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Georgia Golf Project


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Georgia Golf Project

  1. 1.  First luxury residential community project in Georgia with professional 18 hole Golf Course  Exclusive location on the mountain plateau covered with wild pine trees, coterminous to President’s and Patriarch’s Residences, Embassies and situated close to the Tbilisi’s downtown  331 Ha Project Plot with 1,303,469 m2 approved construction area and construction permission issued by the Government  279 Ha with the Master Plan approved by the Government and designed by famous Spanish architects with possibilities to develop from 551 to 1837 plots for residential and commercial property (total 815,858 m2) and the Golf Course  52 Ha construction area with potency of development from 366 to 1171 plots with total construction area 487,611 m2 of townhouses, apartments and office buildings  Sale prices: 1200 - 2500 US$/m2  Average Profit per m2: 688 US$  Revenue from the golf club membership fees: US$ 23,200,000  Total Project Cash Flow Estimation: 901,786,672 US$ KRTSANISI PARK R E S I D E N C E S PROJECT SUMMARY
  2. 2. Plots for individual construction and apartment blocks DEVELOPMENT AREA 44 Exclusive land plots (Finca) / 58.5 ha total area / 175,703 m2 total construction permission 81 Luxury plots with nice views (Luxury) / 30.3 ha total area / 90,944 m2 total construction permission 236 Average size plots (Unifamiliares) / 48.2 ha total area / 171,551 m2 total construction permission 154 Smaller plots with shared houses (Pareado) / 12.9 ha total area / 66,482 m2 total construction permission 803 Apartments / 8 ha total area / 120,817 m2 total construction permission
  3. 3. Plots for individual construction and apartment blocks RESIDENTIAL AREA Project of segregation of plots with licenses and horizontal division issued and approved; Norms and urban standards approved with city hall (municipality); All necessary licenses and permits for the execution of the works upon need obtained;
  4. 4. Upscale Residential Gated Community NIGHT VIEW FROM THE RESIDENTIAL AREA Night view over Tbilisi from the land plot KRTSANISI PARK RESIDENCES urbanization project is unique, as there is no such kind of a residential community that all together offers natural setting, elevation above the city, views, proximity to the center and quality urbanization.
  5. 5. LOCATION Project Site is located in Krtsanisi, one of Tbilisi’s greenest areas. The beautiful, lush terrain covers 331 hectares and is just 15 minutes drive from Freedom Square in central Tbilisi. Due to the concentration of several international organizations, missions and embassy buildings on Krtsanisi Street, the district has become increasingly upscale. The Embassies and Consulates of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Japan, France, Switzerland, as well as the offices of the EU and UN Observer missions, the former Krtsanisi Government compound, and the Patriarchate compound are all located in this district. The land adjacent to KRTSANISI PARK RESIDENCES is largely unspoiled and has not been developed. Shavnabada Monastery with Patriarch’s Residence and President of Georgia Residence is the only thing that borders the club’s grounds. This natural conservation and the golf club are combined to create a kind of “resort in the city” feel, making Krtsanisi Park Residences an ideal place for leisure, a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly the unique residential place in Tbilisi. Construction site
  6. 6. LOCATION Location: 5 km to the old city 6 km to the Freedom Square 17 km to Tbilisi Airport 125 km to Gudauri Ski Resort Flight time To: Baku 1:05 h Istanbul 2:10 h Moscow 2:35 h Riyadh 2:50 h Dubai 3:05 h Astana 3:20 h Paris 4:40 h Beijing 7:50 h Singapur 9:40 h KRTSANISI PARK R E S I D E N C E S Krtsanisi Freedom square Airport Vake Saburtalo Tbilisi Sea Digomi Tbilisi City Map KRTSANISI PARK RESIDENCES is located in the Southern part of Tbilisi. The location allows convenient access to the city center, old city, churches, botanical garden and the Tbilisi International Airport.
  7. 7. PROFESSIONAL 18 HOLE GOLF COURSE Krtsanisi Golf Club is an exclusive private club where only members and there guests will be admitted. Only 600 lifetime memberships will be sold. Besides the Golf Course, Spa Club House and Practice Course, the Club will offer following facilities to members: - Football field - Tennis courts - Basketball courts - Archery Range - Several indoor and outdoor swimming pools - Jogging and walking trails - Horse riding - Bike paths - Billiards hall - Children’s entertainment center.
