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Analysis of Camera, Editing, Genre & Narrative<br />
Camera – Insidious Film Trailer<br /><ul><li>Mid-shot
Extreme close-ups
Master shot
Zoom lens
Establishing shot
High angle
Two shot
Long shot   </li></li></ul><li>Camera – Insidious Film Trailer<br />
Camera – Paranormal Activity Film Trailer<br /><ul><li>Mid-shots
Long shots
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Narrative, genre, camera, editing


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Narrative, genre, camera, editing

  1. 1. Analysis of Camera, Editing, Genre & Narrative<br />
  2. 2. Camera – Insidious Film Trailer<br /><ul><li>Mid-shot
  3. 3. Close-ups
  4. 4. Extreme close-ups
  5. 5. Master shot
  6. 6. Zoom lens
  7. 7. Establishing shot
  8. 8. High angle
  9. 9. Two shot
  10. 10. Long shot </li></li></ul><li>Camera – Insidious Film Trailer<br />
  11. 11. Camera – Paranormal Activity Film Trailer<br /><ul><li>Mid-shots
  12. 12. Long shots
  13. 13. Close-ups
  14. 14. Handheld camera
  15. 15. Master shot
  16. 16. Low angle
  17. 17. Zoom lens
  18. 18. Two shot
  19. 19. Point of view </li></li></ul><li>Camera – Paranormal Activity Film Trailer<br />
  20. 20. Editing – Insidious Film Trailer <br /><ul><li>Pan
  21. 21. Tilt
  22. 22. Zoom/reverse zoom
  23. 23. Slow motion
  24. 24. Jump cuts
  25. 25. Fades
  26. 26. Long/short takes
  27. 27. Action match
  28. 28. Handheld camera
  29. 29. Cuts </li></li></ul><li>Editing – Paranormal Activity Film Trailer<br />Static transitions <br />Cuts <br />Long/short takes <br />Jump cuts<br />Zoom/reverse zoom<br />Eye-line match<br />
  30. 30. Genre – The Ring Film Trailer<br />Setting:<br />Home/conventional family home <br />Woods <br />Abandoned house/cottage<br />Well <br />Camera/Editing:<br />Slow takes at the beginning <br />Long takes at the end <br />Quick action <br />Close-ups, mid-shots, long-shots, two-shots, etc…<br />Sound:<br />Incidental music <br />Music crescendo/nearing end <br />Pauses in music adds tension, audience expect something to happen <br />Diegetic dialogue<br />Costume:<br />Normal/casual clothing <br />Little girl wearing white dress, connotes purity despite being considered evil <br />Long black hair <br />Not being able to see the little girl’s face <br />Props:<br />Video tapes, televisions, <br />Drawings<br />Mirror <br />Boat <br />Lighting:<br />Low key <br />
  31. 31. Genre – The Ring Film Trailer<br />
  32. 32. Genre – Orphan Film Trailer <br />Character:<br /><ul><li>Little girl as the main antagonist
  33. 33. Conventional family (two parents, two children)</li></ul>Setting:<br /><ul><li>Family home
  34. 34. School
  35. 35. Orphanage
  36. 36. Playground
  37. 37. Tree House
  38. 38. Woods </li></ul>Camera/Editing:<br /><ul><li>Mid-shots, over the shoulder shot, close ups, two shots, long shot, tracking, high angle, low angle, etc…
  39. 39. Transitions, fade in/out, zoom/reverse zoom, etc… </li></ul>Sound:<br /><ul><li>Diegetic dialogue
  40. 40. Incidental music </li></li></ul><li>Genre – Orphan Film Trailer<br />
  41. 41. Narrative – Insidious Film Trailer<br />Type of Narrative:<br />Diegetic Dialogue <br />Non-linear <br />No voice over <br />No narrative captions <br />Sequence of film snippets <br />Narrative <br />“When proud parents take possession of an old house to build a nest for their family, an accident results in one of their sons falling into a coma. The tragedy doesn’t stop there when they are beset by vengeful spirits from another realm in this new thriller by the director and writer of “Saw” and by the producers of “Paranormal Activity”.” <br />
  42. 42. Narrative – Paranormal Activity Film Trailer<br />Type of Narrative:<br />Diegetic Dialogue <br />Non-linear <br />No voice over <br />No narrative captions <br />Sequence of film snippets<br />Narrative <br />“Paranormal Activity” is about a couple who set up a video camera in their room to try and capture the strange goings-on they’ve noticed during the night. Obviously things continue to go bump in the night, and we get to see it “found-footage” style. The latest trailer isn’t as effective as the teaser that was first released, which made very good use of the audience reaction shots to hype it up as terrifying.”<br />