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Needforspeedmarketingcampaign 140522080439-phpapp01

  1. 1. By Ken Ishii
  2. 2. H_LbyHY Here we have an interview of Aaron Paul on the British car show called Top Gear. The reason for that is because so it would gather a lot more audience with the film also being a film about cars it relates to both genres. The general audience for Top Gear is mainly men, but with this being said, there are a lot of female audience’s that appeal to Top Gear as well, but the vast majority are males. Aaron Paul is a well known Hollywood actor. People who aren’t into cars in general will still watch the film simply because Aaron Paul is in the main role of the film. People will find his acting excellent and some will watch the film simply because he’s a popular Hollywood actor. Either way, it will gather up a lot of viewers to watch the film. Aaron Paul is also well educated when it came to cars, from what we can see on the interview. He also talks through his previously owned cars up to his recent one. In my opinion, this is why he stared on Top gear, so he can share his passion about cars and also promote his new film. It would overall gather a lot of audience with different age range from 15-60.
  3. 3. u0lwXfcA Here we have an appearance by Aaron Paul in a slightly different way than expected. From the video we can see that he appeared on WWE Raw, a wrestling show where the general audience, ranges from kids, teenagers, young adults and adults. Straight away we can see the amount of viewers that might watch the film because of Aaron Paul’s way of promoting Need For Speed. At the start of the video we can see that one of the car that was used for the film is on the show and Aaron is in it along with a wrestler as well. The purpose of this is to promote the film using props. People who are into cars will certainly find it appealing simply because the car is very eye catching. Aaron Paul also got involved in the actual wrestling match from what we can see on the video. In my opinion appearing on WWE Raw is a good way of promoting a film, simply because of the audience that it appeals to. Aaron Paul appeared simply to gather as much audience as he can and promote his new film to his target audience.
  4. 4. Aaron Paul’s Top Gear appearance will appeal to an audience who are slightly more mature and his appearance on WWE Raw will appeal to an audience who are slightly more younger. We can see how much work Aaron Paul has put in when it came to promoting his film, Need For Speed. He’s also appeared on radio shows and video game websites. We can see the marketing campaign for this film has appeared on different types of media platforms. The purpose of that is to appeal to as much audience as they can possibly gather. All of this is to benefit the film financially. In my opinion, I think the most effective way of promoting a film is to go on a talk show, Like Top gear for example. Not only is Top gear a talk show, but it is also specifically about cars. With Need For Speed being a car film, it would gather a lot more audience simply because the film is about cars. Also, promoting the film on a talk show would explain the film a bit more to the audience, in a persuasive way. People who aren’t into car films would see this film because Aaron Paul is the main role. Aaron Paul appearing on talk shows in a way, would appeal to an audience who are a fan of his work, which again would lead to a lot more audience in general. Aaron Paul in my opinion was the right person to be promoting Need For Speed, simply because he is the main role and also because of how popular he is in the TV and film industry. Even though the film had other stars such as Michael Keaton and Dominic Cooper, Aaron Paul’s recent work with the TV show Breaking Bad has made him really popular. This shows a use of star theory as it gains his existing fans to watch Need For Speed.
  5. 5.  One of the most important aspect in the film industry is the marketing campaign they use from posters to cast and crew appearances on tv shows, radio and other media platforms.  Film companies makes millions selling small merchandises and other products relating to the film, this results in profit from the merch and also promotion of the film. The main points the film industry has to consider are:  Background – Need For Speed first realised on the 31st August 1994 as a video game.  Identify Your Audience – The target audience for Need for Speed is anyone aged over 13 and that is a car enthusiast and that enjoys seeing cars in films.  Thinking Ahead – The maker of Need for Speed look into their audience research, focus group and surveys.
  6. 6. When it comes to post production to creating a film, the reason for this is because of the planning they have to go through to see what works and what doesn’t so any mistakes or flaws in the production can be analysed and the production team can tweak it. To go through to find the mistakes they go through what they call a “screen test”. A screen test is a preview of the film which is shown before the release of the actual film. After showing the film to a target demographic of around 10-50 people who analyse the film and also the production team. They fill out a questionnaire to let the producer have a feel of how the audience felt throughout the film and to see if he/she got the reaction they wanted, if not, its back to the drawing board if it is considered to be re edited. Screen tests are popular in film festival for amateur directors.
  7. 7. The term anchorage means ‘the fixing of meaning’ through connotations and signifiers (signs). It also means attracting the audience with the use of print advertising, one of the most popular methods of print advertising are film posters. The two main features that are shown in the film need for speed are women and the use of cars. These two things are both attractive and positive to the target audience which are the males that have an age range between 15 -35. This can be for both film and video game. These two film posters use mise-en-scene and effects that are implemented to the title to give contention of speed. • The film poster on the left shows super cars that will instantly attract male car enthusiasts and suggest a lot of car chases, in terms of the background it is obvious that they are outside because of the mountains and the helicopter that is picking up a car, again this is implemented to attract audience and also to give it that action look. Aaron Paul is at the centre of the poster as he is the main character in the film. This is done well at first glance due to the fact whenever you see Aaron Paul you link it straight to the film. • The second poster on the right shows a women represented in a way where she is sexually objectified. At the background we can see a fast car and mountains that suggest open freedom. The poster in a way is showing the open freedom with the use of a fast car to drive in.
  8. 8. Synergy is the sales of related products to the film. For example the main synergy for Need For Speed is the success of their video game. This helps to sell the film because they have already built up an audience through the success of their video game and for anyone who is a fan, they would want to watch the film based on the game. USP stands for ‘Unique Selling Point’ for a film which makes it individual to all other films to make it stand out. The USP for this film is the use of expensive and fast cars, beautiful women and Aaron Paul.