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  1. 1. This picture has been took by Nick Pickles, he is a London-based freelance photographer travelling across the country to cover gigs, festivals and events for a wide range of clients. He has won the 2011 Rock Archive Glastonbury photo competition before. The first thing I notice about this picture is the colours of the background to the singer, the orange, yellow and red really makes the singer stand out in his black and silver shirt. I like the way the picture looks like the singer is behind a green screen but this picture was took very quickly at a gig. This would have been quite difficult to do with the constant changing of light I also like the way the light is beaming in the background, it looks like there is a sun rise coming out from the background. This specific photo is quite hard to take as the picture is so clear but its not the easiest to get the shot as the singer is moving about a lot and to get him in the right position.