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The PASH catalogue is a humorous, tongue in cheek play on Desperate Housewives, but there’s nothing desperate about these women! It simply illustrates that no matter her size, shape or marital status, whether a working woman or stay at home mum, every woman is sexy; there’s no excuse for nana knickers!

The sexier you look on the outside, the sexier & more confident you’ll feel on the inside. PASH’s new range of quality underwear is sexy, sassy & just a little bit naughty, while being comfortable & easy to wear at work, play, relaxing or just doing the vacuuming!

Being sensual and confident isn’t all about underwear, however. The new PASH catalogue is bursting at the seams with sensual toys for women to enjoy on their own or with their partner: Beautiful natural body pampering products, essential oils and massage products to help relax and rejuvenate; accessories and games to spice it up a little & a range of books to mug up on some useful knowledge & bedroom know-how!

Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information on how to place an order, or for enquiries on how join my team & become a PASH consultant:)

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  1. 1. Sensual WonderlandPASH Catalogue PASH ®
  2. 2. Let’s Party! Welcome to PASH DISCOVER THE PASH PARTY EXPERIENCE. Time for a get together with the girls? Is someone getting married? Or perhaps someone just became single again? A PASH Party will ensure you have an unforgettable time no matter what the occasion (actually, no excuse is needed). PASH was created through a desire to help every woman feel fabulous, sexy and confident, both in and out of the bedroom. We encourage you to embrace that gorgeous A PASH Party is a unique experience where you’ll have loads of fun, be inspired, sensuality that is inside you and to be inspired to live a life more pleasurable. informed, and have the chance to receive fabulous rewards. We invite you to discover the unique PASH party experience where you get to focus on Discover divine lingerie, sensational pamper products, fun novelties and a very important person in your life – you! There you’ll delight in having your senses the most desirable boudoir accessories – all designed to make you look as stimulated, have loads of fun and come away feeling inspired! good on the outside as you will feel on the inside. You’ll also learn how to add some excitement and laughter in that often forgotten room of your home… the PASH also provides a fabulous, flexible opportunity to make money as a PASH Consultant bedroom! – with PASH you get paid to party! We would love for you to join Team PASH and become part of our PASH ionate team of Consultants. BOOK YOUR PASH PARTY TODAY! PASH has a simple philosophy; we believe every woman has the right to live a divinely Contact your PASH Consultant or PASH Head Office. PASHionate life… so welcome to PASH’s Sensual Wonderland... have fun and enjoy! We’ll create a memorable, fun girls’ night in for you. Ask about our $50 Hostess Booking Vouchers. Check out the current FREE GIFTS on offer. Jo Karabin PASH Founder To book your party: Call 1300 00 PASH(7274) or Email 2
  3. 3. Get paid to party! YOUR PASH CONSULTANT OPPORTUNITY. Imagine loving what you do for a living… How does getting paid to party and having fun sound? PASH Consultants have loads of fun while they work; sometimes they don’t even want to go home! Now is the perfect time to start your PASH business: • Easy to get started Delicious Indulgence • Very low start up cost • No experience necessary • Unlimited earning ($$$$$) potential • Fabulous incentives & rewards • Flexible hours – you work when you want • Meet loads of new, fun people • Support, training & guidance provided For a PASH Consultant Information Pack, simply ask your PASH Seductively divine body & beauty treatments... enjoy! Consultant or contact PASH – see details below. Join today and get ready to live the life you desire tomorrow! 1300 00 PASH(7274) • • 4
