4       Welcome

              6        Two Schools – One program

                  8        Challe...
4    Welcome

    We are pleased to announce a unique         attract foreign students. In recognition   extend to coll...

collaboration with the Sloan School      benefit from the experience of visiting   interact with invited leading busi...
6   Two Schools – One program

    A unique program                        An exceptional opportunity                  ...

Students - diversity and top               accreditations are a clear indication of
potential                       ...
8   Challenge Yourself


Core required courses

–   Applied Corporate Finance
–   Business Economics*
–   Corporate Sustainability  ...
10   One of a Kind

     Faculty                                          Frederick Lehmann, UCP                       ...

Maria Leonor Ferreira da Silva, UNL             Pedro Pina, UCP                             Daniel Fogel, Wake Fore...
12   Career Development: Get ready… Reach higher

     An MBA can be an important asset in                Development t...

Through the Personal and Professional                  through a personal development plan              community, ...
14   Beyond the Classroom

                            This MBA will provide you with a top

             • Vyolaine Flavier
               Full time student
               MBA Católica 2007
          Beyond th...
16   Join Excellence

     Candidates                                Professional experience                   How to a...
Facilities                                                           17

                            MBA classes will t...
18   Living in Lisbon

     Lisbon is Portugal’s political and          center, with its neoclassical lines. Lying   ma...

(Cascais) and Praia Grande (Sintra)         Portugal is also famous for its cuisine,
are perfect for surfing, windsu...
Living in Lisbon useful sites
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+351 213 801 638       +351 217 2...
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MBA CN (Brochure)

