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Research task carrie


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Research task carrie

  1. 1. Unit 26: Film studies: PR2: Same Film, Different Time and Place Carrie Research Task and Article Writing Frame Carrie Trailers 2013 1976
  2. 2. Task 1 Find out the following information: Carrie 1976 Carrie 2013 Director Kimberly Peirce Year of Production Distributor Budget Box office takings Sequels Task 2: Read the articles about the new version of Carrie below and answer the following questions Article 1: interview with Kimberley Pierce Articles 2, 3 and 4: products related to the release of Carrie Task 3: THIS PART OF YOUR ARTICLE WILL FOLLOW DIRECTLY ON FROM YOUR COMPLETED WORK ON REC & QUARANTINE: Using the boxes below, continue with your article on remakes. Use your findings from the previous tasks to help you. When this work has been checked, cut and paste it into your work on Rec and
  3. 3. Quarantine. Remember to illustrate your article with images from the films and any products that have been produced to tie in with the films (synergies) 1. In two paragraphs, relate factual information about the version of Carrie produced in 1976 and the new version in 2013. Give details of the director, release date, distributor, budget and box office takings. Describe the plot and cast briefly 2. GiveKimberley Peirce’s reasons for remaking Carrie. Define the target audience for the film. 3. Explain how some of Kimberley Pierce’s reasons for remaking Carrie could be to do with trends, particularly amongst the film’s target audience 4. Consider the companies responsible for the making of both films. What is their relationship? Describe the relationship and state why this is a financial factor. 5. Consider the products that tie in with the release of Carrie and give details of: How synergy is a factor in the remake of the film How the films soundtrack will appeal to the target audience (try to find if any artists have released tracks individually to coincide with the release)
  4. 4. Factors which influenced the remake of Carrie Financial factors Trends Genre and popularity Synergy (related products such as DVD’s/books/TShirts) Vertical integration (where a film company deals with the production, distribution and consumption of a film) In your magazine article you will need to comment upon all of the above P2 describe the relationshipbetween films and theirproduction contexts withsome appropriate use ofsubject terminology[IE] M2 explain the relationship between films and their production contexts with reference to detailed illustrative examples and generally correct use of subject terminology D2 comprehensively explain the relationship between filmsand their production contextswith elucidated examplesand consistently using subjectterminology correctly Star Theory (Why have producers of the Carrie remake chosen the star Chloe Moretz) The producers of Carrie chose Chloe Moretz purely because she is a popular actress at the time. The film that she was previously in was called Kick Ass. Kick Ass became really popular and successful. This then made Chloe Moretz even more popular.