  4. 4. Booty Parlor K issaholic Aphrodisiac Infused The Booty Parlor range is like a beauty parlor for your love life! These products Breath Spray Heat up your kissing chemistry with this ultimate love will make you feel sexy, confident and seductive all day... and night.… Booty Parlor has potion that freshens your breath with a sweet, spicy rush of cinnaminty flavour. Aphrodisiac infusion includes a huge following from some of Hollywood’s most famous female celebrities who Ginkgo Biloba, Ginger, Passion Flower, Damiana, Muira are passionate about the brand and what it does for them! So give yourself a sexy Puama and Phenylethylamine... also known as the ‘Molecule of Love’! lifestyle makeover! $8.95 R0013 1 2 3 4 5 6 Kissaholic Lip Gloss Don’t Stop M assage Oil Kissaholic is a revolutionary aphrodisiac plumping lip gloss. High-shine, non-tacky lip gloss softens and Let the light and sensual scent (plums, raspberries, plumps lips for a sexy, kissable pout. jasmine, sandalwood, cedar) wash over you as you’re 1. Throb (Sparkling Red) $19.95 R0018 massaged into a complete state of relaxation. It also doubles as a sensually scented bath oil. 250 ml. 2. Shiver (Pink Coral) $19.95 R0010 $29.95 T0004 3. Tremble (Sparkling Pink) $19.95 R0017 4. Faint (Pinky Nude) $19.95 R0011 5. Swoon (Deep Berry) $19.95 R0012 6. Sigh (Nude Mauve) $19.95 R0019 Skin Honey Don’t Stop Massage Candle A kissable three-in-one body topping, massage gel and personal lubricant. This water-based formula is infused with A luxurious scented massage candle with a an exotic cocktail of aphrodisiac ingredients and flavours... unique aphrodisiac fragrance that melts to body this edible elixir will nourish your skin and light up your libido. temperature. Drizzle the melted oil onto the skin It is silky-smooth, non-sticky and safe for intimacy. Infused and massage. The oil melts into your skin, leaving it with moisturising honey extract and antioxidant-rich goji berry silky, soft and smooth. plus stimulating ginseng to energise your mind and stimulate sensual desire. Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla $49.95 T0009V Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon $49.95 T0009C Pomegranate Honey $29.95 H0014PH Chocolate Honey $29.95 H0014CH Strawberry Kiss $29.95 H0014SK D ust Up K issable Body Shimmer Melt Chocolate Body Fondue A luxurious chocolate paint made especially for the body. Taste as good as you look with this edible Get creative and frisky and use the brush to create art you shimmering, soft as cashmere body dust. can eat! Another bonus is that it is virtually fat free! Cocao Bronze $29.95 H0025CB $19.95 H0003 Candy Pink $29.95 H0025CP Marshmallow Gold $29.95 H0025MG 5 5 6
  5. 5. Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret range... Booty Parlor has specifically designed this exclusive range of seductive beauty boosters Flirty Little Secret Firming which are designed to trigger instant sexiness and fearless flirtation. Formulated with a Cream This lightly shimmering, luscious peach-mango proprietary pheromone blend, these flirty favourites will inspire body-to-body chemistry to scented firming cream tightens and polishes your skin and is infused with a sexy secret weapon – a ensure you get all the attention! powerful pheromone designed to make you feel irresistible! $39.95 R0006 Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub is a rich soufflé of skin polishing caviar beads and sugar, infused with a sexy secret weapon – a powerful Flirty Little Secret Firming pheromone designed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex! Bronzer Swirl the decadent whip over your skin and enjoy Lightly shimmering, lusciously scented firming the soft, buttery feel as it buffs and moisturises bronzer that tightens and polishes your skin and your body. gives you a divine bronze glow. Infused with a powerful pheromone designed to make you feel Massage onto damp skin, rinse… and get ready irresistible! for sumptuously soft skin. Scrub, seduce, repeat! $29.95 R0020 $39.95 R0007 Flirty Little Secret Luminizing Add Magic Lubricant Body Butter A signature luxury lubricant – it’s silky