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Online centre


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An Initiative to enable and help indian rural community use computers and internet and get online

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Online centre

  1. 1. Get Online...India-OnlineCentreAn Initiative to Set up OnlineCentres at Taluk level,thereby Enabling & HelpingIndian Rural Communities,Get Online Easy.
  2. 2. India-Fast facts● Population -1,210,193,422 Urban-29% Rural71%● Internet Users-100,000,000 Penetration-8%● Top Social Networking Site Members 38,045,000 which is 3% of Social Networking Penetration● Mobile Subscribers 858,370,000 Penetration-71%● 50% of Indian Population is Below 25 Years Age● About 72% of Indias Population still live in Rural areas● Growth in Number of Internet Users in India over past 12months is 25%● 20,000,000 People in India use Internet Each Day,but Only 2% Rural Indians use Internet Futvi Technologies 2
  3. 3. The Reality -India● 60% of Internet Users still use Web Cafes● 70% of Internet Users are Male● 70% of Indian Internet users watch Online Videos● 18% of Rural Internet Users have to Walk More than 10 Kms to access the Internet● 31% of those Living in Rural parts of India,have never heard of Internet● Facebook have 38 Million Users in India,Games are the Most Popular activity on FB in India Source-Social, Digital and Mobile in India We are Futvi Technologies 3
  4. 4. India!-Online Centre-PlanTo set up Online Centres across the Country, Taluk wise.Helping Indian Rural Communities Get started with Computers,Internet and Get OnlineOnline centres will have Friendly Staffs,Educated,Talented,ComputerProfessionals who have the Commitment to Enable and Help PeopleOnline centre will Enable & Help Making IT happen by1) Computer Education and Training, thereby Enabling people useComputers, Internet and get Online2) Online service, Helping people by providing Assistance or Doing itfor them, so that people Get Online Futvi Technologies 4
  5. 5. Enabling & Helping PeopleComputer EducationProviding the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Confidence needed touse Computers, Internet and to Get Online to use various OnlineServicesProviding Insights on various Tools, Resources, Gadgets,Accessories related to Computer, Internet usageProviding all Online Services such as Support, Assistance and Doingit services to Get Online Futvi Technologies 5
  6. 6. ObjectivesProviding Education and Training in Computers and Internet at aNominal cost, to enable Rural Community, Get OnlineEnabling Rural Community get online and get the most out of it fromboth Public and Private ServicesHelping Rural communities get online by providing assistance,support and doing tasks for themOnline Services to be done by the friendly online centre staff, forthose who need help Futvi Technologies 6
  7. 7. Online ServicesOnline services include the following tasks, both Public and PrivateServices like1)Online CommunicationEmail,Chat,Video Conference,Webcam,etc2) Online Applications Job Applications,Passport,PAN Card,UPSC,SSC,Bank Exams,Competitive Exams, Online ,Commercial Tax, Dealer Registration,Company Registration,College,School Applications, OverseasEducation,Immigration,Visa etc. Futvi Technologies 7
  8. 8. 3) Online Payments Payments can be done for Electricity bills, Telephone bills,Mobile Recharge, Mobile Bills, DTH Recharge, InsurancePurchases,Premiums,4) Online Shopping Buying and Selling of Goods, Electronics, Furniture’s, Dresses,Groceries, Books, etc.5) Online Tickets Ticket Booking for Bus, Train, Flights and Hotel Bookings. Tourbookings, Cancellations, Pilgrimage, Event participation, Gamestickets Futvi Technologies 8
  9. 9. 6) Online Entertainment Audio, Video, Games, Photos Downloading, Online Radio, TV,Live shows,Reality Shows etc.7) Online Education Platform for providing Online Education, Attending Webinars,getting Expert Opinion, Reading Books, access to Virtuallibrary,Journals,Downloading Books,Articles Admission Notifications, Admission Applications, Results etc. Online Tuition classes, Online Tutorials, Online LanguageLearning Futvi Technologies 9
  10. 10. 8) Online Banking Facilitating Online Banking, Funds transfer, Money transfer acrosscountries, Receiving money to accounts etc.9) Online Trading Providing a Platform for Online Trading, Import-Export procedures,Trade leads etc.10) Online Information Services Latest News, access to Newspapers, Govt Websites, and Infosites to get valuable information based on their needs Futvi Technologies 10
  11. 11. 11) Online Income Freelance working, working from home, access to sell products,enabling them work in computers, helping them get jobs12) Online Jobs Access to Online Jobs, of State and central govt, Private jobs,jobs notifications, Jobs applications, online submissions, preparationfor competitive exams13) E-Governance Public Services of state and central Government are now offeredonline, delivering them to people is the main objective of OnlineCentres.So in Brief,Online Centre is an One stop Centre for all Online needsof Rural Communities Futvi Technologies 11
  12. 12. Action PlanTo start with, We are Planning to Open 2 Centres, followed by Rollout in a State, then upon Scale up NationallyAbout the Online Centre StaffsThe Friendly Online Centre Staffs to be Selected, from among theCommunityEducated Talented Social Entrepreneurs from Rural Communitiesare to be SelectedAdequate Training Imparted, for the required Services they provideto PeopleSetting up of a Centre, Marketing, Products, services, Training to beprovided are Coordinated by an Expert Management Team Futvi Technologies 12
  13. 13. Thank You@ Online CentreThe Mission is Enabling &Helping Indian RuralCommunities,Get Online Easy.We at Futvi Technologies areHaving a Future Vision of Makinglife easier using InformationTechnology and Help Mankind Futvi Technologies 13