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Course Procedures

  1. 1. Seminar Schedule: Rat Lab You lose no points if your rat isnt working, asPSY 360: T/Th 5:00-6:45. long as you hang in there with him and give it your best shot (that means you cannot declare yourPSY 100H/140: T/Th 5:00-6:15. rat satiated, put him in his home cage, and then study for your upcoming quiz; you’ll always loseBoot Camp: M-F 3:00-6:00. participation points when you study for a quiz or do anything other than rat lab work, during the rat Behavior Analysis Spoken Here. lab hour). However, participation is worth 10 ? Punish. points per day and you will lose all ten points if Reinforce. Extinguish. Shape. you don’t show up. You will also lose 2.5 points if you are late, are not prepared for class, or don’t clean up your area when you are done with rat lab. On the other hand, you can get optional activity points if you do extra lab experiments.After the first class, you will be assigned to a When youve finished an experiment, turn in yourseminar room. Well post the new seminar- lab report for that experiment at the start of theroom assignments on the wall outside your next lab class. You will lose 2.5 points for eachoriginal seminar room. school day (M-F) late. • Rat lab points break down: o 2.5 points off for late arrivalPsy 360 (Fall, 2007) comments: "The daily o 2.5 points off for a late lab reportseminar really kept me on track.” “It was a o 2.5 points off for not having the questionschallenging course with good topics to discuss.” at the end of the experiment answered“There was a lot of information learned.” o 2.5 point off for not cleaning up the lab“Seminar was really fun and definitely helped me stationunderstand the material.” Rat Lab Policy. Quick note: You may find that you love Rudolph.Psy 360 (Spring 2008) comments: "Small class (many students do). But PLEASE don’t get toosize was best feature.” “Having to study so much I attached. Be forewarned. Rudolph belongs to theactually learned!” “Going over material in seminar university, not to you. You will have to say good-helped me understand the concepts and principles bye to him at the end of the semester. It is strictlybetter.” “Smaller classes are a big plus.” “I liked against university policy to allow any of the rats tothe interactive seminars.” go home with students. The rat lab was:Using the Overhead Projector 30 Number of StudentsDuring the seminar each day, you will be 25presenting your original examples (from the 20 15homework) to the class on the overhead projector. 10Usually, everyone presents good examples, but 5here are some tips to present your good examples 0 very valuable 2 3 4 not valuablewell. Hard to believe isnt it!  Read from the projector and not the screen so that you can face the class at all times and not the wall. Also be sure to note that the POB term review  At the same time, do your best to not block the quizzes will be taken during the other hour of rat view of the screen. lab. You are registered for 2 hours of rat lab, but  Dont talk to the GSI, talk to the class.Revised by Kelly Stone -1- 5/21/2011
  2. 2. you will only attend one hour of rat lab. On review Psy 360 (Spring 2008) comments: “Deep details.”quiz days, you will go to 1505 Wood Hall during “Lots of examples.” “Humorous examples.” “Easythe other hour of your scheduled rat lab session. read.” “It was funny and not exactly your usualYou will have to attend rat lab on these days as run of the mill textbook.” “The short storieswell, during your normally scheduled time. helped me better understand how the concepts andHere is the schedule: principles are applied to everyday situations.” “I love the stores! It was put in terms I could GoWMU Go to Rat Lab: Take Review understand. It was easy to follow and I hardly everschedule says: Quizzes: got lost.” “Best Psych book I have ever read.” “It10:00-12:00pm 11:00-12:00pm ------------------ was funny.” “I thought it was an interesting and11:00-1:00pm 12:00-1:00pm 11:00-12:00pm entertaining book. I enjoyed reading the chapters.”12:00-2:00pm 1:00-2:00pm 12:00-1:00pm2:00-4:00pm 2:00-3:00pm 3:00-4:00pm The Assignment Guide Continuous Quality ImprovementText As you can probably decipher, we are currently revising the textbook for this course. We valueMalott, R. W. Principles of Behavior (Edition your opinion as to our effectiveness and success in6.0) making the material covered as understandable as possible. You will find a folder in your course Com pared to other texts for courses at this level, packet with replacement sections and chapters. the value of the present text is... We ask that you read the replacement material rather than those sections in the textbook. If you’d 30 like to make comments on the revisions, you can 25 earn OAPs (see page 21), and your thoughtful Number of students 20 contributions will help to develop a better Fall 2007 15 Spring 2008 textbook for future students. And thank you, in 10 advance. 5 General Point System 0 1 2 3 4 5  20 points each seminar class, for conscientious participation in seminar discussion. I will expect you to recite in each class, especiallyPsy 360 (Fall 2007) comments: “Easy to read.” in answering conceptual questions, thoughtfully.“Great application to life.” “The voice it was This means you will need to show considerablewritten in was great.” “Examples were good.” “It evidence of having thought about the homeworkwas educational and entertaining at the same assignment. This also means that you should not be studying flashcards or writing ontime!” “Loved the humor!” “Written in a way that transparencies in class! This also means that youis easy to understand.” “It was in depth and pulled will have your original examples put oneveryday life into text to make it easier to transparency before you get to class. Your TAunderstand.” “Stories help make things clearer.” “ will do the Frazier Transparency Test: If you werent able to show your transparency to the class, your TA will take a brief look at it for participation points.Revised by Kelly Stone -2- 5/21/2011
