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  1. 1. PR2: Same Film, Different Time and Place Rec and Quarantine Research Task Quarantine Trailer Task 1 Find out the following information: Rec Quarantine Director Jaume Balaguero John Erick Dowdle Year of Production 2007 2008 Distributor Filmax International Screen Gens Budget 1,500,000 12,000,000 Box office takings 32,492,948 937,833 Sequels 4 4 Read the interviews with John Erick Dowdle and Jaume Balaguero and answer the following questions Task 2:
  2. 2. 1. Explain Jaume Balagoro’s reasons for making REC in a handheld, documentary style The director wanted to film the movie in hand held “to ensure that everything retained the highest possible credibility and preserved that dynamic feeling” They wanted the most realistic production of a news report. 2. Is it a coincidence that Cloverfield and Diary of Dead were released at the same time, or does it relate to audience demand for horror filmed in this style? I believe that it is a coincidence that both these movies were released at the same time as REC because a lot of director would also be starting to go against the typical conventions meaning that ideas would cross. In the interview Jaume Balaguero said that the world is more diverse and people are able to communicate and interact more and more. 3. Why do you think Screen Gems, the distributors of Quarantine wanted to get the remake out so quickly? Screen Gems wanted to get Quarantine out as quickly as possible because of the hype for the original film and the cult that followed it Screen gems wanted to optimise the amount of profit they could make by putting out two versions of the same film so the audience would have a chose between watching more popular original subtitle movie or the newly released American remake. This would allow more profit because people would watch both movies to compare the quality of each film. Sony is the owner of Screen Gems and gain a lot of profit from these investments as they control the production, distribution and exhibition this is known as vertical integration. Sony combined their vertical integration and synergy with the merchandise that can be produced. An example of this is Iron Man, The synergy is in the T-shits, toys posters etc. This maximises the profit output to the company and allows them to get the most out of both films and benefits everyone involved. For your article, you need to consider why film production companies produce remakes and the factors that influence those remakes. Factors which influenced the remake of REC Financial factors Trends Genre and popularity Synergy (related products such as DVD’s/books/TShirts) Vertical integration (where a film company deals with the production, distribution and consumption of a film)
  3. 3. In your magazine article you will need to comment upon all of the above Task 3: In the box below, write your introduction to your article. Use your findings from Task 1 and 2 to help you P2 describe the relationship between films and their production contexts with some appropriate use of subject terminology [IE] M2 explain the relationship between films and their production contexts with reference to detailed illustrative examples and generally correct use of subject terminology D2 comprehensively explain the relationship between films and their production contexts with elucidated examples and consistently using subject terminology correctly Article intro: P1. Introduce your article by giving the titles of the films covered and production factors which influence remakes. Quarantine was the American remakes of the original Spanish movie REC that quickly gathered cult following and became a worldwide phenomenon. Remakes of films are usually made because advancements in technology enabling people to convey projects and ideas in new and innovative ways. The reason this remake was made was to maximise the profit that can be made from the audience watching the American remake and then to satisfy their curiosity watching the original to see if it lives up to expectations. P2. REC. Relate factual information about REC; director, release date, distributor, budget and box office takings. Describe the production values and context (handheld documentary style/plot synopsis) Rec is a worldwide wide phenomenal film directed by auteur director Jaume Balaguero who went against the typical conventions at you would see in a zombie/infected horror film. About a television reporter and cameraman follow emergency workers into a dark apartment building and are quickly locked inside with something terrifying. This idea of a simple plot is quickly turned around as the director chooses to have the whole movie filmed as handheld (production camera). This is because it gives a more realistic feel for the viewers as during the film they have to use the camera as a tool to survive. This makes the camera apart of the movie and not just floating around the characters aimlessly. The film was release in 2007 becoming rapidly popular P3. Quarantine Relate factual information about Quarantine; director, release date, distributor, budget and box office takings. Describe the production values and context (handheld documentary style/plot synopsis. Explain similarities and differences with the original.
  4. 4. John Dowdle is the director of the successful remake Quarantine made in 2008 a year after the original predecessor REC which made an international film impact on the way horror films are conveyed to the audience. Screen Gems decided that a remake would be good idea to maximise the profits worldwide as the audience in other countries did not want to watch a Spanish film. Quarantine was seen as successful because of the quick popularity that formed. As the opening week the movie made 14,211,321 whereas REC made in total worldwide 32,492,948. This shows that making remakes for a bigger audience in countries like America gives a bigger profit to both themselves and the original film. P4. Production Contexts Explain why Quarantine was produced so soon after REC. Give examples concerning trends, genre and financial factors. With the popularity of the REC rising quickly production was quickly underway for the American remake to be made a year later. Unlike REC, Quarantine had a massive backing with budget and the size of the production. The films were made so close to each other to maximise the profit that could be made as fans of the original would want to see if the remake lives up to expectations. The worldwide audience would watch the remake first because they do not like to watch subtitled films. Once they have watched the remake they would then be curious in what all started it and watch the original in turn passing around the profit to all the companies. The companies would then be able to create merchandise for their films bringing in money from all different areas. These two movies were both popular because in the two years that they were released, the horror genre was trending worldwide as people wanted to feel scared but in the safety of their own homes, both these films created that atmosphere but challenged the typical conventions that allowed these films to shine. P5. Explain synergy and vertical integration and how Screen Gems are an example of a vertically integrated company. Explain how Screen Gems have contributed to the overall success of REC due to this. Synergy is where the company use all resources to gather as much profits from all areas. Screen Gems gathered this profit from soundtracks of the films music. They also brought out merchandise such as t-shirts, posters and banners. This would extend the profit of the film and also allow more promotion to spread so that the film REC and Quarantine are seen by as many people as possible intrigued by the concept of the film.