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Ppt - marketing project -- customer profiling techniques-


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Ppt - marketing project -- customer profiling techniques

Marketing Project, Xerox, HTW Berlin, Maria Koptseli, Melvis Magne, Hazel Seit Amet, Charlotte Herlin

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Ppt - marketing project -- customer profiling techniques-

  2. 2. Discussion TopicsIntroduction-TransPromo & Customer Data-TransPromo & Generational ConsiderationsPart A : Status Quo of Profiling 20111. Different Types of Profile Targeting2.Analysis of Loyalty Programs3. Offline Profiling -Data Collectors4. Online Profiling -Data Collectors5.Mobile Targeting6. Future of ProfilingPart B : Profiling & Legal IssuesPart C : TransPromo @ XEROX1.Opporunities for TransPromo2. Profiling Options @ XEROX TransPromo3.Conclusions3 of 27 pages
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Profiling is the recording & classification of Customer Profiling behaviors. A customer profile is a data set on the typical customer for a product or service Targeted Advertising Targeted advertisements are placed so, as to reach customers based on their profile Increased Response Get close to potential customers Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 4 of 27 pages
  4. 4. TRANSPROMO & TARGETING • Targeting is the link that makes Transpromo successful • TransPromo documents combine customer relationship management, data mining technology with variable data, printing and location intelligence • >40% of direct marketers have tools to optimize the targeting of their direct mail campaigns • 93.6 % have seen an improvement in response due targeting Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 5 of 27 pages
  5. 5. TRANSPROMO & GENERATIONALCONSIDERATIONS • Multichannel delivery : personalised TransPromo documents can be delivered via traditional mail, through email or SMS text messaging  Consider the target audience when deciding how is best to communicate with them via TransPromo • Cross media tools improve customer experience & measure the impact the of TransPromo: personalized TransPromo documents, can be extended to include the use of cross-media tools like pURLs (personal URLs) and microsites • The challenge lies in targeting customers with relevant information without infringing on their privacyMaria Koptseli | 24-01-20126 of 27 pages
  6. 6. Part AStatus quo of profiling 2011Melvis Magne | 24-01-20127 of 27 pages
  7. 7. 1. TYPES OF PROFILE TARGETING Age Income Gender Ethnicity DEMOGRAPHIC Education level & GEOGRAPHIC Marital status PROFILE TARGETING Location Melvis Magne| 24-01-2012 8 of 27 pages
  8. 8. 1. TYPES OF PROFILE TARGETING Psychological motivations Hobbies Habits PSYCHOLOGICAL Interests & LIFESTYLE Purchasing behavior PROFILE TARGETING Attitudes Melvis Magne| 24-01-2012 9 of 27 pages
  9. 9. 1. TYPES OF PROFILE TARGETING This targeting method fits the content of a specific webpage with the ads displayed, that way, that those ads will appear only on relevant pages Advantages -highly effective -large available format : text, image, video CONTEXTUAL -most familiar contextual ads TARGETING CT leaders  Google AdWords, Microsoft “We know what you read” AdCenter, Yahoo Publisher Melvis Magne| 24-01-2012 10 of 27 pages
  10. 10. 1. TYPES OF PROFILE TARGETING Cookie based browsing history A behind the scenes software dialog takes place between Web browser and Web server, that can reveal a number of pieces of information : IP address, BEHAVIORAL type of browser, computer type & its operating & SEARCH system, PC unique identifiers, called cookies TARGETING Search history targeting Paying attention to what the user has “We know what you are searching online” searched and delivering ads based on search history Melvis Magne| 24-01-2012 11 of 27 pages
  11. 11. 1. TYPES OF PROFILE TARGETING Look at the response generated and target the best “area” to advertise The response is based on: clicks leads ROI direct responses COST-EFFECTIVE Real time optimization based on : TARGETING demographic profile targeting behavioral targeting location “We know where the best results are” contextual targeting Melvis Magne | 24-01-2012 12 of 27 pages
  12. 12. 2.ANALYSIS OF LOYALTY PROGRAMS-For the exchange of personal information users get discounts, miles and bonus! Age, marital status, occupation Demographics Bought which type of item Purchase Town class, town area, store, Trend Geography distance from store Visiting single or multiple stores Months on Permanent Category Sales penetration loyalty program Profile Penetration Miles gathered Visit Sales penetration Label Average monthly visit Frequency& Penetration Trend Number of items bought /# of Category Spending Average monthly spends items in the category Affinity Habits (Total spend/#of months from enrollement ) Melvis Magne | 24-01-2012 13 of 27 pages