smooth, Luxurious creamy body butter with exotic long-lasting and designed with a woman’s body ingredients, age-defying antioxidants and pure in mind. The pure water formula is odourless, pearl pigment to give the body a subtle, sexy flavourless and won’t irritate your most sensitive luminescent glow. Deliciously divine Booty Parlor spots. The bottle is so pretty you‘ll never want to fragrance. hide it! 148 ml. $34.95 R0009 $19.95 N0002 Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil is a silky, Naughty Bubbles concentrated perfume oil that is decidedly petite A deeply sexy, tuberose-scented liquid sin bubble and portable. Enticing blend of plums, raspberries, bath. Soothing scent and pearlescent ‘shimmer jasmine, cedar and sandalwood invites seduction. beads’ leaves the body with a sexy glow on your Pheromones help to subtly inspire sexy self-confidence. skin. 250 ml. Natural jojoba-oil base lasts longer than alcohol- based perfumes. 10 ml. $29.95 R0001 $29.95 R002177 8
  6. 6. Tickle M e Intimacy K it Bijoux Indiscrets Discreet & stylish kit of playful sexy bedroom accessories: Bijoux Indiscrets is an exotic European range uniquely combining eroticism and • Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer • Luxe marabou feather body duster sophistication. Designed for lovers, the range is laced with style and is very provocative. • Don’t Stop Massage Oil 10 ml Ideas, scents, tastes, sounds and sensations are used to form a subtle blend of erotica, • Add Magic Lubricant 10 ml helping you craft unforgettable experiences. $39.95 R0079 Striptease Good Girl / Bad Girl Create the perfect setting for your most Blindfold irresistible dance. Rhinestone nipple-covers, feather boa, music CD, satin garter & ‘bills of desire’ ensure a night to remember. You may be bad… but you’re soooo good. Explore sexy role-play with this elegant $79.95 F0028 silk blindfold that celebrates both your moods… perfect with the Cuffs and Whipper. $29.95 F0016 H appily Ever After The fairy tale is coming to an end, so invite Prince Charming to a night he won’t forget. Good Girl / Bad Girl Includes satin & organza handcuffs and garter, satin self-adhesive nipple covers & Wrist Cuffs feather tickler. Enjoy the thrill of giving up control $59.95 F0082W (White) with these soft, leatherette wrist cuffs. Racy black bands enhanced with girlish ruffles and bows tell both sides of the sexy story. $39.95 G0017 Coffret Bliss Bliss Indulge your senses with this decadent massage trio pack as it transforms your skin into silk…. includes Bliss Bliss (silicone massage gel); Shhh satin blindfold & sensual Good Girl / Bad Girl Pom Pom feather tickler. Total kit RRP value $74.85. Feather Whipper & Spanker $44.95 F0035 Sometimes you’re naughty and sometimes you’re nice. Whipper: Soft marabou feathers adorn the ‘nice’ end and rubber-strands adorn the ‘naughty’ end… you decide! Spanker: Nothing like a good spank… tickle Coffret Bling Bling with the ‘nice’ end and then spank with the Dazzle your lover with sensual sparkles, whilst ‘naughty’ end. capturing their most scintillating fantasies. $29.95 Bling Bling (sparkling edible body powder), Pom Pom (feather tickler) & Za Za Zu (feather Whipper F0014 handcuffs). Total kit RRP value $74.85. Spanker F0015 $44.95 F00349 5 10
  7. 7. Mimi Our shimmering gems are the perfect way Poeme to transform yourself into an irresistible delight. Gorgeous rhinestone and pearl An invitation to write with desire. Let your lover’s nipple covers. skin become the canvas for your sweetest literary Rhinestone J0037 offering. Beautiful ink pot with premium chocolate Pearl J0091 cream, satin mask & feather plume. $14.95 $79.95 H0024 Rhinestone Pearl Tassels Bow Burlesque Pasties Discover your inner burlesque showgirl with L’essence du Boudoir Sequin these self-adhesive re-usable nipple covers. Codes: Burlesque Tassels J0048 Our fragrance will intertwine itself with your Burlesque Bow J0079 sheets, awaking every sense for a night filled with Burlesque Sequin J0080 sensual discovery. The perfect boudoir perfume. $29.95 $49.95 R0042 Shhh... Cover