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The Art and Science of Placemaking


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What is placemaking? What we do at Village Well, and some principles and tips.

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The Art and Science of Placemaking

  1. 1. So, what is Placemaking?“Sorry, you do what?” © Village Well |
  2. 2. Placemaking is not It’s as old as our towns and main streets new
  3. 3. Now making places is the work of professionals
  4. 4. It turns out We can be really crap at it
  5. 5. “The 20th Century was about getting around. The 21st Century will be about staying in aplace worth staying in.” James Howard Kunstler, 2004 © Village Well |
  7. 7. “It is difficult to design a space that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished.” William H WhyteThe problem is in the way we go about making places. Its our process © Village Well |
  8. 8. Three Pieces ofPlacemaking Advice © Village Well |
  9. 9. 01 Make places that are loved and owned by people (not cars, not marketing strategies, not engineers)
  10. 10. Local knowledge and ideas & solutions!
  11. 11. Ownership co-design
  12. 12. Partners who is the egg and who is the bacon?
  13. 13. Plan with communities not on behalf of communities:Paynesville Community blitz
  14. 14. Not loveable Loveable
  15. 15. Not loveable Loveable
  16. 16. Not loveable Loveable
  17. 17. 02 Make places that are active and feel safe
  18. 18. Plan for communities Less gates, lower fences, no CCTV or body corporate not just homes security guards
  19. 19. William H. Whyte “What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people.” © Village Well |
  20. 20. Not active Active
  21. 21. Not active Active
  22. 22. Not active Active
  23. 23. 03 Make places that feel connected
  24. 24. The tools we use can Plans, drawings, ACAD - not good at getting scale right cause problems
  25. 25. A beautiful object but disconnected from the city grid
  26. 26. Disconnected Connected
  27. 27. Disconnected Connected
  28. 28. Disconnected Connected
  29. 29. In conclusion:- Make places that are loved and owned by people- Make places that are active and feel safe- Make places that are connected © Village Well |
  30. 30. "Cities have the capabilityof providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody." Jane Jacobs-The Death and Life of Great American cities
  31. 31. Thank you © Village Well |