  8. 8. PROFESSIONAL 18 HOLE GOLF COURSE Technical details of the route Hole Par Length 1 5 521 2 4 342 3 3 155 4 4 384 5 4 372 6 3 200 7 5 516 8 4 275 9 4 268 Front 36 3.033 10 5 505 11 4 384 12 4 351 13 3 174 14 4 358 15 3 143 16 4 435 17 4 348 18 5 395 Back 36 3.093 TOTAL 72 6.125 Golf course is designed by Pablo Bilbao, experienced Golf Architect from Spain. It can be enjoyed by professionals and beginners, by local members as well as international guests. Membership in the PGA European Tour’s European tournament circuit will make it a regional meeting point and an attractive destination for golf lovers. It will be developed in 2 phases, 9 holes in the initial phase and 9 holes in the final phase of the project. Club house and Practice course will be constructed in the initial Phase.
  9. 9. CURRENT STATUS A great deal of work has already been carried out on the project, and the current status of the development is summarised with main works completed, below.  Selection of a suitable area and securing of the land through governmentaldecree;  Execution of detailed topographical and geotechnical surveys;  Urbanization Project completed;  Completion of the design of Master Plan of the land;  Project of segregation of plots with licenses and horizontal division issued and approved;  Completion of the design for the Club House and the championship golf course by Spanish golf architect;  All necessary licenses and permits for the execution of the works upon need obtained;  Norms for coexistence inside the club, and urban standards approved with city hall (municipality);  Statutes, protocols of golf club completed, with deeds and registered ;  Licenses and authorizations of connections of all utilities (water, gas, electricity);  Construction of a new 2.7 km access road from British embassy to the project site, and 11 km of internal roads on parcel. Only the pavement has to be done.  Construction of the championship golf course (15% of work is completed);  Pre-agreementsfor merchandising and supply of golf products with Club Car Callaway, Tinsley, Ping and Carolina Herrera;  Pre-agreementwith PGA (Professional Golf Association) European Tour to include Golf Course in the European Tournament Circuit.
  10. 10. PROJECT PHOTOS Areal View Hole #10 Construction of internal roads Spa Club House Design
  11. 11. PROJECT PHOTOS View over Shavnabada Monastery View from Club House View over Kumisi Lake Evening View over the city
  17. 17. GEORGIA – FACTS & FIGURES Geographically well situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is a combination of uniqueness and diversity. With hundreds of hotels, including international brand hotels such as Sheraton, Radisson, Marriott, Holiday Inn Georgia attracts foreigners and offers different opportunities for the leisure such as public parks, spas, seaside and mountain ski resorts. There are no real estate ownership restrictions for foreigners. They are guaranteed the same rights as Georgian citizens. As the Regional Hub for multinational corporations operating in the Black Sea and Southern Caucasus Regions, Georgia offers a multitude of resources and services while providing direct access to neighboring countries. According to statistics, in 2012, 4,4 million people traveled to Georgia.
  19. 19. GEORGIA – FACTS & FIGURES GEORGIA: • Strategic Location – Regional Hub Economy – Multi-modal maritime, land and air access infrastructure for trade, logistics and manufacturing – Stable and competitively priced energy supply • Favorable, investor friendly business climate – Business friendly environment with low levels of taxation, simple and fair tax administration – Efficient, pro-business and corruption-free government – Stable and conservatively managed banking sector – Flexible labor legislation – Strong legal framework to protect investors • Strong economic growth and growing affluent segment • Lack of luxury residential and leisure development TBILISI: • Over 25% of population resides in Tbilisi • Economic and Regional Center • Favorable Weather Climate for a Golf Resort • Trend to move out of the city center to adjacent mountainous suburbs
  21. 21. GEORGIA – FACTS & FIGURES The rules of doing business in Georgia are simple, safe and straightforward for foreign investors  Business friendly environment  Low levels of taxation and simple tax administration  Simplified licensing and permitting requirements  Competitive cost of labor and energy  Corruption-free government  Stable banking sector  Very low crime-rate  Strategic location  80% Russian speakers  Developed infrastructure  Unique cuisine  Stable growth of tourism