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Goal Survey (Pre)


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Goal Survey (Pre)

  1. 1. Goal Survey (Pre-Survey)PSY Course # ______ T.A. Name___________ Semester/Year ____________ 1. What are your plans after graduation? a. Get a job after my Bachelor’s degree b. Get a Master’s degree c. Get a Ph.D. degree d. Other professional degree (MD, Law, etc.) e. Other ___________________________________________________ f. Unsure 2. If you want to go to graduate school, where? a. WMU b. Other ___________________________________________________ c. Unsure 3. What specialty do you want to pursue (in graduate school)? a. Behavior Analysis b. Clinical Psychology c. Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) d. Industrial/Organizational (I/O) e. School Psychology f. Counseling Psychology g. Forensic Psychology h. Social Work i. Other ___________________________________________________ j. Unsure 4. What type of work do you plan on doing after graduation? a. Practitioner/service provider (therapist/consultant) b. Professor c. Professor/researcher d. Other ___________________________________________________ e. Unsure 5. What population do you want to work with? a. Mentally disabled b. Diagnosed with autism (or other pervasive developmental disorders) c. Regular education (typically developing children) d. Out-patient clinical e. Marriage/Family f. Criminals g. Aging adults h. Non-human animals i. Business/industry j. Other ___________________________________________________ k. Unsure