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Aei Thank You.Pdf


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Aei Thank You.Pdf

  1. 1. THANK YOU! from the AEI Nebraska Chapter The AEI Nebraska Chapter would like to thank all the representatives who co- sponsored the Green Table event last Thursday, March 18th. We greatly appreciate their time and effort involved in the organization and bringing very sustainable, educational, and interesting products. We applaud their contagious enthusiasm about sustainable technologies and efficient operating buildings. As a thank you to all these great people and their products we have shown their contact information below. Hurry and contact them to learn more about their products, so you can make more informed decisions in your designs.
  2. 2. We would also like to thank Olsson Associates for the use of their open office area and coordination and setup assistance in support of our event. The co-sponsors are shown below. We hope they will participate in future AEI events. Mark Mattea AES Lighting Group 2580 So. 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68124 (W) (402) 330-7810, (M) (402) 699-1097
  3. 3. George Schuler Coreslab Structures (Omaha), Inc. 802 Allied Road, LaPlatte, NE 68123 (W) (402) 291-0733,
  4. 4. Derrick Nicol & Kyle Pearson NRG Sales, LLC 8031 W. Center Rd. Suite 100, Omaha, NE 68124 (W) (402) 515-9691
  5. 5. Emily Bannick Lacey & Jeremy Hinrichs Hughes Machinery 5955 S. 118th Circle, Omaha, NE 68137 (W) (402) 571-5004, (M) (402 490-9394
  6. 6. Brad Stanczyk Verne Simmonds Company (W) (402) 592-3131
  7. 7. Mark Strauss Strauss Architectural Systems LLC 1225 E. River Dr. ste 101, Davenport, IA 52803 (W) (563) 344-6810, (M) (563) 505-1715,
  8. 8. Cody Adams & Nigel Wolf 4TEC Integration, E4 Acoustics and Studio 44 Productions (W) (402) 334-9119,, www.4TECINTEGRATION.COM
  9. 9. Jeremy Smejkal and Sean Williams B.G. Peterson Company 2966 Harney Street, Omaha, NE 68131 (W) (402) 344-4311,,