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2008vus11d pows

  1. 1. The GenevaConvention and thetreatment ofprisoners of war(POWs) duringWorld War II.VUS.11d
  2. 2. What was the purpose of theGeneva Convention? A meeting in 1929 the GenevaConvention dealt with theTreatment of Prisoners of Warand the document was signed by47 governments. The Geneva Conventionattempted to ensure the humanetreatment of prisoners of war byestablishing rules to be followedby all nations.Captured soldiersshould be given food,shelter, clothing andmedical treatment.(National Archives Photo)
  3. 3. How did the treatment ofprisoners differ? The conduct of war oftenreflects social and moral codesof a nation. The treatment of prisoners ofwar also often reflected thesavage nature of the conflict.
  4. 4. The treatment of prisoners in thePacific Theater often reflected thesavagery of the fighting there. Japanese soldiers often committedsuicide rather than surrender. As fighting was more fierce, thetreatment of POWs in Asia did notfollow the accords from the GenevaConvention.
  5. 5.  AmericanPOWs sufferedbrutal treatment byJapanese after thesurrender of thePhilippines.Nearly 70,000 American and Filipino soldierswere forced to surrender to the Japanese atBataan in 1942. These troops were thenmarched through intense heat to a camp over60 miles away. Somewhere between 5,000and 11,000 soldiers died due to the lack offood and water.Bataan DeathMarch:
  6. 6. The treatment of prisonersin Europe more closelyfollowed the ideas of theGeneva Convention