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Nytro™ Application Acceleration Architecture
Intelligent Solid-state Storage Solutions for Acceleration Datacenter Applications
With Nytro™ Products, LSI delivers smarter, faster application acceleration solutions by combining SSDs with intelligent software that analyzes data hot spots to determine which data is best processed in Flash and which is best stored in HDDs, enabling you to select the right amount of flash for the price and performance you need. It’s fast, smart, and easy.

FAST. Up to 12x in database transactions improvement, Up to 10x latency reduction for SAN connected storage. Powered by the LSI SandForce flash storage processor.

SMART. Right-sized solutions provide a choice rather than one-size fits all. Intelligently use flash and hard drives together for to achieve the optimal price/performance. Seamless caching and acceleration software analyzes data hot spots.

EASY. LSI solid-state storage solutions just plain work. No tuning, no rewrites, no hand-placing data. Transparent and seamless application acceleration with minimal impact to existing IT infrastructure, and extensive OS support. A breadth of product portfolio so solutions can be cost-effectively tailored.

Nytro™ Product Family
The Nytro™ Product Family is the most comprehensive, trustworthy, and highest-performance portfolio of enterprise solid-state storage solutions for customers who seek to unlock unparalleled application acceleration and reduced TCO. Because LSI technologies are so widely deployed within the datacenter and undergo rigorous internal and external qualification testing, Nytro™ products deliver ease of implementation, seamless integration, extensive OS support, reliability and future-proof scalability. That’s the smarter way to faster.

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Lsi Nytro flash ssd PCIe controllers product training value proposition and key terms

