2008vus15b newimmigration


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2008vus15b newimmigration

  1. 1. Changing Patterns ofImmigrationVUS.15b
  2. 2. Essential Questions What factors have drawn immigrantsto the United States? What immigrant groups account forthe bulk of immigration? What issues are currently beingdebated related to immigration to theUnited States? What are some contributions made byimmigrants?
  3. 3.  New immigrant groups haveincreased American diversity andredefined American identity. New and increasing immigration tothe United States has been takingplace from many diverse countries,especially Asian and Latin Americancountries.
  4. 4. Reasons for immigration Political freedom fromoppressive governments(Cambodians from the1970’s and ModernHaitians) Refugees fromdevastating wars(Southern Europe as wellas Africa) Economic opportunitythrough jobs
  5. 5.  Strain ongovernment services Filling low-payingjobs in the UnitedStates Border issuesEffects of Immigration
  6. 6. Effects of immigration Bilingual Education- English as aSecond Language(ESL) courses Pathway tocitizenship Increasing culturaldiversity
  7. 7. Contributions ofimmigrants Popularity of ethnic food,music, and the arts Role in labor force –Immigrants continue to dojobs that others will notdo, as well as work forless. Expanded source ofscientists and engineers