  3. 3. Before Behavior After The requirement of participation in daily discussions was: Will lose Active Wont lose 20 chance for 20 participation chance for 20 Number of Students participation in class. participation 15 points. points. Psy. 100 10 Psy. 665 But now back to happier issues: 5  20 points for written answers to conceptual 0 1 (good) 2 3 4 5 (bad) questions from How to Analyze Behavioral Contingencies. Data from 1990  20 points for answers to the quiz on each chapter and each review quiz. (If there are 10 questions on a quiz, thats 2 points per question. If  10 points each rat lab for conscientiously there are 20 questions, that would be 1 point per working with your rat. You can earn a maximum question.) of 50 points for each of 6 lab experiments, no matter how many lab sessions you need to complete the experiment, but you must turn in a The high frequency of the regular quizzes satisfactory lab report in the lab class after you (one per chapter) w as complete each of the 6 experiments, in order to get full credit (otherwise minus 5 points for each 20 Number of students day late). So if you work conscientiously on an 15 experiment and turn in your report the day after Fall 2007 10 youve finished that experiment, you will get Spring 2008 your full 50 points, whether it took you 3 days or 5 13 days to do that experiment. 0 1 2 3 4 5What does conscientious mean?  In the seminar: You must listen carefully to the presentations of the other students and be prepared to comment, so as to earn all 20 Psy 360 (Fall 2007) comments “It made you participation points. So studying for a quiz, responsible.” “The daily quizzes and homework finishing your homework, reading and writing really kept me on track.” “You’re never allowed to letters, sleeping, and the like means, when you see slack.” “Daily quizzes forced me to read the your scores for that week, youll find less than 20 chapter!” “The amount of work requires you to points for the seminar class. On the other hand, study and understand what you’re learning. I feel feel free to improve your homework, as we clarify its fairly easy to get an A or BA.” tough concepts throughout the seminar session.  In Rat Lab: Studying for your quiz rather Psy 360 (Spring 2008) comments: “Best feature of than working with your rat would be a good way class was being accountable for daily quizzes.” to lose the opportunity to get all your participation “Having to study so much I actually learned.” points. However, if you work conscientiously in “The quiz set up was good.” “I like the way the the rat lab, you can earn full credit, even if your course is layed out.” “The daily quizzes and rat doesnt finish all 7 experiments. So one more criterion for conscientious work is that you get the homework assignments really ties all of the rat to make clear, reliable lever presses (i.e., push concepts together well.” “The frequency of that lever all the way down, not just effete brushes quizzes and quizzes on material the same day as of the lever with the whiskers). the discussion kept me working hard.”  As youll learn this semester, wed diagram these contingencies like this:Revised by Kelly Stone -3- 5/21/2011
  4. 4. Grades for P100/360/396 Only So what if you’re not achieving that 82% mark onNow you know how you can earn 1,000’s of points the quizzes? Well, we have put in a 82% quiz(learned reinforcers?) in this course. So the next policy in order to help you get your grade and keep your grade above an A. Anytime your cumulativequestion is, how do those points convert into a final quiz score drops below a 82% you are required tograde (backup reinforcer?). The answer is, complex. complete the chapter objectives or write out theHere’s why its so complex: We have three goals for definitions five times each for the next class’this course: we want you to chapter(s). This grade will count as part of your  learn as much as you can, participation points for that class’ grade.  earn as good a grade as you can, and  have as much fun as you can. Strange Grading PhilosophyBut to hit all three goals we need a complex set ofcontingencies. Look at the following grade scale, and In the past, almost all students have worked hardyoull see just how complex. and gotten nearly 100% of their points for lab, seminar participation, and homework. And with aP100 & P360 Lowest % of Points in ANY of the fat cushion, from those easy areas, some students Matrix Remaining Areas tended to slide a bit in the quiz area--before we set Min. % of 92 87 82 77 72 67 62 <62 up this complex contingency, that is. But you need Quiz to be really sharp in all areas, if youre going to be Points a professional behavior analyst. That’s why you 92 A BA B CB C DC D E need to get at least 92% on the quizzes and 87 BA B CB C DC D E 92% in each of the other areas to earn the A. 82 B CB C DC D E 77 CB C DC D E Now you may say, I dont plan to be a professional 72 C DC D E behavior analyst, I dont need an A, and I dont 67 DC D E have the time it would take to master the concepts 62 D E well enough to get 92%/96% on the quizzes. That’s fine. You’re almost guaranteed to earn a <62 E BA, which is well above the campus average; and you’ll have learned enough about behaviorWhats going on here? Well, before you completely analysis that you can hold your head high. All youflip out, let me reassure you that the majority of the have to do is get at least 87% on the quizzes andstudents get an A, and most of the rest get a BA. 92% in each of the remaining areas (the easyAlmost everyone works hard, learns a lot, gets a good areas). Few students