  3. 3. Content 4 Welcome 6 Two Schools – One program 8 Challenge Yourself 10 One of a Kind 12 Career Development: Get ready… Reach higher 14 Beyond the Classroom 16 Join Excellence 17 Facilities 18 Living in Lisbon
  4. 4. 4 Welcome We are pleased to announce a unique attract foreign students. In recognition extend to collaboration among joint MBA program from Católica and of academic excellence both schools researchers and the development NOVA - the most prestigious academic boast accreditations from international of stronger relationships with the institutions specializing in Business and agencies; both schools have a strong community. Economics in Portugal. reputation for contributing to the education of Portuguese business This new MBA benefits from the Several shared features allow for a leaders. extensive experience of both schools natural and beneficial alliance between running MBA programs. The joint NOVA and Católica. Both schools place We are convinced that this Católica- degree partnership is the first step in great importance on research and aim -NOVA cooperation will provide a long term alliance between NOVA for international recognition. Both wonderful opportunities for synergy. and Católica that will include, among schools recruit world-class faculty and Far beyond the classroom, it will other initiatives, a Global MBA in CATÓLICA NOVA
  5. 5. 5 collaboration with the Sloan School benefit from the experience of visiting interact with invited leading business of Management at MIT. professors from top international executives. business schools. Both schools have worked together Upon completion of the new joint MBA on the design of an innovative and A rigorous admission process ensures program students will have acquired the diversified curriculum. Their goal is that participants have the greatest skills to become top executives in an to offer a unique and top quality MBA potential. This is a crucial factor increasingly global business environment. program in Lisbon. The academic in guaranteeing that students gain excellence of the program rests on valuable and practical knowledge As Deans of NOVA and Católica, we the exceptional quality, enthusiasm from their peers in addition to their invite you to share this exciting and drive of Católica and Nova’s classroom learning. Students will experience and participate in world-class faculty. Students also also benefit from the opportunity to Portugal’s leading MBA program. Fátima Barros José Ferreira Machado Dean Dean School of Economics and Management School of Economics and Management Universidade Católica Portuguesa Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  6. 6. 6 Two Schools – One program A unique program An exceptional opportunity Faculty – integrating theory and practice This exceptional partnership between The two schools were pioneers in launch- Portugal’s two leading business ing MBA programs in Portugal and are thus The MBA gives students access to the schools offers students unmatched considered, by alumni and employers best-prepared faculty in the country, opportunities in terms of educational alike, as the best of their kind. with both significant professional experience and networking. experience and solid academic Now the two most international, backgrounds. This combination ensures innovative and prestigious business that classroom content is scientifically schools in Portugal are launching a relevant and updated with the latest completely new program. This new business practices. venture benefits from the combined expertise acquired over the years. Our faculty members are internationally The recognition from the corporate recognized experts in their fields and community and an innovative structure work to ensure that their teaching is that was developed to reflect the relevant. Many professors are hired challenges of the global economy and from the international job market and to enable students to be successful develop their scientific careers abroad, leaders anywhere in the world, are contributing to the international other benefits of this program. dimension of the program. CATÓLICA NOVA
  7. 7. 7 Students - diversity and top accreditations are a clear indication of potential the very high standards and strategic work carried out at both institutions. Much of the success of an MBA lies The accreditations allow us to easily with the students who participate benchmark our schools against the very in the program. Being admitted to best in the world and are a true seal of this program means belonging to an excellence. exceptional group of top potential professionals, unique in Portugal. Training managers Students will have a wide range The program aims to be a flexible and of academic and professional innovative response for people who backgrounds, as diversity is an have a great variety of professional important characteristic of the needs. program, and will be subject to a rigorous selection process following the Class interaction encourages a principles of leading business schools good relationship between students around the world. and professors and fosters strong • Raúl Galamba de Oliveira networking relations for the