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Final PPT - PizzaHouse


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Final PPT - PizzaHouse

  1. 1. ADV 420Wonho KimA42945990
  2. 2.  *Pizza House was established in 1975 and has been proudly serving Lake County with with only the freshest ingredients all prepared daily. *They serve famous homemade Italian beef, Italian sandwiches, pasta, appetizers, and especially Pizza. * If you need more information, go to the websites
  3. 3.  Expand their business in United States Inform great place to take your family with healthy foods. Use Social network to expand their business Make their new style pizza Target not only middle class customers, to everyone
  4. 4. Integrated Theme: A Slice of Chicago, in your home town Another theme can be-Best Pizza and Best fun-Right here in East Lansing, Pizzeria
  5. 5. Face BookIt began as a college networking website and now everyone.Create a pizza house page and upload more information-It can easily meet college student-People can see more information: coupon and special offers
  6. 6.  You TubeGlobal social media network : 750 million people registered You Tube accounts.-Videos are shown for all free. So its cost free.-It is simply use and fastPeople can see what they sell with eyes
  7. 7.  TwitterIs an onlie social networking that send and read people’s postThey offer a free alternative to search engine marketing and its fastAlso, it build relationships, exchange information, uncover job opportunities
  8. 8.  Not cost for new social media New school start, holiday period= increase their investment such as coupon and promotional events* Stay in priceless* The expand of campaign will be through number of followers in increase for Twitter and face book
  9. 9. New MediaBrand IdentityPromotional events andcouponsRebuild
  10. 10.  Using more social media networks1. Facebook2. Twitter3. Google Adwords Focus on specifie target- Not only college students