have trouble doing the hardgrade, and has fun. We keep adjusting the grading work it takes to earn at least a BA.contingencies to turn “almost everyone gets a goodgrade” into “everyone gets a good grade by learning a On the other hand, if you do earn the A, youll belot.” in excellent shape for Psy 460 and the 500-level electives.Wonderful, but how do you get that magic A? To dothat you have to crack the 92% mark in each of four In the past, very few students have goofed off soareas: (1) the rat lab (participation and report); (2)seminar participation; (3) conceptual homework; much that they might get as low as 72% on theincluding the final paper; (4) the quizzes. quizzes; but they could pull their grade up to a B or even a BA with the fat cushion from all the easy areas. With the complex grade contingencies described in this table, that is no longer possible. The highest a student can get with 72% on the quizzes is a C. Furthermore, such a student cantHelping P360, 396 & 100H earn the A goof off even further and let the percentages fallRevised by Kelly Stone -4- 5/21/2011
  5. 5. below 92% in the easy areas; or the course gradewill fall even below a C. The goal of this most Final Course Grades for Psy. 360recent set of contingencies is to encourage the72% quizzer to stop goofing off, work just a little Aharder and join the ranks of at least the 87%quizzers. But most of you will not be concernedwith the issues described in this paragraph; E Dbecause most of you will fall in the shaded area in CBthe preceding table. We hope all of you will be B BAthere. Summer, 1993I know this seems like a strange way to evaluate astudents mastery and assign a letter grade. Whynot just add up all the points and assign a letter Final Paper (All sections)grade based on the total number of points, no We try to make this course as pleasant as possiblematter which components of the class they come (as reinforcing and non aversive as possible). Onefrom? Again, thats the way we used to do it. But way we try to do this is by providing alternativesthen some students would get an A based on their to the most aversive feature of most courses -- thework in everything but quizzes and they wouldnt final exam. You will have already shownhave really learned the most important part of the considerable mastery and cumulative mastery ofcourse, the concepts tested on the quizzes. the concepts and principles of behavior analysisMy friend, Dr. Stephen Graf, puts it this way: by exam week; so for a final exam, you will writeSuppose youre training surgeons. And to perform a final paper, based on that mastery of the coursea successful surgery, the student/surgeon must you will have previously shown. To get credit forscrub down, put on the gloves, make a proper the paper, you will need to present it at the Finalincision, properly remove the correct organ, avoid Fiesta. (In a later section there are examples offlipping cigarette ashes into the open wound, outstanding student papers, as well as guidelinesremove all surgical tools from inside the patient, and suggestions.)sew up the incision, etc. Now suppose the student/surgeon did everything correctly except taking out Optional Activity Pointsthe correct organ. So the student might say, I did19 out of the 20 steps correctly; thats 95%. I want What are Optional Activity Pointsmy A. The fact that I took out the heart instead of (OAPs)?the hemorrhoids and the patient died shouldntovershadow my 95% average. You can use 80 points for optional alternateWe take behavior analysis very seriously and dont activities of academic value, usually scheduledwant to graduate any student who doesnt know his outside the regular classes. To encourage you toor her ass from his or her heart. So for us to certify participate, you will receive points foryou as an A student, youve got to hit at least 92% participating in those activities and providingin each category in this course. appropriate proof of accomplishment. All these activities are optional, however; so if you don’t participate, either because of schedule conflicts or lack of interest, that’s OK. You can still earn 100% of the required points and earn your A. The optional activities are just to give you a little extra flexibility, if you can work them into your schedule and if you want to.Revised by Kelly Stone -5- 5/21/2011
  6. 6. What are OAPs good for? Keep in mind though, that these OAPs are onlyThose points can count toward your course grade, used in Dr. Malott’s classes. Don’t even try to getbut you cannot use them to make up for missed other professors to honor the OAP system.points (for example, you cannot use optionalactivity points to eliminate your lowest quiz How can you earn OAPs?scores; there is no way to eliminate your lowest Alternate activities will include:quiz score); instead you can use these points toexempt yourself from agreed upon assignments. In  Answer Advanced Study Objectives andother words, you cannot use them to compensate Advanced Enrichment Section questions on the POB web site.for a mediocre performance, but you can use themfor some flexibility.  Extra rat labs  Going to BAAM (Winter term only)Along the same line, you cant come to class,  Going to ABA (Spring term only)scope out the quiz, and then decide to use your  Participating in research projectsoptional activity points (OAPs) for that quiz; the  Finding errors in any of the course materialsOAPs are to help you with necessary absences, (normally one OAP per error, including typos; ifetc., not to help you avoid the hard assignments. you find errors in homework material, flashcardsAlthough, it would be OK for you to come to class or the text book, bring them to your seminaron a day when you just didn’t have enough time to leader at the end of the seminar that day, no later)prepare for the quiz and then leave before the  Come up with really good, interestingquiz is handed out. Keep in mind, though, you questions that weren’t answered in the coursecan only do this once. materials. Give them to your TA for OAPs. If you seek out the answer on your own (by discussing itIn this spirit, you can use OAPs for only one days with a graduate student or faculty member, orworth of quizzes, even if you were absent for more additional reading), we’ll give you even morethan one day. OAPs.  