your lover’s eyes and unleash your fantasy. Soft, sensual silk blindfold. Bliss Bliss $24.95 F0031 Indulge in the luxurious feel of having your skin transformed into silk with this silicone massage gel. Bliss Bliss can be used as a divine silky massage gel and also as a silicone lubricant. $29.95 T0040 Pom Pom Tickle & tease with this soft, sensual feather plume. Feather tickler. $19.95 F0032 Bling Bling Dazzle your lover with sensual sparkles. This sweet Bi Lollipop kissable diamond edible sparkling body dust comes A sugary treat for two which encourages with cute powder puff for all over body application. fun moments and climaxes in sweet kisses. Lollipop for two with strawberry & sparkling $29.95 H0047 wine flavour. $4.95 H003311 12
  8. 8. Sensual Massage Sensations Massage Candle Massage candle infused with sensual perfume – let the oils dissolve, then pour onto your lover Indulge your senses with a sublime massage – create the perfect atmosphere with for the ultimate sensual massage experience. Made from rich vegetable oils and Bijoux candles, soft music and let your fingers do the talking.… Indiscrets essence. $19.95 R0064 Strawberry Warming Plaisir Nacre M assage Oil Jewelled handcuffs allow every seduction to be Strawbelicious massage oil that heats one of sophistication and mystery. up when you massage it into the Pearl beaded handcuffs with sensual silver skin. This will relax your body while connector chain. tantalising your senses. This will be a massage you will never forget. Highly $29.95 Pearl G0046 Black G0047 recommended. 125 ml. $25.95 T2010 Za Za Zu Trap your lover with the softness of feathers. Feather handcuffs with sensual silver connector chain. $24.95 F0030 Hot Massager Amazing re-useable portable heat massage pack. This heat pack will heat up that romantic massage or keep you warm through the cold nights. Try it with oil or lotion for a fabulous heated Frou Frou massage. Use it again and again for the ultimate massage! You’ll receive two The mystery of dominating combines with the heat packs. feeling of organza. Satin & organza handcuffs with sensual silver connector chain. $19.95 T3000 $24.95 F008113 14
  9. 9. Lingerie Danielle Corset Divinely Sensual Lingerie & Fashion Accessories Sophisticated long bustier with black and gold net lace Sheer thigh high stay up stockings. Our exquisite lingerie looks and feels so good you’ll never want to take it off... embroidered detail. Figure shaping moulded underwired cup and removable suspenders. Comes with matching underwear. $14.95 (O/S) Black C5015 $99.95 (XS) C24021 (S) C24022 (M) C24024 (L) C24026 (XL) C24027 (2XL) C24028 (3XL) C24029 (4XL) 2402101115 16
  10. 10. Cassandra Babydoll Vixons Divine stretch, soft microfibre babydoll. Black with baby pink ribbon and bow detail and two front splits. Comes with Gee. $79.95 (S) C9412 (M) C9414 (L) C9416 (XL) C9417 (2XL) C9418 Super soft microfibre babydoll. Black with white stripes Sheer thigh high stay up stockings. and pink trim detail. Comes with ruffle knickers. $14.95 $79.95 (O/S) Black C5015 (S) C6252 (M) C6254 (L) C6256 (XL) C6257 (2XL) C6258 (3XL) C625917 18
  11. 11. Burlesque Mimi Mesh corset with padded cups, boning and back hook & eye closure. Removable garters and satin bow detail. Set $99.95 Stretch black lace with baby pink chiffon underlay camisole and (S) C9452 (M) C9454 (L) C9456 (XL) C9457 full knicker set. Cute pink lace (2XL) C9458 (3XL) C9459 trim and underwire bust. Black Princess Ruffle Knickers. $59.95 (S) C30302 (M) C30304 $19.95 (L) C30306 (XL) C30307 (S) CMS9007B2 (M) CMS9007B4 (2XL) C30308 (3XL) C30309 (L) CMS9007B6 (XL) CMS9007B7 Fishnet thigh high stay up stockings. $14.95 (O/S) Black C5016 Peach coloured stretch net lace babydoll with black lace trim and underwire bust. Comes with matching Gee. $77.50 C24692(S), C24694(M), C24696(L), C24697(XL), C24698(XXL)19 20
