2008vus15c technology


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2008vus15c technology

  1. 1. scientific andtechnologicaladvancesVUS.15c
  2. 2. The application of science:Dramatic advances in technology have affectedlife in America in many significant areas.The American space program was a triumph ofAmerican technological prowess.Technology can make communication andinformation more accessible
  3. 3. The Race To SpacePhoto Credit: NASA
  4. 4. NASA: National Aeronautics andspace administrationIn the early 1960s,President JohnKennedy pledgedincreased support forthe American spaceprogram.The race to the mooncontinued through the1960s.Photo Credit: NASA
  5. 5. Winning the Race:U.S. astronaut John Glennwas the first American toorbit the Earth.In 1969, American astronautNeil Armstrong was the firstperson to step onto the moon’ssurface.He proclaimed, "That’s onesmall step for a man, one giantleap for mankind."Photo Credit: NASA
  6. 6. Women in Space:Sally Ride was the firstfemale astronaut for theUnited StatesChrista Mcauliff was tobe the first civilian inspace, though her spaceshuttle mission was thefirst NASAcatastrophe in decadesDr. Sally Ride
  7. 7. Over the past three decades improvedtechnology and media have broughtabout better access to communicationand information for rural areas,businesses, and individualconsumers. As a result, many moreAmericans have access to globalinformation and viewpoints!
  8. 8. Examples oftechnologicaladvancesCable TV/24-hour news(CNN)Personal computersCellular phonesWorld Wide WebAll of these improve ourability to communicate andaccess information!
  9. 9. Changes in work,school & health careTelecommuting – working fromhome via computersDistance Learning – takingclasses on-lineGrowth in white collar (office)careers as service industriesBreakthroughs in medicalresearch, including thedevelopment of the vaccine forpolio by Dr. Jonas Salk
  10. 10. A “down-side”?Outsourcingand off-shoring
  11. 11. The vastness of the planet hasshrunk due to technology- we nowlive in a “global community”.