future. CEO, McKinsey & Company International environment MBA NOVA 1990 Together with solid core training This association brings the best of the Both schools share clearly defined in general management, each schools together - the highest aspira- strategies for internationalization. participant can specialize in the tions, the entrepreneurial spirit, the The international perspective of areas that best fit their professional breadth of the faculty, the commit- the program will be reflected in the goals by choosing from a wide range ment to developing leadership talent. recruitment of foreign students and of electives. It makes the program even more at- in the presence of internationally tractive, and opens new possibilities recruited professors of a variety With a demanding, yet flexible for the future. With this move, the of nationalities, creating a truly program, we encourage each two institutions are also demonstrat- international classroom environment. participant’s personal and professional ing that they stand ready to adapt development through systematic and and seize the opportunities they International recognition gradual training in a range of skills, have ahead of them. Only great in- such as analytical capacity, forming an stitutions can do that. We are proud to be the only two integrated vision of a company, team Portuguese business schools to have working and the ability to work under international accreditations. These pressure.
  8. 8. THE OUTSTANDING MANAGER 8 Challenge Yourself INTEGRATION/GLOBAL VIEW THE CORE COMPETENCIES PROCESSES & STRATEGY PEOPLE SPECIALIZATION SYSTEMS Competencies FOUNDATIONS The MBA program provides students PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS with a full set of tools to develop the skills to become outstanding managers ANALYTICAL SKILLS through an integrated path: • The development of foundation variables to achieve efficiency and perspective of business, making the management competencies is assured productivity. difference. through a strong investment in: – Specific skills related to detailed – Analytical skills – providing you subjects that allow a specialized Schedule with a deep understanding of management of marketing or Full-Time: Weekdays business measurements to support finance areas. Part-time: decision-making. • Weekends - Friday afternoon and – Personal and Professional Skills • The ability to integrate all the Saturday morning - developing your leadership concepts and subjects in order to • Evenings - Tuesday and Friday skills is crucial to succeed in acquire a global and integrated evening and Saturday morning today’s business world and the MBA program will offer you a MBA FULL-TIME TIMELINE unique opportunity to achieve • Business Economics • Corporate Sustainability • Applied Corporate Finance this goal. • Financial Accounting • Finance • Electives • Marketing • Human Resources Management • Organizational Behavior • Management Control Systems • The core competencies for a • Quantitative Analysis for Business • Operations Management • Strategic Management manager in a business context are • Self Awareness • Career Development • Career Development achieved through the development of • Communication Skills • Coaching and Mentoring • Networking Events • Team Building techniques and methodologies in the January-April -December September April-July areas of: – Strategy – define and implement MBA PART-TIME TIMELINE YEAR 1 competitive advantages that allow • Financial Accounting • Business Economics • Electives • Marketing • Finance an outstanding business positioning • Quantitative Analysis for Business • Organizational Behavior in the market. • Self Awareness • Communication Skills • Coaching and Mentoring • Team Building – People – motivate, coach and YEAR 2 develop human resources as the • Applied Corporate Finance • Management Control Systems • Electives • Corporate Sustainability • Operations Management main assets of a business. • Human Resources Management • Electives – Processes & Systems – plan, manage • Strategic Management • Career Development • Career Development • Networking Events and measure the main business CATÓLICA NOVA
  9. 9. 9 Courses Core required courses – Applied Corporate Finance – Business Economics* – Corporate Sustainability Management – Finance – Business Law – Financial Accounting* – Entrepreneurship – Human Resources Management – Fiscal Law – Management Control Systems – Information Management – Marketing – Innovation Management – Operations Management* – International Management – Organizational Behavior – Knowledge Management – Quantitative Analysis for Business* – Leadership and Motivation – Strategic Management – Macroeconomics – Management and Emotional * Students can be granted exemption(s) Intelligence and replace these courses with elective ones. – Negotiation The approval of exemption depends on – Organizational Design academic experience demonstrating sufficient and Change existing proficiency in the area. – Project Management – Strategic Alliances Elective courses – Strategies for E-business Finance Marketing – Advanced Corporate Finance – Advertising – Banking – Brand Management – Entrepreneurial Finance – Consumer Behavior – Financial Derivatives – Marketing Research – Financial Innovation – New Product Development – Financial Investments – Pricing – International Finance – Retailing Strategies – Mergers, Acquisitions and – Sales Force Management Restructuring – Strategic Marketing
