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Sharing Apache's Goodness: How We Should be Telling Apache's Story


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Slides for a talk from ApacheCon Europe 2014.

Published in: Marketing
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Sharing Apache's Goodness: How We Should be Telling Apache's Story

  1. 1. SShhaarriinngg AAppaacchhee''ss GGooooddnneessss:: HHooww WWee SShhoouulldd bbee TTeelllliinngg AAppaacchhee''ss SSttoorryy Joe Brockmeier @jzb
  2. 2. IInnttrroodduuccttiioonn
  3. 3. CCrraazzyy AAssssuummppttiioonnss ● You are involved with an Apache project* ● You want that project, and the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to succeed ● You are willing to do something different, possibly difficult and uncomfortable, to make that happen ● You are not, in fact, a marketing or PR professional 11/24/14 3
  4. 4. WWhhaatt WWee''llll CCoovveerr ● Why “sharing” is important ● State of Apache marketing ● Why Apache needs to improve ● How projects can take action ● Low-hanging fruit ● Slightly more difficult ● Doing the hard work ● Metrics ● Review 11/24/14 4
  5. 5. WWhhyy ''SShhaarriinngg'' iiss IImmppoorrttaanntt
  6. 6. IImmppoorrttaannccee ooff PPrroommoottiioonnss ● What's the point in creating software if no one uses it? ● New users become contributors, committers, PMC members, Apache members... ● Spread the “Apache Way” -- just because “open source” has “won” doesn't mean it's being done well... ● Companies that invest in ASF projects want to see them succeed ● Diversity 11/24/14 6
  7. 7. TThhee AASSFF''ss SSeerrvviicceess
  8. 8. PPrroojjeeccttss EExxppeecctt ● Mentoring (Incubator) and general oversight after graduation ● Assistance with trademarks, legal issues ● Infrastructure services (e.g. mailing lists, SVN/Git repositories, Web sites, Jira) ● Security response* ● Fundraising ● Marketing? 11/24/14 8
  9. 9. TThhiinnggss EEvvoollvvee
  10. 10. ““AAppaacchhee CCoonnssiiddeerreedd HHaarrmmffuull”” ● “Apache slow to change” @rbowen ● Apache, lately, has gotten a bad rap ● We're not telling the larger Foundation story well, nor the projects ● Companies are looking elsewhere to participate* ● We could do much better at communicating about projects ● We could do much better at communicating between projects 11/24/14 10
  11. 11. HHooww ttoo TTaakkee AAccttiioonn:: MMaarrkkeettiinngg@@AAppaacchhee..oorrgg
  12. 12. CCaann wwee HHeerrdd CCaattss?? At least I'm not dealing with open source marketing... 11/24/14 12
  13. 13. AAppaacchhee''ss CCuurrrreenntt SSyysstteemm ● We have one contractor servicing 153 (and counting) projects ● Our current assets are underutilized (e.g. the Apache web site, Twitter, blogs) ● ApacheCon is a great resource too many projects are failing to capitalize on ● We are responsive to press, but not aggressive in pitching to press 11/24/14 13
  14. 14. MMooddeesstt PPrrooppoossaall ● Announcing -- a list to discuss marketing / promotion across all Apache projects ● Encourage more people to participate in ASF marketing – blogging, helping with ApacheCon, social media, etc. ● More work in public, more collaboration ● Should Marketing be a TLP? 11/24/14 14
  15. 15. HHooww ttoo TTaakkee AAccttiioonn:: PPrroojjeeccttss
  16. 16. PPrroommoottiinngg YYoouurr TTLLPP ● Does your project have a marketing@ list? (Unless you're CloudStack, CloudDB, or OpenOffice, no.) ● Does your project recognize marketing as a contribution towards committership/PMC membership? (No? Why not?) ● Does your project have a promotional strategy? ● Who writes release announcements? Social media? Blogs? Project spokespersons? 11/24/14 16
  17. 17. LLooww--HHaannggiinngg FFrruuiitt
  18. 18. PPiicckkiinngg tthhee LLooww--HHaannggiinngg FFrruuiitt ● Grab a @Twitter handle, Google+ Page, etc. ● Start, and maintain, a project blog. ● Improve your release announcements! ● Too many release announcements fail to even state what the project does. ● Are you pitching to relevant press? ● Do you have a project spokesperson? ● Do you have any easy-to-find materials to help promote your project? 11/24/14 18
  19. 19. MMoorree AAmmbbiittiioouuss
  20. 20. GGeettttiinngg SSeerriioouuss 11/24/14 20
  21. 21. Taking iitt ttoo tthhee NNeexxtt LLeevveell ● Create a press kit ● 100- and 250-word project summaries ● Project facts / history / FAQ ● Quick start review guide ● Monthly or weekly news (hard to sustain!) ● Pitching third party publications, regular contributions ● User/developer surveys, providing feedback to developers ● Revising and improving documentation ● Use cases 11/24/14 21
  22. 22. MMeettrriiccss
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  24. 24. TThhaannkkss!! @@jjzzbb jjzzbb@@aappaacchhee..oorrgg