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  1. 1. Les Chateaux de la Loire Laïla Garcia
  2. 2. CheateuxChateaux are castles built byFrench royalty and nobilityfrom the last halfmillennium. The chateaux ofthe Loire Valley are all quiteclose to one another,creating a beautiful valley ofcastles.
  3. 3. The Loire Valley is namedafter the Loire River, thelongest river in France, and islocated snuggly in CentralFrance.
  4. 4. The first Chateaux of theLoire Valley were builtbetween and throughout the10th and 15th century byFrench kings. Frenchnobility, never wanting tostay too far from the seat ofpower, quickly followedsuit.
  5. 5. Le Chateau de ChambordThe Chateaux Chambordwas constructed (but neverfinished) by King François Iin 1519. He built thisparticular chateaux in orderto be close to his mistress,Comtesse de Thoury.
  6. 6. The Chateaux Chambord is the most famous and recognizable of the French Chateaux because of it’s very traditional French-Renaissance architecture.
  7. 7. Chambord
  8. 8. Stay in a Chateaux!Name: Domaine de MontmerveilleLocation: Loire ValleyHistory: This was the first manor house en route tothe Loire Valley. It sits snuggly in the Frenchcountryside and was built in the 18th century.Interior: Quiet and classic, each room has a Frenchcountry-side charm with a hint of the antique.Amenities: 57 full bedrooms, excessive indoor andoutdoor dining space, sauna, jacuzzi, fishing, andgolf.Activities: Skiing, swimming, hiking, canoeing,tennis, and horseback riding.
  9. 9. Booking a StayJune 5- July 2, 201152,030 euros$73, 734
  10. 10. Bibliography