Distance Learning Newsletter-Fall 2011


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Distance Learning Newsletter-Fall 2011

  1. 1. ECC Distance Learning Fall 2011ImportantDatesMonday Aug.29th T he beginning of the semester is the most crucial and fundamental time of the semester. Follow these steps to start your online course off with suc-Classes Begin cess:Friday Sept. 2nd  Go to http://angel.ecc.eduLast Day to Add/Drop  Watch the ANGEL start up video postedMonday Sept. 5th and explore the ANGEL student orienta- tion posted on the ANGEL homepageLabor Day  Log into your ANGEL accountMonday Oct. 10th  Print off your course syllabiColumbus Day  Purchase your course booksFriday Oct. 21st  Get to know your course instructorMidterm Grades Due  Contact Distance Learning at 716-851-1942 if you have any prob-Tuesday Nov. 8th lems or concerns with your online courseElection Day Distance learning is a formal approach to learning in whichFriday Nov. 11th the majority of the instruction occurs with the instructorVeteran’s Day and students separated by geographic distance and/or time.Friday Nov. 18 Distance learning courses offer students the flexibility of completing some or all of their coursework and assign-Last Day to Withdraw ments without having to regularly attend classes on an ECCWednesday –Saturday campus.Nov. 23—26th Distance learning students have the ability to take courses at a place and time that is convenient for them.Thanksgiving Recess The distance learning program at ECC serves more thanTuesday Dec. 20th 5,000 students each semester. Distance learning covers aLast Day of Classes wide range of General Education requirements.Friday Dec. 23rdGrades Dues
  2. 2. Purchasing Your Books for Your Online Courses Make sure that when you purchase your books from for your online course that you buy them from the appropriate bookstore. Even though your online course is not an on cam- pus course, it is still assigned to a campus. You must purchase your books from the cam-Distance pus that your online course is assigned to. How do you know which campus your course is assigned to? To figure this out you must look at the section of the course:learning Example: HI 101-1C1: This course is assigned to City Campus. N=North Campusstudents S=South Campushave the C=City Campus So, If you are enrolled in an online course and it is assigned to the City campus, you mustability to purchase your textbooks for that online course through the City campus bookstore. You also can order your books online and then have it shipped to the campus you are closesttake courses to or even to your front door! To do this, you must visit the following website: http://www.efollett.comat a placeand time Basic Skills for Online Learningthat isconvenient  Good Time Management Skillsfor them  Self Motivation and Discipline  Organizational Skills  Goal and Task Orientated  Well Developed Reading and Writing Skills  Basic Computer Skills and Knowledge
  3. 3. Survival Tips for Online Learning Enrolling in an online course provides exciting opportunities for stu- dents that are constrained by time, place or other factors. Taking an online course requires organization, self-motivation and time man- agement skills. Research indicates that online courses require just as much, if not more, time than traditional classes. Sometimes an online course can be overwhelming for students but, with the right tools, it can be an exciting and productive environment to learn in. Here are some survival tips for taking online courses:  Plan Ahead. Be prepared from the beginning of the course. Read over the syllabus and make sure you understand everything that is expected of you. Purchase any textbooks, study guides or course ma- terial. Download/Install any software you might need for the course. Preview the course material so that you are prepared for what you will be learning about. Did you know  Get Organized. Set aside time and a place to study each week. De- velop a study schedule and stick to it. Log into your course frequently ECC offers to check on course announcements and communications from yourmore than 250 instructor and other students. Write out on a calendar all of your due dates for the course so you know how long you have to complete eachcourse sections assignments. online?  Practice Self Discipline. In an online class there is not an instructor standing over your shoulder monitoring your progress, so it is easy to start the “I will do it tomorrow” syndrome. Stick to your set study schedule so you don’t get behind on the lessons.  Strengthen Study Skills. Skim readings first to gather key points, then go back and read carefully for the details. Take notes on each section of your readings and organize these notes into an outline. Keep track of questions you have. Organize your study environment.  Create a Study Space. A quiet and secure location for studying is important. Take time and effort to create a suitable study space. Make sure the space has enough room to spread your work out and that it is free of distractions.  Stay in touch with your instructor. Contact your instructor regularly regarding course material. If you have a question regarding the mate- rial, don’t be afraid to ask, they are there to support you! Ask for help if you need it.
  4. 4. Check Out Our DistanceLearning Programs Business Administration A.A.S. Business-Business Administration A.S. Criminal Justice A.A. Office Management A.A.S. Computer Applications for the Office Certificate Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement A.A.S. Homeland Security Certificate Physical Education Studies A.S. GIS Software Application Specialist Certificate Telecommunications Technology - Verizon A.A.S. Liberal Arts & Science: General Studies A.S. Humanities & Social Science/Social Science A.A Feel like your having a difficult time adapting to an online learning environment? Do have questions about online learning, time management, study skills, registering for courses or any other aca- demic issues? Feel free to contact our Distance Learning Mentor! Kate Griffin Distance Learning Mentor 716-851-1942