Faq on the Magento platform


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On these pages we have collected FREQUENT ASKED QUESTIONS from our Clients on the Magento solution.Any other questions to ask?

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Faq on the Magento platform

  1. 1. FAQ ON THE MAGENTO PLATFORMwww.smile-ukraine.com - commercial.kiev@smile.fr
  2. 2. On these pages we have collected FREQUENT ASKEDQUESTIONS from our Clients on the Magento solution. If youhave not found the answer to your questions, do not hesitate tocontact us.1. How can I boost sales with my Magentoweb store?Do you want to take your business to the next level, to boostsales and get more loyal clients? In this case, Magento solutionis the perfect choice.1) Magentos flexible pricing rules enable the efficient creation ofa variety of promotions to increase conversion rates. Coupledwith powerful tools such as Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, and more toincrease Average Order Value, Magentos suite of powerfulMarketing Tools provide the functionality and ease-of-use toincrease your online sales.2) A simplified check-out process for your Magento store?With One Step Checkout Pro, the only thing the user can do is tofill in their address and choose delivery/payment methods on thesame page, instead of having to do a separate step. Thus,installing the One Step Checkout Pro is probably the mosteffective technical change that any Magento store owner can doto increase sales and customer conversions as well as reducecustomer abandonment.3) The lookbook module for YOUR FASHION STORE showsyour customer how they can use your products to put an outfittogether. It is a way of merchandising your product and providingup selling opportunities.2. Which Magento Edition is right for mybusiness - Community or Enterprise?Magento is now offered in 2 editions: free open sourceCommunity Edition and paid-for Enterprise Edition. Thus,
  3. 3. there are different plug-ins and modules which are not availablein the Community Edition, e. g. private sales, the ability to mergeand combine content from one store with another, gift sales etc.In fact, we recommend Magento Enterprise Edition to big-scalebusinesses.3. What payment systems can beintegrated with my Magento store?Your web store can be integrated with the following paymentsystems as: Saved SS, Zero Subtotal Checkout, Check / MoneyOrder, Purchase Order, Authorize.net, Payflow Pro, Paybox Direct,Pay Pal Express Checkout, Pay Pal Web site Payments Pro –Direct Payments. Not everything in the list? We can integrateyour web store with any payment system you wish.4. What visitors inflow and amount ofitems on sale can my web store on Magentosupport?We can assure the impeccable work of your web store with 100simultaneous visitors and about 200.000 items importwithout taking any additional measures.For big-scale businesses we offer some performance optimizationactivities to ensure the perfect functionality of the web store.OUR RECORDS:196 000 visitors per day is a record-breaking mark for themaintenance of the American e-commerce project and SmileUkraine support team accordingly on the Black Friday.On our account – the largest web store in the world for the Frenchcompany Furet du Nord - http://www.furet.com/- with 1,4 millionitems on sale.Your other questions you can leave here