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Task 1 photograph research


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Task 1 photograph research

  1. 1. Task 1. Different Applications of Photography Ken Ishii
  2. 2. Advertising Industry Advertising is used in this industry so that companies can show off their product allowing a boost of their sales, for example, if Nike is showing off a shoe, they would show the slickness and the abilities which will attract their target audience. Advertisements will also be used in store displays which draws customers into store. Travel agencies also use this, they use image of destinations all over the world and they are placed either in leaflets/books/brochures/In- store displays which are given away free, this is done as a way to try and persuade the customer into booking a holiday. They can also be used to promote awareness like from the Police, NHS, Government etc for Drink Driving, Smoking, Health Issues.
  3. 3. Fashion Industry Photography is used in the fashion industry to allow a fashion brand to show off their new season range and what kind of materials they have used, Stone Island is notorious to show off their choice of material of the clothing more than the style of clothing, but style is also as important. It also helps to define the character of each brand just by their photography and who their target audience is mainly by the choice of their models. Different applications are used when taking photos for fashion, in the images I have picked, they have used the rule of third and a bright light to contrast between light and dark and everything is backlit. Stone island photography by : Marcus Gaab
  4. 4. Music Industry Music Industry Advertising is used in Music to promote artists or anything else music related. This can be used for numerous things such as artists themselves, Gigs, Festivals etc. The are also promoted in a number of different ways, one of the biggest ways they would be promoted would be the internet, another way could be through music magazines or posters. One of the most well known photographers for music advertising is RUKES. I have selected the photos on the right at gigs are both RUKES’ work. These images I have chosen show the atmosphere of the gigs and very eye catching due to the lights. Griffin Lotz is a photographer for The Rolling Stones and has a lot of his work in magazines, websites and social networking sites.
  5. 5. Sports Industry Photography is used in the sports industry mainly in newspapers, magazines , the internet etc. Sports photography can also be used for advertising purposes to help build a brand (sponsorships) as well to help promote a sport. Sports photography will usually be displayed in newspapers or sports magazines. If there is any significant sporting event taking place, The chances are Bob Martin would be the photographer, he is recognised as one of the worlds leading sports photographers. For a sports photographer, they have to be a step before the moment has happened to capture to get a great show like the one I have chosen on the right. Photography by Bob Martin
  6. 6. Photo journalism • Images by Eugene Smith Photo Journalism is the documentation of historical or current events. It involves collecting, editing and then presenting the news material for publication or broadcast. A well known Photo Journalism Photographer was Eugene Smith. He was known for his refusal to compromise professional standards and his brutally vivid World War II photographs. Photo Journalism is also a way of showing the struggle that is going on in the world to enlighten people who aren’t aware of the situation to make them realise what is going on as a picture speaks a 1000 words.
  7. 7. Fine Art Photography Fine Art Photography Fine art photography usually consists of a photographers individual taste. Sometimes the photographs taken can have a meaning behind them. Fine Art Photography fulfils the creative vision of a photographer. Sometimes a person can connect with the image, some may not. Photo by: Alfred Stieglitz Photo by: Paul Caridad