Film production risk_assessment


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Film production risk_assessment

  1. 1. FILM PRODUCTION RISK ASSESSMENT Location Details: 1. 2. 3. 4. Kelso Place, Castlefield, M15 4GY Beeley Street, Salford Manchester City Centre Bridge Arch ( Ordsall) HAZARD PERSON WHO MAY BE HARMED 1.Tripping IN WHICH SCENE IS THIS HAZARD PRESENT? Scene 3,7,9 2.Vehicle Scene 4 Cast, crew and member of the public Cast and crew 3.Falling Scene 6 Cast and crew PROPERTY THAT COULD BE DAMAGED Camera RISK CONTROLS ALREADY IN PLACE RISK ASSESSMENT *See chart Appropriate footwear MODERATE Car, Equipment and other vehicles Make sure the road is clear. EXTREME Camera and props Look out for any grids and kerbs MODERATE FURTHER ACTION TO BE TAKEN Additional Footwear and one of our cast will be overseeing while filming to make sure equipment isn’t damaged. Get crew to look out for cars at end of street. Plan the route we are going to walk on, making sure there isn’t anything
  2. 2. 4.Glass and Nails Scene 1,9,10 Cast and crew Body and Shoes Make sure the area is well lit before we enter. Risk Assessment Chart Hazard likelihood / Consequences VERY LIKELY TO HAPPEN or SEVERE CONSEQUENCES (ie. Someone could get seriously hurt) Could happen or mild consequences (i.e. someone could suffer a minor injury) Unlikely to happen or minor consequences (i.e. production could be slightly delayed) Rarely happens and very insignificant consequences RISK ASSESSMENT EXTREME HIGH MODERATE LOW EXTREME we can trip on. Make sure the route we walk on is clear of any broken glass and nails sticking out.