  10. 10. 10 One of a Kind Faculty Frederick Lehmann, UCP José Filipe Correia Guedes, UCP Ph.D. candidate in Corporate Strategy and Ph.D. in Finance (Ohio State University) Adriano Freire, UCP International Business Ph.D. in Management (University Sophia, Japan) (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) José Mata, UNL Ph.D. in Management and Economics Ana Marques, UNL Guilherme Almeida e Brito, UCP Sciences (Universidade do Minho) Ph.D. in Accounting Ph.D. in Finance (New York University) (University of Texas in Austin) José Miguel Júdice, UNL Ilídio Barreto, UCP Degree in Law (Universidade de Coimbra) António de Sousa, UNL Ph.D. in Business Administration (City Ph.D. in Business Studies University Business School, London) José Neves Adelino, UNL (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School) Ph.D. in Business Management (Kent State Isabel Horta Correia, UCP University) António Nogueira Leite, UNL Ph.D. in Economics (UCP) Ph.D. in Economics (University of Illinois) Kyryl Lakishyk, UCP J. João Vieira da Cunha, UNL Ph.D. candidate in Marketing (Washington Catherine da Silveira, UNL Ph.D. in Management (MIT Sloan School University, St. Louis) Masters in Marketing (Institut d’Etudes of Management) Politiques de Paris) Luís Almeida Costa, UNL João Amaro de Matos, UNL Ph.D. in Management (Insead) Céline Abecassis-Moedas, UCP Ph.D. in Physics (Universidade de S. Paulo) Ph.D. in Management Studies (École Ph.D. in Management (Insead) Polytechnique, Paris) Luís Caeiro, UCP Degree in Psychology (University of Lisbon) João Borges de Assunção, UCP Cristina Neto de Carvalho, UCP Ph.D. in Management (University of Ph.D. in Management (UCP) Luís Campos e Cunha, UNL California at Los Angeles) Ph.D. in Economics (Columbia University) Daved Barry, UNL João Confraria e Silva, UCP Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Luís Filipe Lages, UNL Ph.D. in Economics (UCP) Organizational Psychology (University of Ph.D. in Marketing and Strategic Maryland) Management (University of Warwick) João Luís César das Neves, UCP Ph.D. in Economics (UCP) David Patient, UCP Luís Janeiro, UCP Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior MBA (UCP) (University of British Columbia) João Matos, UCP MBA in Organizational Behavior (UCP) Manuel Baganha, UNL Diogo de Lucena, UNL Ph.D. in Decision Sciences (Wharton School) Ph.D. in Systems Engineering (Stanford Joaquim Paiva Chaves, UCP University) MBA (Insead) Manuel Leite Monteiro, UCP Jorge Braga de Macedo, UNL Ph.D. in Economics (Catholic University of Fátima Barros, UCP Ph.D. in Economics (Yale University) Louvain) Dean of the School of Economics and Management Ph.D. in Economics (Catholic University Jorge Velosa, UNL Manuela Athayde Marques, UCP of Louvain) MBA (UNL) Ph.D. in Finance (Glasgow University) Fernando Branco, UCP José Ferreira Machado, UNL Manuela Calhau, UCP Ph.D. in Economics (MIT) Dean of the School of Economics and MBA (UNL) Management Fernando Machado, UCP Ph.D. in Economics (University of Illinois at Maria Clara Costa Duarte, UNL Ph.D. in Economics (Reading University) Urbana-Champaign) Ph.D. in Economics (UNL) CATÓLICA NOVA
  11. 11. 11 Maria Leonor Ferreira da Silva, UNL Pedro Pina, UCP Daniel Fogel, Wake Forest University Ph.D. in Management (Universidade Lusíada MBA (Insead) Ph.D. in Behavioral Sciences de Lisboa) (University of Wisconsin) Pedro Pita Barros, UNL Maria Manuel Seabra da Costa, UNL Francisco Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University Ph.D. in Economics (UNL) MBA (UCP) Ph.D. in Technology, Management & Policy (MIT) Qinglei Dai, UNL Miguel Athayde Marques, UCP Ph.D. in Business Administration (Glasgow Ph.D. in Financial Economics (Norwegian Gary Emery, University of Oklahoma University) School of Management) Ph.D. in Finance (University of Kansas) Miguel Gouveia, UCP Ricardo Reis, UCP João Miguel Villas-Boas, University of Ph.D. in Economics (University of Rochester) Ph.D. in Accounting (Wharton School, California at Berkeley University of Pennsylvania) Ph.D. in Management (MIT) Miguel Pina e Cunha, UNL Ph.D. in Management (Tilburg University) Rita Campos e Cunha, UNL José Camões Silva, University of California Ph.D. in Business Management at Berkeley Nuno Fernandes, UCP (University of Manchester) Ph.D. in Management (MIT) Ph.D. in Management (IESE Business School) Nuno Garoupa, UNL Rui Vieira, UNL José Pinto dos Santos, UCP Porto and Insead D.Phil. in Economics (University of York) Ph.D. in Industrial and Business Studies M.Sc. in Management Science (University of (Warwick Business School) London). Nuno Leitão, UCP Degree in Business Administration (UCP) Sonia Dahab, UNL Leslie Fine, Ohio State University Ph.D. in Economics (Yale University) Ph.D. in Marketing (University of Tennessee). Paula Antão, UNL Ph.D. in Management (UNL) Stefan Meisiek, UNL Paulo Lopes, Surrey University Ph.D. in Business Administration Ph.D. in