  12. 12. Natalia Amelie Black chiffon pleated babydoll with stretch black lace trim and ribbon detail. Padded underwire cup with bra strap back for full support. Comes with Gee. Black stretch mesh 3-piece garter set. $79.95 Padded underwired camisole top, garter and Gee are all trimmed (S) C9432 (M) C9434 (L) C9436 in diamantes. Stockings not included. (XL) C9437 (2XL) C9438 (3XL) C9439 $85.95 (S) C9352 (M) C9354 (L) C9356 (XL) C9357 (2XL) C935821 22
  13. 13. Lena Dotty Set White satin with black polka dot camisole top and shorts with black lace trim. $39.95 (S) C7052 (M) C7054 (L) C7056 (XL) C7057 Super soft microfibre camisole top and shorts with contrasting lace trim and satin ribbon detail. $39.95 Purple & chocolate (S) C9292PG (M) C9294PG (L) C9296PG (XL) C9297PG (2XL) C9298PG (3XL) C9299PG (4XL) C92910PG Hot pink & black (S) C9292HP (M) C9294HP (L) C9296HP (XL) C9297HP (2XL) C9298HP (3XL) C9299HP (4XL) C92910HR23 24
  14. 14. Roxanne Evelyn Figure shaping black satin and lace baby doll. Rouched body design with lace halter neck Soft chiffon pleated babydoll in black. Soft cups and satin bow detail under bust. Sits mid-thigh to hide the and garters. derriere! $69.95 $79.95 (S) C9282 (M) C9284 (L) C9286 (XL) C9287 (2XL) C9288 (S) C8032 (M) C8034 (L) C8036 (XL) C8037 (2XL)C8038 (3XL) C8039 25 26
  15. 15. Yvette Dina Corset Slinky stretch, soft microfibre corset and matching Gee. Black with baby pink ribbon Super sexy hot pink net lace babydoll with net lace ruffle trim and satin ribbon bows. Figure shaping bra and bow detail and lace trim. Underwired, strap back with padded, underwired bust. Comes with matching Gee. padded bust support.. $79.95 $99.95 (XS) CBL9131 (S) CBL9132 (M) CBL9134 (S) C80192 (M) C80194 (L) C80196 (XL) C80197 (2XL) C80198 (3XL) C80199 (L) CBL9136 (XL) CBL9137 (2XL) CBL9138 (3XL) CBL9139 (4XL) CBL9131027 28
  16. 16. Charlie Hailey Cute babydoll with black & white pinstripped panel and pink ribbon lace up effect. Features black mesh side panels and Black stretch mesh babydoll with diamante trim. Padded underwired bust support and adjustable straps. padded, underwired bust support. Adjustable shoulder straps and matching Gee. $79.95 $79.95 (S) CBL9122 (M) CBL9124 (L) CBL9126 (XL) CBL9127 (2XL) CBL9128 (3XL) CBL9129 (S) C24832 (M) C24834 (L) C24836 (XL) C24837 (2XL) C24838 (3XL) C2483929 30
  17. 17. P amela Tiffany Babydoll Classic babydoll design. Sexy ruffles and soft chiffon material with matching Gee. Slinky baby doll made from soft microfibre stretch material. Black with slimming white pinstripes and lace $49.95 trim hem and bust effect. Lilac (O/S) C617L $69.95 Black (O/S) C617B (S) C6202 (M) C6204 (L) C6206 (XL) C6207 (2XL) C6208 (3XL) C6209 (4XL) C6201031 32
  18. 18. Sienna Carolina Black stretch microfibre babydoll with fuschia trimmed lace and bow detail. Underwire cup, adjustable straps and matching Gee. $79.95 (S) C9252 (M) C9254 (L) C9256 Super hot, sexy delicate lace teddy with underwire padded cups and adjustable straps. (XL) C9257 (2XL) C9258 $59.95 (S) C9162 (M) C9164 (L) C916633 34
  19. 19. Allanah Robe Celeste Robe Soft satin luxury robe. $44.95 Gorgeous, slinky satin robe. Baby Pink with Black Trim (O/S) CBL9331 $39.95 Black with Pink Trim (O/S) CBL9332 Hot Pink (O/S) C601HP Black (O/S) C601B White (O/S) C601W35 36
  20. 20. Sexy Knickers Sally H eart K nickers Princess Ruffle Stretch lace hipster knickers with cute love hearts. Ribbon side ties. Knickers $14.95 Red hipster knickers (S) C2674R2 (M) C2674R4 Super sexy mesh lace ruffle knickers. (L) C2674R6 (XL) C2674R7 $19.95 Black hipster knickers Pink (S) C2674B2 (M) C2674B4 (S) CMS9007P2 (M) CMS9007P4 (L) C2674B6 (XL) C2674B7 (L) CMS9007P6 (XL) CMS9007P7 Black (S) CMS9007B2 (M) CMS9007B4 (L) CMS9007B6 (XL) CMS9007B7 Butterfly Gee Sexy sheer black butterfly Gee. $12.95 (O/S) C7510 Lili K nickers Tanga Shorts Gorgeous black lace knickers with ribbon lace up back. $14.95 Super soft and stretchy ruffle shorts with satin (S) C26752 (M) C26754 (L) C26756 (XL) C26757 bow detail on the back. $29.95 White (O/S) C114W1 (O/S) XL C114W2 Black Veronica Boy Short (O/S) C114B1 Black mesh boy short with baby pink ruffles. (O/S) XL C114B2 $19.95 (S) C7062 (M) C7064 (L) C7066 (XL) C706737 38
