120 bmp magazine


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120 bmp magazine

  1. 1. 120 BMP Magazine Double Page Spread
  2. 2. Contact Sheet I chose this photo for my double page spread because it seems to me that its more upclose and personal and as it is a Q&A article, and it had good colours and qualities to be used in a larger scale.
  3. 3. Content for my double page spread. For my double page spread, I decided to use a Q&A with a DJ for my article. I researched Double Page Spreads and found results from magazines such as Mixmag, Spinning Records and Rinse. I already had my questions and answers but I was looking for layout ideas. My questions and answers were detailed and were enough to keep the audience interested asking opinions from my class mates on the questions and answers.
  4. 4. Editing For the editing of my double page spread, I changed the exposure higher on the photo because the original photo’s exposure was too low. But when I changed the exposure of the photo, it created a little noise so I despeckled the photo to give it a higher quality finish. Although I didn’t stick to the colour theme on my cover to my double page spread, I used a black background with grey text for the Q&A as I thought it would give it more of a darker and personal feel when reading the article. Although I have tried keeping to the colour scene, I personally thought it didn’t give it a high quality feel.
  5. 5. I chose this image because I liked the composition. The image also gave it more of a personal feel compared to the front When editing the image I kept the effects very similar as to what I did with the front cover to make them work well together. I looked for a font that was similar to the font used in official magazines like “Q” to give my magazine a more professional feel. I made the font to ‘Q&A’ bigger than the text to my article to emphasize the title of the article. I researched other magazine articles to see what effects they use on a double page spread, I noticed that they filled some gaps with quotes in bigger text. So I picked a quote from my article and changed the font to blue to match my photo.
  6. 6. This is an article by Q I used as an influence to my article.