Psychology (Yale University) Paulo Cardoso do Amaral, UCP (Stockholm School of Economics) Ph.D. in Information Systems Rajiv Sinha, Arizona State University (University of Paris, France) Ph.D. in Management (Pennsylvania State University) Paulo Gomes, UNL Ph.D. in Management (Boston University) Visiting faculty Robert Stinerock, Farleigh Dickinson University Paulo Modesto Pardal, UCP António Sampaio e Mello, Wisconsin Ph.D. in Quantitative Methods and Marketing MBA (UNL) University (Columbia University) Ph.D. in Finance (London Business School) Paulo Soares de Pinho, UNL Ph.D. in Banking and Finance (City University Tawfik Jelassi, ENPC, Paris Charles Waldman, Insead Ph.D. in Management of Information Systems Business School) DBA in Management (Harvard University) (New York University) Pedro Oliveira, UCP Ph.D. in Operations, Technology and Chris Muscarella, Pennsylvania State Veronique Tran, Université de Genève Innovation Management (University of North University Ph.D. in Business Studies Carolina at Chapel Hill) Ph.D. in Management (Purdue University) (Université de Genève)
  12. 12. 12 Career Development: Get ready… Reach higher An MBA can be an important asset in Development team will provide you opportunities open to students through today’s competitive business world. with support from the moment you its contacts with the business sector start the MBA program. and providing the instruments for Believing that career development effective career management. is primarily the responsibility of This team has the mission of each individual student, the Career broadening the range of career • João Talone President, Ribabest, Lda. MBA NOVA 1984 Since my MBA at NOVA in 1984, I have been in contact with several business Schools in Portugal and abroad for both personal and professional reasons. I consider that Portugal and the Portuguese economy needs an MBA with the following characteristics: (a) International. Capable of attracting 30 to 50% of good students from other geographi- cal areas; (b) With a diversified and strong faculty; (c) Benefiting from the support of the Portuguese entrepreneurial network either through • Nuno Duarte the financing of the program and/or absorbing the students upon completion; CEO, Microsoft Portugal (d) Focusing on developing entrepreneurial skills in its students. MBA Católica 1995 Portuguese students should be challenged by high quality international colleagues and Business Leaders must always look beyond the con- demanding inspiring professors. fines of their companies, their industries and their Given the size of our country and the need for a minimum critical mass for such a ven- preconceived ideas. ture the only way to progress in this direction by merging the MBA program of the two This MBA program provides a good foundation and best Portuguese business schools: “Católica” and “NOVA”. The competition is no more set of conceptual tools to walk along that path. within our boarders! It’s a global one! CATÓLICA NOVA
  13. 13. 13 Through the Personal and Professional through a personal development plan community, both school’s alumni Skills modules, fully integrated into in order to achieve your life and are also drawn in and play an important the program, you will be immersed career goals. role in this process, through their own in a series of activities which will active network both at a national and help you assess and boost your Besides this office’s proactive international level. leadership potential and be coached relationships with the business • Mafalda Rodrigues dos Santos • Andrey Dobrynin Treasury and Corporate Director, Head of Marketing, Slando Ltd. (Ebay’s affiliate) Banco Bilbao Viscaya Argentaria MBA NOVA 2006 MBA Católica 2003 For me, the MBA at Nova became an excellent international experi- Universidade Católica’s MBA Program was an extremely rewarding experi- ence in a high-quality European business school. It was the main ence that clearly exceeded my expectations. Primarily, I was able to de- reason to do my MBA outside Russia. The courses proved to be very velop management skills, which are the basis of any successful career. It demanding, intensive and challenging. They significantly comple- also allowed me to enhance my financial background and be in contact mented my skills, thanks to highly professional and experienced with up-to-date management topics. Further to the technical content, the professors who integrated perfectly both theory and practice on program helped develop an additional set of valuable capabilities as it their courses. Another important advantage of this program is the required a hands-on approach, excellent time management, discipline and great diversity of students’ backgrounds that increases the value entrepreneurship. All in all, it supplied the means to take advantage of of the MBA as a whole. career opportunities. Of course, my being in Portugal for one year became the unique op- Being a former student of Universidade Nova de Lisboa at the undergradu- portunity for me to get close to another culture, language and to make ate level and Universidade Católica at the MBA level, I see the effort from friends. And I would like to mention that people and the environment both universities to present a joint MBA with great enthusiasm. Both insti- at the school are very warm, like the climate in this sunny country. tutions have an undisputed reputation, top quality teachers, internation- Very often in my professional career when I have a problem to solve ally recognized speakers and the best MBA programs in Portugal. In the I use the knowledge I acquired at Nova’s classes and each time I’m current global market, this joint effort is an opportunity to take these very grateful to the school for the skills it gave me, the skills that al- top quality MBA programs to the next level and become a reference in the low me to comply with international business standards. international picture.
