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Architecture In NYC: Art Deco


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Presentation giving a brief history of Art Deco in the NYC area. Features some beautiful examples of Art Deco architecture around the city.

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Architecture In NYC: Art Deco

  2. 2. Art Deco saw its glory days in NYC between the late 1920s & the early 1940s. It is known for its use of geometric shapes and vibrant coloring. With the over-saturation of stimulus these days, it can be easy to miss the gorgeous examples of art deco in the city. Here are a few “hidden gems” scattered throughout the boroughs:
  3. 3. Bronxdale Swimming Pool (Bronx) • Lighter colors not really reminiscent of classic NY art deco • Great use of a combo of horizontal & vertical lines [Photo via Emilio Guerra]
  4. 4. 1 Wall Street (NYC) • Designed by Ralph Walker • Built same year as Empire State Building & Chrysler Building • True Art Deco Characteristics: Vertical Lines & Rich reds. golds, and yellows [Photos by Evan Bindelglass.]
  5. 5. Horace Ginsberg & Associates Fish Building (Bronx) • Celebrated for being one of most strikingly beautiful art deco places in the New York City area • Outside of the building: sprawling sea themed mosaic • Inside the lobby: Brightly colored, gorgeously patterned floor [Photo Via Sara Krulwich/The New York Times]
  6. 6. McCarren Park Pool & Play Center (Brooklyn) • Recently restored and designated as NY Landmark • Great example of streamlined design and curved lines [photo via]
  7. 7. The Ambassador Apartments (Staten Island) • Located by Staten Island Ferry • Curved lines, vertical structure & the blue/gold motif are inspired by Aztec and Mayan artwork [Photo via]
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