  13. 13. 3.OFFLINE PROFILING -DATA COLLECTORS WWW.SCHOBER.DE -demographic profile targeting -geographic profile targeting -behavioral profile targeting -psychographic profile targeting Schober is the leading provider of target group and market information in Europe WWW.NIELSEN.COMTARGET GROUP Nielsen is the leading provider in the world& MARKET INFORMATION Arvato Infoscore is a merge of the services of a credit agency & a direct marketingPROFILE TARGETING company Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 14 of 27 pages
  14. 14. 3.OFFLINE PROFILING -DATA COLLECTORS WWW.SCHUFA.DE Schufa is a source of credit and financial information supplied by business and contract partners Information may only be sent to or obtained from the Schufa with the permission of the customer "Schufa clause" is a part of any sales or contractCREDIT & FINANCIAL WWW.CREDITREFORM.COM Creditreform : financial information on overPROFILE TARGETING 13 million public & private companies from 41 European countries and China Maria Koptseli| 24-01-2012 15 of 27 pages
  15. 15. 4.ONLINE PROFILING –DATA COLLECTORS Ads Networks Social Media NetworksDouble Click Right Media Microsoft TwitalyzerAdWords AdCenter Yahoo Publisher TouchGraph TouchGraphAdSenseDemographics, L Demographic, Demographic, Demographics, Demographics, Contextualocation, Location, Location, Location, Location, Behavi Targeting ,Contextual CT, BT based on CT, BT based Behavioral oral Targeting SocialTargeting (CT), pc, mobile data on pc, mobile Targeting, NetworkBehavioral & sites data & sites Interests Analysis,Targeting (BT) Targeting1,000 interest 10 PB data Social Network Influencecategories warehouse Analysis Analysis Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 16 of 27 pages
  16. 16. 5.MOBILE TARGETING ASL targeting -Age, sex and location are known & accurate -Ads that are relevant to customer needs Time targeting Social network analysis targeting Personal info targeting -estimated income based on your invoice values -increased response by combining more criteria -ejects third-party cookies -difficult to track the user Google Android  monopoly in behavioral targeting Melvis Magne | 24-01-2012 17 of 27 pages
  17. 17. 6. THE FUTURE OF TARGETING Targeting based on predictions about customers‟PREDICTIVE BEHAVIORAL TARGETING interests and future behavior Social network analysis targeting will increasingly playSOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS TARGETING a role in how to target consumers - social interactions reflect interests Neural network algorithms, similar to the ones creditADAPTIVE TARGETING card companies use to spot fraud, will be utilized to adapt consumer targets to the changing market conditions Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 18 of 27 pages
  18. 18. Part BProfiling & Legal Issues
  19. 19. 1. PROTECTING PRIVACYEuropean Union Privacy Regulation • Limited collection of personal data • Data must be up-to-date and destroyed when no longer needed • Consent for sharing data is required • Sensitive data (e.g. religion) can only be provided with consent • Notify consumers about the collection and intended purpose of data Source : EU Data Protection Directive Melvis Magne| 24-01-2012 20 of 27 pages
  20. 20. 2. PROTECTING PRIVACY§ 15 Telemediengesetz (German code on media law, „TMG‟)Service providers are only entitled to collect and use personal data of a userif this is necessary in order to secure the usability of telemedia and itsrespective invoicing (usage data)In 2011, US Federal Trade Commission proposed a "Do NotTrack Me Online" mechanism to allow internet users to opt-out ofbehavioral targetingMelvis Magne| 24-01-201221 of 27 pages
  21. 21. Part CConsumer Profiling@ XEROX
  22. 22. 1. OPPORTUNITIES FOR TRANSPROMO Via Mail Via Internet Both Taxation Documents 57,9% 14.2% 20.1% Insurance Bills/Statements 53.3% 18.5% 19.2% Utility Bills/Statements Utility Bills/Statements 50.9% 23.3% 19.5%Health Care Bills/Statements Health are Bills/Statements 48.4% 17.3% 16.7% Credit Card Bills/Statements 46.1% 21.9% 23.2% Mortage Bills/Statements 38.2% 14.9% 15.3% Education Bills/Statements 29.6% 14.8% 14.9% Other 15.6% 8.9% 7.6% Source : Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 23 of 27 pages
  23. 23. 2. TRANSPROMO & 1:1 MARKETING Data management Data mining analytics Customer relationship management -buying history -product preferences -demographics -length of relationship Xerox Global Services through its Customer Communications Service are not limited to print, offering multichannel output such as web, email and SMS deliverySource : Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 24 of 27 pages
  24. 24. 3.CONCLUSIONS • Integrate customer data from -customer sales history -customer relationship management system -marketing and sales resources -customer credit historyOPPORTUNITIES • Data mining software -adaptive targetingFOR XEROX -predictive targetingTRANSPROMO • Look for opportunities to link the statement to other initiatives, such as URLs, pURLs, promotion codes and loyalty programs“If you have the right data, you have the ability toimplement a powerful TransPromo program” • Multichannel delivery to -solicit additional customer information Maria Koptseli | 24-01-2012 25 of 27 pages
  25. 25. QUESTIONS Maria Koptseli Melvis Magne
  26. 26. Thank you very much for your attention!