Special reading and conceptual homeworkThough you don’t have to, we recommend that for those who cant participate in these activities,you use your OAPs to replace a missed quiz because of schedule conflicts.immediately; this way you ( and your TA) willhave a more accurate picture of what a great The Finer OAP Detailsstudent you are; if your total quiz points are down ← You can use a total of 80 OAPs during the semester.the 20 points you havent replaced, your average The number of OAPs required for replacement isquiz score will make you look like a bum, when determined by the number of points that each quiz,you really arent -- not good. homework, or participation is worth. A missed chapter quiz is worth ~20 points, therefore requiresNew OAP transfer policy - 20 OAPs to be replaced. The same goes for class participation and homework. Rat participationSo what happens if, at the end of the semester, you requires 10 OAPs for replacement. You can make uphave some unused OAPs? You will be able to more than 1 quiz, if they occur on the same day.transfer any unused OAPs from Dr. Malott’s Psy Note: Homework can be turned in early for full360 to Dr. Malott’s Psy 460. How? Your TA will points or late at a loss of 5 points per business day.give you a signed sheet with the number of OAP’s You can use OAPs for activities on different days,you had left at the end of this course. Simply with the exception of quizzes. You can only usepresent this sheet to your new Psy 460 TA next OAPs for one day’s worth of each category.semester, and you can use the OAPs in Psy 460. Although the days can be different for each eategory.(Of course there will be some additionalverification tasks completed by your new and oldTAs.) Lecture/Quiz Strategy/PhilosophyRevised by Kelly Stone -6- 5/21/2011
  7. 7. The Traditional Approach professors to teach them and even though theWhenever we use traditional, you can bet we students often are not getting their moneys worth.mean, old-fashioned, out-of-date, and ineffective.So heres the traditional approach to education. The Behavioral Systems-AnalysisO.K. students, read Chapter 11 so you can Approachunderstand my lecture on it. Then in the next class  First we make sure the studentsI will give that lecture and clear up any conscientiously read Chapter 11 and then reviewmisunderstandings. The class after that well have it. We do this by having frequent quizzes overa quiz over Chapter 11. So what happens? Twenty small amounts of material and by counting thepercent of the students read Chapter 11. Eighty quiz in a heavy and straightforward way toward the final grade.percent dont. Full of naive expectations, theprofessor gives the lecture and becomes  Then we carefully analyze the studentsdisillusioned with todays generation of students performance on each quiz question, concentrating on the items many students miss. When were surewho dont have the intellectual integrity to read the the students have given it their best shot, we tosschapter in advance. The professor fails to out the offending question for that semester. Weunderstand it was always that way, even in the dont blame the victim. And we dont use ourgood old days. Furthermore, the students arent quizzes as IQ tests; if the students have paid theirable to get nearly as much out of the lecture and tuition money and gotten admitted into ourdiscussion of Chapter 11 as they would have, had program, and if they are doing the work, then itsthey read it in advance. And not understanding all our responsibility to make sure we professorsthe lecture, they also dont do as well on the provide an adequate set of instructional materialssubsequent quiz, even though they do read and performance-management contingencies toChapter 11 between the lecture and the quiz guarantee the success of all our students. Thats(usually a few hours before the quiz, just like the what the students pay us for.professor prepares the lecture only a few hours  Next we make a preliminary decision as tobefore the class -- were all cut from that same whether the poor performance resulted from anprocrastinating cloth). ambiguous quiz question. If, yes, we revise the question for next semester.The Behavioral Approach  Or we make the preliminary decision that the poor performance resulted from unclear textOur Psy courses are just about the only courses on material. If yes, we revise or supplement the textcampus where the students have read Chapter 11 for next semester. In addition, we attempt tobefore the lecture/discussion. How do we clarify the problem in the next lecture / discussionaccomplish that miracle of performance We give the quiz in the same class  Then we recycle through this circle ofas the lecture. The result? The students study problem analysis, systems redesign,seriously for the quiz. They do well on the quiz. implementation, and evaluation until weve gottenAnd they are ready for a discussion of any of the it as good as we can.especially complex issues in Chapter 11. This is a systems approach because we dont blame the victim; instead, we blame the systemThe Traditional Approach and try to fix it so it will do a better job the nextBut what about those tough quiz questions the time. And in keeping with not blaming the victim;majority of the students are bombing? The we try to ensure the student is not penalized by ourtraditional approach is the equivalent of victim less than perfect system.blaming -- to say the victim of the problem is thecause of the problem is, for example, to say, if thestudents do poorly on a quiz question, its theirown fault. The traditional professors say this, eventhough the student/victims are paying thoseRevised by Kelly Stone -7- 5/21/2011