  14. 14. 14 Beyond the Classroom This MBA will provide you with a top level, world-class education program that extends far beyond the classroom. You can expect a rigorous and demanding program as well as a powerful and challenging intellectual environment. Academic life aside, there are other things you can experience. You have access to a series of formal and informal events designed to develop your managerial, leadership, communication and teamwork skills while having some real fun. Outdoor and teambuilding activities, a sponsored company case competition, and access to MBA alumni events are just some of the examples of the activities offered. Being part of a strong community, you will work and interact with a dynamic group. As your colleagues possess a unique set of interests, opinions, backgrounds and motivations you will be encouraged to pursue personal excellence. Our commitment is to provide a challenging environment that allows you to grow both on a personal and professional level, take advantage of a valuable network and develop long-lasting relationships. This MBA will be a life-changing experience! CATÓLICA NOVA
  15. 15. 15 • Vyolaine Flavier Full time student MBA Católica 2007 Beyond the knowledge I am acquiring, the power of the MBA is in the contacts that I have with my peers. The diversity of their profiles is a great source of personal and pro- fessional enrichment: they come from different countries, from different jobs, with different degrees of seniority… By working all together we learn a lot from each other, we acquire good interpersonal and teamwork skills, and… we have a lot of fun! I think that a partnership between NOVA and Católica will be very efficient because it will allow more diversity in the course options and a bigger network. I also believe that this partnership is crucial to placing the Portuguese MBA in the European rankings, which would be very important to appeal to even more international students. • Miguel Garcia Partner and co-founder, TechnoPhage, S.A. MBA Católica 2002 A Ph.D. in Pharmacy – Microbiology at the F.F.U.L. provided me with a strong technical and scientific background. The MBACatólica program gave me the opportunity to complement this technical know-how with Business Management knowledge. The MBA was of the upmost importance to the creation of “TechnoPhage, S.A.”, a new Biotech company devoted to the R&D of new therapeutics. The MBA program was also very helpful for my teaching activity, and very important to develop my assets and to further strengthen my personal and professional skills in a stimulating work and social environment. Moreover, the program environment gave me the opportunity to build new and meaningful personal and working relationships.
  16. 16. 16 Join Excellence Candidates Professional experience How to apply? We recommend that our applicants We are looking for successful MBA have a minimum 3 years professional Candidate requirements: candidates, highly motivated experience. The richness, range and • Undergraduate degree in any area professionals with strong interpersonal results of professional background and • Recommended minimum of 3 years of skills and the potential to become a clear managerial potential are key relevant professional experience outstanding leaders. elements contributing to the diversity We have put together a rigorous of the student body. Application requirements: selection process that guarantees • Completed on-line Application Form that our students satisfy these Maturity, personality • Official university transcripts characteristics. The top quality of and motivation • Test scores GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS our student body is a key element to Teamwork is a crucial component of the • Two recommendation letters enhance the learning experience in our learning experience at the MBA. We are • One photo program, especially given the level of looking for candidates who are mature, • A 100€ non-refundable fee engagement we require from them in highly motivated and who possess strong class and group discussions. communication and interpersonal skills Application deadline: as well as managerial and leadership • Application submission up to Admission criteria: potential. A personal interview and the June 30th statement of purpose explaining your Academic achievement personal goals and motivation to join • All candidates must hold a first the MBA assess this. Admission process: degree in any area. • Previous school reputation, area of Language skills Non- admission study and academic performance are Fluency in English is an indispensable important in the assessment process. requirement for admission on any • Quantitative and analytical skills international program. For non-native Application and capacity for intensive learning English speakers, proficiency in English Form Application Personal Analysis Interview Admission Submission are also very important and they are can be evaluated through previous assessed by official GMAT scores. academic or professional experience in an English speaking country or through the scores on TOEFL or IELTS tests. Non- admission CATÓLICA NOVA
