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Social Media Marketing Blueprint for Entrepreneurs 2 - Concepts and Case studies


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This is revised as on 17 March 2018.

The nuts and bolts of social media discussed without hi-fi jargon. Social Media Marketing comprehensive guide for startup, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Social Media Marketing for entrepreneurs and professionals - Social Media Marketing strategies - includes Instagram - Facebook marketing - LinkedIn - Twitter - YouTube - Flickr - Google Plus - Pinterest - groups and Pages - Not only for B2C but also good for B2B - Blog - Blogger - WordPress - and Social Media Case Study - PPT by Jyotindra Zaveri - Hope you will Like it and Share.

Social Media is not only facebook - there are many more sites to promote your products and services - PowerPoint that will help you create your own Social Media Marketing strategy - Do not get stuck with age old Google paid ad words and SEO - It is high time that you learn the next level of publicity to reach out to the wider audience.

YouTube video lectures are inserted.

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Jyotindra Zaveri is consultant and trainer. Formerly with IBM. Computer Engineer (Germany). IT Professional since….1975.

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