  8. 8. 7. Try to say the definition without reading it on the back.General Study Strategies 8. If you say it perfectly, put the card on yourBased on my own experience, and what students right. If not, put it in a new pile on the left.tell me, heres what I recommend: 9. Then do the same with the next card and so on. 10. When you finish the first pile, pick up the  Most students report spending at least a half second pile on the left and go through it the same hour per chapter with the flash cards -- depending way. on the number and complexity of definitions they 11. Eventually all of the cards will be on your need to memorize, it can range from just a few right. minutes to as much as a couple hours. Again, I 12. When this happens, pick them up, shuffle them think it will probably go faster, if you have a and go through them again the same way. Don’t general understanding of the chapter before you worry if some of the cards end up on your left side again, just repeat the whole process until all the cards start memorizing. (Of course, you could mix the end up on the right two times through the pile. two study modes, just for variety. Let me know what you do and how it works.) In any event, heres what amazes me:  Before the seminar & quiz, reread the chapter.  We first introduced the flashcards in the summer of But this time carefully, reread anything thats not 1992, and its the single most powerful thing weve clear until youve figured it out or your brain is done to help the students improve their study grades. fried. If you get in too much trouble, call your Most of the students are now knocking the top off the definition part of the quizzes. That wasnt so BF -- buddy you will be assigned in the second or third before flashcards. class. As a student, I found I could breeze through the second time, much faster than the first, though  For P100 (Honors) only, however, we do not include I was being more careful the second time around. the flashcards because most past P100 students (Again, I think less than an hour.) But that was the reported they did not use them. But if you want a set, you can order them from the copy desk, just ask for Dr. easy part, now following this next Malott’s Psy 360 flashcards. recommendation is how the A students separate themselves from the others:  Our data are less solid on this one, but it seems to us the students are much better able to use the concepts  At the end of each section, within a chapter, and principles in applied and theoretical discussions youll usually find a list of study questions; you and do much better on their homework now that we can ignore them on your first time through. have the flashcards. However, make sure you can answer them all  Finally, what amazes me most is that the students during this second reading, because there will be really appreciate the flashcards. Most dont mind the no questions on the quiz that arent among the memorization and they can see it really gives them an study questions. edge.  Heres what I think is a main differencesHow to use the flashcards - between outstanding students and other students: After questioning many students, both When you ask students if they have any questions undergraduate and graduate, we have come up on the chapter or if theres anything they dont with a flashcard studying strategy that will understand, outstanding students have a whole increase your fluency in the least amount of time shopping list of questions. The average student necessary to do so. Here it is. has few, and the poor student has absolutely no 1. Begin studying your flashcards after you have read questions. Therefore one step toward becoming an through the chapter outstanding student is to critically monitor your 2. Begin with the pile of flashcards all cut out. understanding so you can put big question marks 3. Go through the pile one time. Read the front beside the unclear areas and then make sure you and back of each card. ask your questions. During the first part of each 4. Set the pile on your left. seminar, we always ask if you have questions. (Incidentally, getting answers to those questions is 5. Pick up the first card. not as crucial to doing well on any given quiz as it 6. Look at the term might at first seem. But the answers help with theRevised by Kelly Stone -8- 5/21/2011
  9. 9. homework and your total mastery of the course seminar. Youll look at and generate a variety concepts.) But thats the easy part. of behavioral contingencies and related  Before the quiz, answer all study objectives. concepts. This is where all that rote work pays Danger: To get an A in this course, you must be off in heavy-duty creativity. This is where able to answer ALL the questions at the end of the you may do more original thinking than subsections within each chapter. youve done in the rest of your college career. And this is why many students end with a BA Students say they spend 1 to 2 hours on each instead of an A. They dont memorize all the of these homework assignments. Again, be tables, diagrams, contingency diagrams, experimental and intervention procedures, etc. sure you put a big question mark beside any that are indicated in those study questions. Part of examples youre not sure of. Then you can ask the problem is that we dont always ask about about them in class. (Incidentally, we think items on the quizzes, because we dont have time its fine if you review your homework with or room. So you may get a little too casual in your classmates, as long