  21. 21. Stockings Fashion Accessories Shhh Fashion Tape 8m A handy 8m dispenser of high quality double sided fashion tape to give you the confidence to wear saucy numbers without fear of a revealing wardrobe malfunction! $14.95 J1020 Stay Up Lace Top Black Bow F ishnet P ink Bow Cross Stockings Black Stay Ups $14.95 Sheer $14.95 $14.95 Black (O/S) C5015 White (O/S) C5025 Black (O/S) CST032 Black with Pink Ruffle (O/S) Cleavage in a Box CST022 Naturally create the bust you’ve always Fishnet wanted without surgery with these silicone Black (O/S) C5016 bra inserts. Add fullness and cleavage to your White (O/S) C5026 natural form. They are soft and comfortable and you can add them to any bra to create naturally perfect curves. Get an instant non-surgical boob job! $19.95 J1000 PASH Lingerie Wash Bag It’s the tangle free way to wash your lingerie Black Stay Up White Stockings with Black F ishnet and delicates. This pretty little wash bag will Stockings with Red White Bow P antyhose with protect your delicates in the laundry. Simply Bow Seam pop your lingerie in the bag, close the zip and wash as normal. $14.95 $14.95 $8.95 $14.95 White (O/S) CST028 Black (O/S) CST034 C0010 Black (O/S) CST03339 40
  22. 22. Blushing Bride Create an unforgettably fabulous event for the bride-to-be with these fun hens party ideas. Looking for someone to help you create an amazing event? Book your own PASH BRIDAL EXPERIENCE and we’ll do it all for you! Contact us for more details: / 1300 00 PASH(7274) Dare Cards Scratch Cards Orgasm K ey A fun daring game for the ultimate girls’ night out! Contains: 24 Dare cards. Everyone must complete the Exciting ‘Dare’ cards – scratch out a section and you need to do as it says. Hilarious fun assured! Chain Press the button and hear the Dare they are given. Guaranteed to $14.95 excitement build! Great fun. deliver a night of fun and frolics! $9.95 G3033 $14.95 G3050 G3031 F luffy H orns Bride Diamante H ens P arty Pink she-devil horns headband with Tiara Tiara white fur trim. Diamante Tiara with ‘Bride’ presented in ‘Hens Party’ tiara crown with white velvet lined box. fur trim. $7.95 G4011 $54.95 $12.95 Ring for Sex Spinner Game Fluffy Love Cuffs G4001 G4007 Bell The perfect accessory for every hens party – spin the wheel and complete the task! Fun pink fluffy love cuffs. $9.95 Forget technology, this will ensure immediate action! $7.95 Pink G3053 $8.95 G3052 Black G2040 G3051 F luffy Handcuffs Pink fluffy love cuffs. $9.95 H appily Ever Bridal Veil Bride to be Sash H ens P arty Gxxxx Tickle M e Set Whip M e Set After Sash Hair comb with veil. Pink sash with ‘Bride to Be’. $9.95 $9.95 Fur handcuffs, eye mask and Handcuffs, leatherette whip and eye Satin & organza handcuffs and feather set. mask set. garter, satin self-adhesive nipple G4008 G4003 Pink sash with ‘Hens Party’. $14.95 $17.95 covers & feather tickler. $9.95 G3054 G3055 $59.95 G4004 F0082W (White)41 42
  23. 23. D onna Allanah Robe White satin robe. $39.95 (O/S) C601W White corset & Gee. Tanga Shorts Literature $99.95 (S) C9472 (M) C9474 (L) C9476 (XL) C9477 (2XL) C9478 They say knowledge is power. In our book, sensual knowledge is the most Stay up lace top sheer stockings. empowering of all! Read on... $14.95 White ruffle shorts with satin bow. White (O/S) C5025 $29.95 (O/S) White C114W1 (O/S) White XL C114W243 44
  24. 24. Super H ot Sex Up the raunch factor with more advanced techniques, more risqué topics and even saucier pictures to deliver innovative, yet practical ways to reinvent your sex life. $44.95 V2050 Sex Secrets of Escorts From the mouth of a leading escort who knows all the secrets and is willing to share them. Veronica reveals the sexiest secrets that all men find irresistible, plus everything else you always wanted to know from the experts. Veronica shows you how. By Veronica Monet. The Little Book of Pash $39.95 The ultimate mini-guide on how to expand your sensual and sexual horizons. Sexy, V2060 sassy pocket-sized fun! $7.95 V3000 365 Ways to Turn H im / H er On Ultimate excitement and hours of titillation can be yours every night, with 365 steamy ideas for lovers everywhere. Two books in M ojo M akeover: 4 