  17. 17. Facilities 17 MBA classes will take place in both Católica’s and NOVA’s facilities, giving students full access to a wide range of resources. Having access to both school’s campuses, MBA students enjoy excellent working conditions, including libraries, computer and study rooms, restaurants and wireless internet access. Both buildings guarantee outstanding working conditions that stimulate interaction and the exchange of experiences between fellows. MBA students are encouraged to use facilities beyond class time, to study or work in groups, to have a walk in the gardens or even to schedule a business lunch. • Clara de Moura Guedes Administrator, Queijo Saloio MBA NOVA 1986 Having pursued my undergraduate studies at Católica and the MBA program at NOVA, I believe that I benefited from the best of both worlds: the seriousness, professionalism and rigour of a deep and very broad first-cycle education, later on complemented by an updated vision of the latest trends in management thinking and enriched by Professors from very different backgrounds and nationalities. As a recruiter, Católica and NOVA continue to mean Excellence in management education. Joining efforts, capitalizing on strengths will undoubtedly produce a first class pro- gram, focused on creating the right mindset to face the global challenges of today.
  18. 18. 18 Living in Lisbon Lisbon is Portugal’s political and center, with its neoclassical lines. Lying magic of its natural light. In Lisbon economic capital, also known as the on the banks of the Tagus River, it is there is a wide variety of cultural “city of seven hills”. The city has surrounded by white sand beaches. activities you can enjoy, such as visiting many cultural traditions and various a museum, taking a walk in a park or contrasting architectural styles, ranging More than the historical aspects, there simply having a coffee on a terrace from traditional areas with narrow is a strong cultural heritage which near the river. alleys, which date before the 1755 leads us to go further and listen to the earthquake, to the magnificent open stories told by the people, discover Being in Lisbon allows you to play a space of Praça do Comércio in the city the mysteries of its traditions and the range of sports. The beaches of Guincho CATÓLICA NOVA
  19. 19. 19 (Cascais) and Praia Grande (Sintra) Portugal is also famous for its cuisine, are perfect for surfing, windsurfing, food and wine being pleasures and bodyboarding. You can also soar Portuguese people enjoy. For those through the sky in a balloon, parapent who wish to know Lisbon better, • Rahool Panandiker or hand-glide over the Arrábida hills. If choose one of the many restaurants Consultant, The Boston you prefer a soothing game of golf, all and relish one of the typical dishes Consulting Group you have to do is go to Estoril, Cascais, with a superb wine from Douro or MBA Católica 2005 Sintra, Palmela or Azeitão, among other Alentejo. I have always believed in the proof is in courses. the pudding approach. Rational argu- ments are best complemented by empirical evidence. “Top schools open doors other schools don’t”: this is how I foresaw the ef- fect that the MBA would have on my career opportunities. And true to its word, that is precisely what my experience has been as a graduate of the MBA program. As a foreigner, the Lisbon experience is in itself a fascinating door. The option of as- similating within and learning a culture so different from my own was something I cher- ished as an adventure as well as a competi- tive advantage builder. At the momentous occasion of uniting the two best programs in Portugal, I greet the future of management education in Portugal with hope. Clearly, it is a natural match that I am sure will exploit synergies where possi- ble and reinforce idiosyncrasies that reflect their individual richnesses and heritages. I envisage a program that will present to the global stage a world-class program and a limitless opportunity for the creation of a transversal network spanning the top busi- ness leaders and managers in Portugal and elsewhere. I look to this future “door” with unbridled optimism.
  20. 20. Living in Lisbon useful sites More information on GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS can be obtained at: CATÓLICA NOVA
  21. 21. Take the next step!
  22. 22. 22 Notes
  23. 23. CATÓLICA NOVA Contacts E-mail Phone +351 213 801 638 +351 217 272 634 Web site