as its after youve memorizing those answers. But gradually you lose completed your homework. And we think its more and more points, until you lose your A. fine for you to correct your homework, when Please dont do that. Please make this final small a classmate points out an error and you amount of additional effort to secure the A youve understand that error, even if your classmate so clearly earned with the large amount of initial had to help you understand it. But it can be effort youve invested in each assignment. Those fatal, if you use the same examples or almost quiz questions require no creativity. You should be able to answer all of them, straight from the the same examples as your classmate.) book. (We require heavy creativity in another part How m any hours out of class did you spend of the course, but not the quizzes. We think its preparing for sem inar? usually unreasonable to ask students to be creative and original under the pressure of quizzes and Number of students 16 14 exams.) 12 10  Finally we end the study sequence with the 8 Fall 2007 Spring 2008 acid test, the goal of the course-- this is where you 6 4 really learn 2 0  Before the quiz, review the flash cards. 0to1 1t o 2 2to3 3to4 4to5 5to6 After reading the chapter twice and studying it intensely, you should have an excellent grasp of the chapter. But you still need to put Dropping the Course a little polish on those flashcards. If you have financial aid and dropping this or The flashcards w ere other courses will put you below 12 credit hours during the fall or winter, then you should take time 40 to talk with a financial aid advisor in the Faunce Number of students 35 student center. Each student is evaluated on a 30 25 case-by-case basis. Fall 2007 20 Spring 2008 15 10 Super A (Advanced Principles of 5 0 Behavior) 1 2 3 4 5 The course assistants and I spend many hours trying to figure out how to make this the most  Before the seminar, do the homework. effective and most exciting course youve ever Most of your homework is in the How to taken. So heres an add-on we first tried in the Fall Analyze Behavioral Contingencies folder and of 1992 -- the Super A program. Because its been a few are on the CD handed out in the firstRevised by Kelly Stone -9- 5/21/2011
  10. 10. a consistent hit with the students, were keeping it on their quizzes without going into heart-attackin the course. city. In other words, if you earn 98% thats wonderful; but if you earn "only" 97%, no bigWhats Super A? deal; you can earn those extra 40 Super A points in many other ways. (Note, these Super A pointsAdvanced Principles of Behavior is an extra hour dont count as optional-activity points (OAPs),of credit you can get for doing a super outstanding but OAPs do count as Super A points.)job in this course. You do a terrific job this  All UNSPENT optional activity points countsemester, and then next semester you can enroll inPsy 396: Advanced Concepts of Behavior as Super A points.Analysis (ACBA) for 1 hour of credit. At the end  It ties together. A super student might beof next semester, you receive a grade of A for Psy super fluent with the definitions on the flash396 automatically, because youve already done cards. So you can earn OAPs by considerablythe work and earned the credit this semester. (Of exceeding the minimum fluency criteria. Also, ifcourse you will still have to pay for the credit -- no you do a super terrific job on a homework, youfree lunch.) Its a no risk deal; if youve done what might pick up an OAP or two. And a superit takes to earn the credit, you sign up for one student is a careful reader, so you can earn OAPsadditional hour of A; otherwise you dont. But by being the first to find typographical,remember, you must be enrolled during the next grammatical, logical, or behavioral errors in the course materials. Super students are supersemester to receive the credit. If you have any interested in behavior analysis and would like toquestions about that, ask me or your GSI. play with the big kids (grad students and faculty) by going to the Friday-afternoon colloquia (15What does it take to earn Super A? OAPs each for a total of about 180 OAPs).It takes about 50 extra hours of high-quality work.  (If you spend 40 OAPs to pay for a missingIt takes being a super student. Ive noticed that seminar class, no problem; but, of course, yousuper students tend to put in more hours on the cant spend them twice by reusing them as super-course than most do anyway. And all students put A points.)in more work for this course than they do for most  Qualifying for Super A is like being in aothers; so why not allow as many of you who wish special honors section of Psy 360. If you qualifyto get a little extra credit for the extra work? for Super A, youre an impressive super student (of course, you can also show what a superIn figuring points for Super A, as well as for your student you are by qualifying for Super A and notregular grade, we figure roughly 10 points per necessarily registering for the credit, if you canthour of effective work. That means 500 extra, use it -- no one need be excluded from the club). My guess is students who earn Super A aresuper-A points = 1 super-A students most likely to get into grad. school. My guess is these are the students faculty membersSo heres the deal: will be most likely to bend over backwards to  First, to get Super A, you must do what it help. For example, Ill do anything I can to make takes to get an A in the regular course. room for Super A student in my Psy 460 class,  For every percentage point above 92% you even if the class is full. Why, because a good earn on your cumulative quiz scores, you get 40 super student has earned the privilege of super Super A points. consideration and because it’s very reinforcing to teach a class full of super students; its as  We have quite a few students doing the hard intellectually reinforcing as teaching a grad. class, work needed to get from 95 to 99% on their and thats saying a lot. (On the other hand, some quizzes, so why shouldnt they get a little extra super students dont need the one-hours credit or payoff. This means if you manage to get the big dont have the time to do the extra work for Super one-oh-oh %, youve got 320 out of your 500 A. Thats O.K. too; theyre still super students.) Super A points. We want to arrange the contingencies so super students will find it a reinforcer to do as well as they comfortably canRevised by Kelly Stone - 10 - 5/21/2011
