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W139 W140 K2 Chain Lube


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Semisynthetic chain oil for all motorcycle chains. Suitable for road and off road use. Effectively penetrates vital pins and rollers of the chain to provide excellent lubrication and corrosion protection. Quickly thickens by solvent evaporation to leave a thin yet durable coating on the external side plates and rollers, offering outstanding protection, while resisting the tendency to fling off, even at high speeds.

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W139 W140 K2 Chain Lube

  1. 1. Index: W139, W140 CHAIN LUBE For standard, O-ring and X-ring chains, motorcycle and bicycle chains, saws and industrial machinery chains
  2. 2. PRODUCT FEATURES Convenient to use high-performance lubricant in an aerosol. Extends the life of the chain by even twice the amount. Perfect for lubrication of all types of chains including: X-Rings, O-rings, motorcycle, bicycles, saws and industrial machines. Also used for clutch chains of motorcycles. Provides the highest level of protection against water and rust as well as maximum chain traction.
  3. 3. Available in the following capacities: W139 – 250 ml with applier W140 – 500 ml DESCRIPTION 1. Preparation The lubricant should be used on a clean chain. In the event of dirtying, we recommend clean it using the product K2 Brake Cleaner.
  4. 4. DESCRIPTION 2. Apply to the inner part of a clean chain. In order to obtain the highest durability of the lubricant, after lubrication leave chain for a few hours.
  5. 5. K2 Brake CleanerK2 Air Filter Oil RELATED PRODUCTS Super effective way to clean the brake system and surface of metalparts or tools. Thanks to a special formula it removes perfectly several dirts and stains without leaving any residue. With pleasant lemon odour. Contains no harmful chlorinated solvents. Index: W105 / 600 ml Suitable for a variety of motorcycles. Spray adhesive oil helps to prevent dust, mud, sand and water from penetrating the filter. Maintains air flow for instant engine response & maximum power output. High filtering efficiency for extended filter & engine life. Quick drying and colored dark blue for easy application. Index: W145 / 500 ml
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