Weeks one. One side introducing tricks, toys, tips, and teases guaranteed to bring any man to his knees, while the other shows him to a Sexier You Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have, both exactly how to return the favours. Each idea inside and outside of the bedroom. In just thirty days, is illustrated with full-colour photography. The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover will help women of any age identify their Mojo Model – Pleasure Virgin, $35.95 Frustrated Fox, Adventure Seeker, Busy Mommy, or Late Bloomer – and lead them through a first-of-its-kind V2080 transformation. Its purpose: to light up your inner spark and increase sexy self-confidence! Filled with inspiring and practical advice, ‘how to’ tips, interactive exercises, and real-life anecdotes, this fun, four week program leaves women feeling happier, sexier, and more fulfilled – whether they are in a relationship or not. By Dana B. Myers $19.95 V209045 46
  25. 25. Contact Us The PASH Promise -Our GuaranteeEmail At PASH we pride ourselves on delivering quality products and superior customer service, which is supported by thePhone 1300 00 PASH(7274) PASH Promise. Your satisfaction is important to us. PleaseFax (02) 8211 5182 choose carefully as due to the personal nature of our products we are unable to accept returns on products if youWeb change your mind; we will only replace items which areMail Pash found to be faulty or a different size is required. Returned PO Box 220 products must be unused, unworn, in original packaging and Gladesville NSW 1675 in original, saleable condition, unless the product is faulty.Returns Procedure If your product is found to be faulty, we offer a 14 day replacement guarantee from the date your order is received. Any faulty product will be replaced with an identical working product.Return items to: Pash, PO Box 220, Gladesville NSW 1675 and please include: Your Order · Proof of purchase (copy of your picking slip PASH aims to send all orders out as quickly as possible or invoice number). after they have been submitted to PASH. However, there · Include ‘Returns / Exchange Form’ sent with may be occasions when an order is sent out before all the order. items are in stock. Any items that are on back order · Reason why you are returning the product. are sent directly to the customer who has ordered it, regardless of the original delivery address, so it is · Name, daytime contact number/email important that all details are given to the consultant address and return street address. including contact number, address and email address. If items are no longer available or sold out an alternativeFor queries on returns, please contact PASH on will be offered and sent out.1300 00 7274 or Guide (in cm) Sizes Bust waist Hip Cup size Dress size XS 80-87 60-67 85-90 A-B 6-8 SMALL 85-92 65-72 90-95 A-B 8-10 MEDIUM 90-97 70-77 93-98 B-C 10-12 LARGE 95-102 75-82 96-101 C-D 12-14 XL 100-107 80-87 99-104 D 14-16 2XL 105-112 85-92 103-108 D-DD 16-18 3XL 110-117 90-97 107-112 DD 18-20 S/M 88-97 68-77 91-98 A-C 8-12 M/L 93-102 73-82 94-101 B-C 12-14 One size 88-102 68-82 91-101 A-C 8-14 D isclaimer Your PASH Consultant PASH does not accept responsibility for delays in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond our control. All colours of products are reproduced as accurately as possible; however, variations may occur in product specifications, including colour and size. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify the suitability and nature of use of any products or items contained within this catalogue. PASH does not take any responsibility for how the products or information contained in this catalogue are used. We reserve the right to verify orders, and confirm that credit card details supplied are bona fide. We also reserve the right to cancel any order and refund monies paid. Copyright © PASH 2012. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, sorted in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, or by any means, without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.