  11. 11. quote marks or otherwise giving proper credit toReturn Your Homework and Lab the true author. In other words, your presentationReports of someone else’s material in a way that theTo retain full credit for your homework and lab material might be mistaken as your own.reports, please turn in all of them by the last rat labof the term. This way we can look at it in moredetail, as we evaluate the effectiveness of the book Further Details About Academicand the course. It will also give us ideas about Integritymaterials to add. In addition, this way your You are responsible for making yourself aware ofanswers won’t fall into the hands of future and understanding the policies and procedures instudents, in spite of your best security efforts. OK? the Undergraduate (pp. 268-270) [Graduate (pp. 24-26)] Catalog that pertain to AcademicCheating Means Sudden Death!! Integrity. These policies include cheating,If we catch you cheating or plagiarizing in this fabrication, falsification and forgery, multiplecourse, you will receive an E for the course, no submission, plagiarism, complicity and computermatter how small or trivial was the cheating or misuse. If there is reason to believe you have beenplagiarizing. involved in academic dishonesty, you will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. YouCheating will be given the opportunity to review the charge(s). If you believe you are not responsible,This includes, but is not limited to, copying from you will have the opportunity for a hearing. Youyour neighbor, your notes, or whatever, during a should consult with me if you are uncertain abouttest or quiz. This also involves talking during a an issue of academic honesty prior to thetest or quiz. Cheating also means copying submission of an assignment or test.someone else’s homework and turning it in asyour own. Please take note of the homeworkvariety of cheating. No, we don’t mind if you Missed Classescomplete your homework and call a friend to see If you miss a class, you don’t get points forif your original example is right. But your friend’s participation and you lose the opportunity to takeoriginal example better not look like yours the that quiz. It doesn’t work out for us to try tonext day in class. Keep in mind, that the TAs meet distinguish between excused and unexcusedbefore every class - they talk about their student’s absences. So once the opportunity has passed,homework and quizzes. So, just because your it’s gone. This means you should keep your pointfriend is in a different section, doesn’t mean that average comfortably above the 92% level in allcheating wouldn’t be discovered.) categories; so you can blow off a class or two, if need be, without losing your A (assuming that’sAdditionally, if you are knowingly involved in what you’re shooting for). If you do miss a class,providing the occasion for someone else to do any you can turn your homework in the next day, butof these forms of cheating, then you too are you lose 5 points each weekday you’re late.cheating and will also get the ax! Here’s another You’re responsible for having a reliable buddyform of cheating that we don’t want to catch you who will take notes and pass them on to you, sodoing: Dont try the sleazy red-pen cap on black you can find out the details of the nextpen trick when youre supposed to be editing your assignments. Rat lab absences count as missedhomework in class with a red pen. We’ll notice, classes.and it’s cheating. Optional Activity Points And MissedPlagiarizing ClassesThis means turning in written work that includes You can substitute a maximum of 80 optionalmaterial taken from someone else, without using activity points for missed classes, quizzes notRevised by Kelly Stone - 11 - 5/21/2011
  12. 12. taken, and homework not turned in (or turned in A to a BA to a B and on and on. They need ruleslate due to absence). Suppose you had heart that specify contingencies where one moresurgery on a Tuesday. You’d lose 20 participation absence will matter. They will have less troublepoints and 20 quiz points -- down the tubes, gone following such rules and thus will get a muchfor ever, no excuses, no whining, no mercy. But if better grade in the course. So here’s our specialyou haven’t spent too many of your optional get-tough policy:activity points, you could substitute 40 of them forthe day you were in the hospital. Even if the day Every time you exceed three absences, you loweryou missed had two quizzes, you could use 60 your final grade one half a letter grade!OAPs, 20 for class, and 20 for each quiz. Butwatch the Delightful Details calendar for Here’s the way it works. (In this example, weassignments and quizzes that OAPs cannot replace assume you would get an A, if you had no(such as Review Quizzes and Ch. 29). The wise absences. But, of course, if you had severalstudent saves those optional activity points until absences, you probably would already have lostthe very end of the semester, just in case the heart too many points to get an A; so our penalty of asurgery requires two days instead of one. No heart half a letter grade or so, would be beyond thesurgery? Great, then you can take a day off lowering due to the point loss.sometime when you need a break; but you cantblow off the final review quiz, your final paper, or Absences Gradethe Final Fiesta. 