  1. 1. LSI Nytro Flash StorageKent Abendroth – West Var channel manager425-417-5245July 2012
  2. 2. Agenda topics to address LSI Nytro Value Proposition • Who and Why LSI as a channel storage partner • Nytro product differences vs. competition. How does LSI Nytro address Latency issues? How to differentiate LSI with end users quickly? How do I get paid.. opportunity registration How do I get support? Pre and post2 LSI Confidential
  3. 3. LSI Silicon and Software Offerings Server & Storage Networking HDD Flash Connectivity Axxia™Standard Product Family SAS HBAs Custom Silicon PCIe® Flash MegaRAID HBAs Adapters Software Software Software Delivering Advancing server Industry’s Enabling application deterministic storage leading LDPC performance with performance to performance and SAS teams flash storage mobile and through SAS and processors, PCIe enterprise data protection solutions networks leadership3 LSI Confidential
  4. 4. Why LSI? – Flash SSDAccelerated Storage Division SandForce acquisition complete in Jan. 2012 Defined leadership product lines and roadmap Built new flash, card level validation labs Won major designs at leading companies:4 LSI Confidential
  5. 5. What is LSI Nytro™ Value Proposition? End User message FAST • World’s best flash management • Leading application workload performance • Maximum available CPU, memory for app work SMART • Optimal price/performance via caching • Buy only what you need – WarpDrive, XD, MegaRAID • From a trusted partner • It just works: no tuning, rewrites, or hand placing data EASY • Tools for simplified analysis • Broad flash capacity points, extensive OS support5 LSI Confidential
  6. 6. The Coming Evolution of Enterprise Flash Solutions2015 TAM Flash Segment Nytro$500M High capacity, PCIe flash for primary storage WarpDrive High Capacity flash with Nytro XD Seamless Caching /$1.4B Acceleration Software NytroAdditionalGrowth Low capacity flash with Seamless Caching / MegaRAIDOpportunity Acceleration Software LSI has products and technologies to address all segments Source: IDC 20126 LSI Confidential
  7. 7. LSI Nytro Application Acceleration Architecture Pure Flash DAS: SAN/DAS caching: Hybrid DAS: Nytro WarpDrive Nytro XD Nytro MegaRAID Application I/O Operating System Nytro XD Software I/O I/O App Data Cold Data Hot Data Intelligent Caching Cold Data Stores Hot Data SAS • FC • iSCSI7 LSI Confidential
  8. 8. LSI Nytro™ PredictorSW tool for profiling workload requirements Software tool that analyzes application workloads Recommend best Nytro products to accelerate applications Understand performance benefits before purchase Enables customers to choose the right Nytro solutions8 LSI Confidential
  9. 9. LSI Nytro™ WarpDrive vs. Fusion IO comparison Mainstream Enterprise Database Workload Nytro WarpDrive 70/30 R/W 8K Random IOPs, 32QD Nytro WarpDrive 250% Fusion-io ioDrive-2 239%1. Higher sustained performance 200% with real -world workloads2. Broad driver support 187% • Inbox drivers with major OS’s 150% • Open Source 149% • Bootable device 100% 100% 100% 100%3. Low host resource utilization to manage flash 50% • Instantaneous recovery from power failure • Orders of magnitude lower 0% memory footprint Incompressible 10% Compression 50% Compression • Consistent performance over time Performance & Endurance Upside with Real-World Database Workloads9 LSI Confidential
  10. 10. LSI Nytro™ WarpDrive and XD SKUs Ordering LSI Product Part Product Description MSRP Number The Nytro NWD-WLP4-200, low profile, small Nytro NWD-WLP4-200 LSI00323 6,595.00 form factor PCIe 2.0 enterprise NAND flash card The Nytro NWD-WLP4-400, low profile, small Nytro NWD-WLP4-400 LSI00324 12,195.00 form factor PCIe 2.0 enterprise NAND flash card The NWD-BLP4-400, low profile, small form factor Nytro NWD-BLP4-400 LSI00318 5,945.00 PCIe 2.0 enterprise NAND flash card The Nytro NWD-BLP4-800, low profile, small form Nytro NWD-BLP4-800 LSI00319 10,895.00 factor PCIe 2.0 enterprise NAND flash card The Nytro NWD-BLP4-1600, low profile, small Nytro NWD-BLP4-1600 LSI00320 20,795.00 form factor PCIe 2.0 enterprise NAND flash card The NXD-BLP4-400, low profile, small form factor Nytro NXD-BLP4-400 LSI00325 PCIe 2.0 enterprise NAND flash card and 10,695.00 caching software10 LSI Confidential
  11. 11. Nytro™ MegaRAID SKUs SKUs* PCIe Flash Capacity Schedule NMR8100-4i x8 PCIe 3.0 128GB Sampling: July 2012 NMR8110-4i x8 PCIe 3.0 256GB Production/GA: August 2012 NMR8120-4i x8 PCIe 3.0 1024GB Notes: * Part numbers are subject to change before product release * -4e versions will be available in 4Q’1211 LSI Confidential
  12. 12. LSI Channel Opportunity Registration12 LSI Confidential
  13. 13. Why LSI Nytro™ Value Proposition Proven-Trusted Partner  For over 30 years, LSI has been at the forefront of innovative datacenter technology  LSI delivers an unmatched portfolio of proven storage technology  LSI is the market leader in…SAS, enterprise RAID, and application acceleration. LSI Enables the Entire Storage Ecosystem  Datacenter, public cloud, and on-premise server environments  Increase performance while lowering total cost of ownership  All major server and storage OEMs use LSI Storage Technology Nytro™ Products Deliver  Higher sustained performance  Low host resource utilization to manage flash – Low Latency  Broad driver support  Ease of implementation  Future-proof scalability - buy what you need for today’s business problems  Nytro™ - WarpDrive, XD, MegaRAID, Predictor SW That’s…. the Smarter way to Faster.com13 LSI Confidential
  14. 14. LSI – Resources and Contacts• Kent Abendroth – LSI Channel Sales Manager 425-417-5245 - Dedicated to LSI channel products and programs - Sales Tools and product support information• LSI VSP VAR Channel program • Opportunity Registration • Lead generation • MDF • Meet Comp Pricing • Product samples and evaluations• LSI Technical support : 1-800-633-4545• LSI RMA program - Contact LSI tech support - Cross ship overnight is available on request14 LSI Confidential LSI Proprietary
  15. 15. LSI Nytro WarpDrive PCIe Flash Adapter for Servers Fast • 2X Performance of the Previous Generation • Latency reduction & transactional improvement Smart • DuraWrite Technology Product Values LSI Comp • Accelerates writes Built with industry standard LSI SAS drivers • Extends data life • Embedded Processor In box drivers for major OSes ✔ ✖ • Frees host CPU and OEM integrated management ✔ ✖ memory to run applications Bootable ✔ ✖ • R.A.I.S.E. technology Embedded, offloaded multi-core Flash Storage Processors Consistently low server CPU ✔ ✖ & DRAM usage over life Stable performance over life ✔ ✖ Easy Consistent performance • In the box drivers for most across CPU GHz ✔ ✖ operating systems Fast recovery from power fail ✔ ✖ • Preconfigured for max Max capacity (FHHL) 3.2TB 2.4TB performance, endurance Max capacity (HHHL) 1.6TB 1.2TB and usable capacity • Wide range of storage capacities The Easy, Affordable Flash Upgrade15 LSI Confidential
  16. 16. LSI Nytro XD – Accelerate Your SAN SAN Acceleration Solution Fast • Bundled Nytro WarpDrive Up to 10x and caching software Transactions / second Performance Improvement solution • Transparent infrastructure and lowered TCO 0 iSCSI SAN Nytro XD Smart w/iSCSI SAN • Simplified configuration and Intelligently caches data management onto Nytro WarpDrive TPC-C Response Time (ms) Easy Seamless 0 integration with iSCSI SAN Nytro XD existing storage w/iSCSI SAN Nytro XD transparently accelerates SAN or DAS arrays16 LSI Confidential
  17. 17. Nytro MegaRAID Accelerate Your DAS Key Features • Integrated with the MegaRAID and runs locally on the controller • Limited CPU and memory overhead • Compatible with existing MSM management interfaces Fast Smart Easy • 10X performance • Migrates “hot” data from • Automatic self-starting and improvement over HDDs disk to flash self-configuring only • Combines flash for • Zero administrative • Improved rebuild times performance and disk for overhead capacity • Transparent to • Supports read caching Applications, File system, OS and device drivers Seamless, Plug-n-Play Flash Acceleration for DAS17 LSI Confidential