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Cincode mayoactivities


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Cincode mayoactivities

  1. 1. Cinco de Mayo Nombre: KarinGo to the following link to watch a short presentationabout Cinco de Mayo and then answer the followingquestions in detail. Type your answers in a differentcolor. (English) What is Cinco de Mayo?Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French Army duringthe Battle of Puebla in 1862. This date is very important because theMexican Army’s victory was very unexpected because the French had avery strong and stable army at this point.2. What is Cinco de Mayo commonly mistaken for?Cinco de Mayo is most commonly mistaken for Mexico’s IndependenceDay. September 16th is the date of Mexico’s Independence Day, contraryto popular belief.3. Do we have any celebrations that may be misinterpreted by other cultures? If so, what?With every holiday or celebration, there is a chance that it will bemisinterpreted by other cultures. For example, Halloween. Some peoplerefer to Halloween as worshipping the dead whilemost Americans just see it as a fun festivity withcandy and costumes.Now, watch this short video presentation on aspecial sauce called “mole poblano” which is usedin many traditonal dishes of Mexico. Answer thefollowing questions.4. What ingredients are used to make this dish? (name at least 4)
  2. 2. Cinco de Mayo Nombre: KarinSome of the ingredients used to make Mole Poblano are chiles, tomatoes,garlic, and cumin. There are many other ingredients that make the mealsuch a delectable5. Over what type of meats is it traditionally served?Mole Poblano is a Mexican sauce that is traditionally served over meatssuch as chicken or turkey.6. Have you ever tried a dish with mole poblano at a Mexican restaurant or in traveling to Mexico?Honestly, I’ve never heard of the dish Mole Poblano before watching thisvideo presentation. Therefore; I do not believe I’ve ever tried the dish atneither a Mexican restaurant or in Mexico.