0 to 3 A 4 to 6 BA 7 to 9 BSnow Days etc. etc.If the university is closed, we’ll stay on schedule.For the next class date when the University opens, This policy helps most students avoid the hopelessyou will have the missed quizzes and turn in the hassle of coming around at the end of thehomework during that next seminar. You’ll also semester, desperately, but vainly, pleading forkeep pace with the Delightful Details calendar of some way to raise their final grade. Now they’llassigments without postponing the scheduled have that A in the bag, when the end of theassignments. So for the seminar following a snow semester rolls around. But even with this policy, aday, you will have the snow-day assignments and small number of students managed to get less thanthe regular, scheduled assignments listed in the a BA. Always, this was because of absences orDelightful Details Calendar. failing to turn in homework. Sometimes students have a time conflict, so thatSpecial Get-Tough Policy On they want to come to class, take the quizAbsences (depending on when it’s given), turn in theirMost students have no problem with the preceding homework, and leave. That’s O.K.. They don’tabsence policies. Instead, it helps them get their receive many or possibly any participation points,act together, so they’ll do well in the class and but this does not count as an absence that wouldearn an A. But there are always a half a handful of contribute to the penalty contingency.students who need even tighter contingencies thanthat, to get their act together. These are students On the other hand, if you register late and canwhose behavior is not under the adequate control prove it, the missed classes wont count towardof rules describing small but cumulatively your get-tough absences, but you must make upsignificant outcomes (we’ll discuss this in class). the missed quizzes and homework immediatelyIn essence, they say to themselves, “Just one more and substitute some of your OAPs for the missedabsence won’t matter. And theyre right, until they participation.finally accumulate so many that they drift from anRevised by Kelly Stone - 12 - 5/21/2011
  13. 13. Absence does not always make the heart grow your homework and lab reports, please turn infonder. The absence policy is designed to give all of them at the final fiesta. That doesnt meanstudents a little slack for when they get into youve got until the Final Fiesta to complete yourtrouble, mainly when theyre ill. (Reminder: This homework and lab reports. If you waited untilget-tough policy has been successful in preventing then, youd probably not get any credit! What thatmost students from accidentally drifting into a low means is that you need to turn in all yourgrade because of the small, cumulative effects of homework and lab reports, completed or not, at"just one more absence.") the Final Fiesta, to retain the credit youve received for work you have completed.This get-tough policy applies no matter howmany OAPs you have. You cant buy your wayout of an absence with OAPS, as far as the get- Letters of Recommendationtough policy is concerned, although you couldget your attendance points with it. Many students ask me to write letters of recommendation to help them get into graduateLateness school or to get jobs. Im happy to do that. I base my letter on your record in my courses, with a bigStudents emphasis on your quiz scores and your rank inIf you are late for class or leave class early, you class on those quiz scores. I also report on yourwill lose points for participation. For every 15 performance on end-of-the-semester evaluations,minutes you’re late, you lose 5 additional homework, turning homework in on time,participation points. attendance, active participation in seminars, Final- Fiesta project and presentation, writing andMinutes late Maximum participation points speaking skills, social skills, and, if you were a1’ to 15’ 15/20 Psy 360 Honors Student, I mention that. When16’ to 30’ 10/20 possible, I consult your course teaching31’ to 45’ 5/20 apprentice, as well. Other things, too, of course.46’ or more 0/20 Incidentally, it never hurts for you to remind me of any special accomplishments youve achieved,(By the way, if you’re doing other homework, when asking for a letter.writing letters, etc. in class, you won’t get fullparticipation points either.) My goal is to help all of you acquire the repertoire that will allow me to write a strong letter for youLate Homework and that will help you excel in graduate school orYou lose 5 points per business day (business days on the job.are normally those days, Monday through Friday,when classes are scheduled and the university Mickey Mouse Rulesoffices are open). Ouch! You can slide yourhomework under the BATS office door (Wood Sorry for all the preceding nonsense. But we’veHall 2536). Late means any time after the found that if we get all these ugly little detailsbeginning of the class when it’s due. Don’t try to straight, up front, then you’ll have an almostfinish your homework during class; we’ll count hassle-free term.that as cheating. If you know you’re going to haveto miss class, you can turn in your homework inadvance. Adding Insult To Injury So that you’ll learn the most, get the best grade,Clarification: You will see this reminder and have the most fun, and the least hassles in thisthroughout this booklet: To retain full credit for course, it’s important that you understand andRevised by Kelly Stone - 13 - 5/21/2011
  14. 14. remember these Mickey Mouse rules. This meansyou should study them between now and the nextclass and be prepared for a brief written quiz overthem.Revised by Kelly Stone - 14 - 5/21/2011