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Communication presentation


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Communication 303

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Communication presentation

  1. 1. • Cell Phones • Media dependency theory• Video Games • Critical mass theory• Computers • Social learning theory
  2. 2. • The first cell phone was created by Martin Cooper in 1973, while he was the manager for Motorola.• This “brick” like phone was 30- ounces, and could transmit calls when a direct line was availible.• Each phone cost appoximately $3,500 per customer. This wasnt even including the actual data plan. Martin Cooper - History of Cell Phone
  3. 3. • Steve Jobs was the creator of the iPhone, which was created in 2009 for AT&T.• This iPhone was light weight, and was no larger then a deck of cards.• The approximate price per customer is $849.99 in comparison to the first phone that was $3,500.• The iPhone also offers numerous other features that technology couldnt break the surface of in 1973. App Apple IPhone 4s 4s
  4. 4. • With all these modern features that cell phones have to offer in today’s society, what will they have to offer in the future?• Cell phones, will offer more security services within the future. You will be able to access all utilities within your house off of one device.• Imagine as world where you can pre-heat you oven before you get home to make your kids a meal. Or turning on the ac before you get home, becuuse it’s so hot outside. This will save people a lot of money due to the fact that when they are not at home all their utilities can be controlled in order to save energy.
  5. 5. • As we all know cell phones have advanced in such a day and age that we depend on them for everything. With that also being said, cell phones are slowly but surely decreasing our basic uses of communication.• A great example of this would be the discovery of text messaging. Text messaging has single handedly decreased basic communication. Instead of people having long intellectual conversations with each other on the phone speaking with each other, these convesations are held via text message. Consequently, when people text they don’t always write in the same format, in which they speak can cause for people to rarely professionally write and speak. in a way that lowers their intelligence. Grant, A. E., & Meadows, J. H.
  6. 6. • The first video game consel was created in 1977, known as the Atari.• The Atari consisted of one controller and three games only.• This was the first step into digital graphic video game world, and during this time kids all around the world wanted this gaming system.• In 1977, the approximate cost for the Atari was $199. Atari 2600
  7. 7. • Today there are a variety of video games the world has to offer.• The most popular amongst them all is the Playstation 3, which allows for you to play hundreds of thousands of games against different opponents around the world.• The approximate cost for the Playstation 3, is about $300, and just like the Atari it comes with one controller. Therefore, some things from the past don’t change in the future. Play Station 3
  8. 8. • Video games in the future will allow for you to actually have a feeling as if you are in the actual game. You will be able to run, jump, or even fly in your own virtual world.• The approximate cost for these video gaming consels will be at least $1000, due to the fact that if does in fact offer so much technology.• However, will that effect the marketing prices of the game consels itself? Only the future will know.
  9. 9. • With the emergence of video games in our time, the more people that have them makes a large majority of people that dont have them want to have them.• The people that innovated the video gaming system hope for universal access therefore the product itself can become more useful. However, the only thing that could possibly hault video games from progressing is “the tipping point”. This is if the innovations of a new video gaming systems aren’t any better than the original gaming system, they will only reach the early adopters stage. Grant, A. E., & Meadows, J. H
  10. 10. • The word computer is from the Latin in 17th century.• Charles Babbage created a new engine that was capable of computing several sets of numbers and making hard copies. The machine had been completed in 1991.• The first general mechanical computer was called the Analytical Engine. It was created by Charles Babbage as well in 1837. He integrated an Arithmetic logic Unit, flow control and memory. In 1910, the portion that makes the computer perform basic calculator was add by Charles’s son named Henry When was the first computer invented?
  11. 11. • One of the most elite computers of this time would definitely have to be the MacBook Pro.• The MacBook offers a large variety of multi- media options that allows for the users to explore the internet at high speeds, as well as use it’s many features for entertainment.• The approximate cost for the MacBook is $1,799.99• College students all around the world use this as a main tool of success throughout their school years, and as innovations continue to make their mark upon Apple, the more elite products such as the MacBook will become. MacBook Pro
  12. 12. • There have been many concepts of what the computer may have to offer in the near future. However, as cellular technology continues to take off, the use of computers will be exiled.• Cell phones are now able to do anything and everything computers are allowed to do. Consequently, this is actually decreasing the use of computers in today’s society.• Nevertheless, it is believed that in the future all computers will be innovated into cellular devices because they are in fact small, easy to carry, and easy to replace with insurance. With that also being said, the prices of these cellular devices will increase.
  13. 13. • The social learning theory, will play a major role within society as computers begin to emerge. Whether we like it or not computers will be one of the main sources of technology in the near future. People will have no choice but to jump on board with the movement or be left behind.• With that being said, people will learn how to use a computer to do things such as online banking or even shopping for groceries for that matter. The fact that computers have stormed across this world and have been to exposed to a large amount of people, proves that the more exposed people are to this technology, the easier they will find out how to use them. A great example of this would be reading. There was a point in time where a large amount of people within the U.S. could not read nor write. However, as school began to expose those teachings to their students more and more people began to read and write correctly. They then shared their knowledge amongst their family members and peers. Grant, A. E., & Meadows, J. H
  14. 14. • The technology this world has to offer, has allowed for communication amongst society to be harmed, but also aided to some affect. We take for granted the many features these communication devices have to offer, and for the most part deeply rely on them. However, communication has completely evolved, and will always continue to evolve as technological innovations are created to benefit the communication in society. Nevertheless, basic speaking tools amongst human beings will never change in the near future, it is one of the key sources to basic communication in the entire world. In conclusion, the way communication in the future can be harmed is the way people talk to each other. Society would rather use text messaging, e-mail, or even social networks to approach confrontational situations; instead of physically talking amongst each other. This is the only problem this generation will have to face in the future, which risk basic face-to-face communication.
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