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Cultural investigation


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Cultural investigation

  1. 1. School life in France School life in the US ->French education might seem -> American schools are generally divided into three superior to American education or four parts, counting up as one goes along: -> french school are divided into 4 preschool and kindergarten, elementary school, junior parts : Maternelle (kindergarten), high and high school. cole élémentaire (Primary school), -> kids start school at age 4 or 5 olige (Junior High), and Lycee (High -> 180 days in school school) -> grading system 1-100 -> french school teachers are not -> extracurricular activities in school all day long. -> they go for 6 weeks and get 2 weeks -> not extracurricular activities -> start school at age 2 -> grading system 0-20Katelin Anderson 8:29:24 Katie Danielle <3 ET 34:15:9e:1b:a0:72