them. Nike, BMW, Starbucks, American engagement performance and addingFor enterprise resource tools has also Airlines, Times of India, Expedia etc. has new motivators periodically. The processstarted focusing users’ productive adopted Gamification technology to counts every single on-site action ofengagement issue along with adding their digital solution offering. It even users and rewards them as per definedefficiency for organization. In a word crossed the industry bar, it can be program motivators targeted to engagethe media consumption has been applied to any industry solution i.e. both Gen X and Gen Y users in fun anddisrupted with the numbers of entertainment, consumer, news, interesting way. The technique cantechniques and tools. People are fashion, bank, social development, increase user engagement ratio tocontinuously seeking new ways to pass research, education etc. The Gamifica- 80-90%. Ultimately Gamification cantime. The situation even became worst tion industry valuation has also set a create a Loyal User Base for any business.for a business to decide of what to use, high growth promise reaching USDhow to use digital application for best $3.6 billion globally from its currentuser monetization? level of USD $150 million. The industryA notable trend is observed with the has also showed a good adoption rate,acceleration of gaming industryespecially social gaming, smartphonegaming, gaming on tablet and casualgaming. These game play performs hasbeen able to show better user stay timeand targeting beyond the usual agebracket. The research shows gamersspend on an average 30-40 minutes perday on game play which is 5 timeshigher engagement time than otherdigital marketing techniques cangenerate as well as engaging people forlong hour game play from 30 + agegroup. The research also proved that a