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Infographcis - Digital platforms for digital marketing


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Interactive Infographics - Hyperlinks and a YouTube video embedded.

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology
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Infographcis - Digital platforms for digital marketing

  1. 1. You may use some of these or all of these digital platforms for marketing Blog 1 Blogger (Google) 2 WordPress 3 Tumblr Blog is an interactive website Connecting more deeply to your target audience Positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry A picture is worth a thousand words Publish pictures and videos (Yahoo) INSTAGRAM Bringing your brand to Life through pictures from your SmartPhone Get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and more! Pinterest Pinterest - Link website pictures, YouTube videos
  2. 2. SlideShare - Professional publishing platform that you can link with LinkedIn profile Scribd - Publish PowerPoint presentations, Documents, .pdf files to view in HTML5 PUBLISH PRESENTATION Social Media Active Users Facebook (37%) LinkedIn (8%) YouTube (31%) Twitter (7%) Google+ (9%) Instagram (5%) Pinterest (2%) 16-65 Years Age Group Here is a complete list of 20+ Digital Platforms Social media marketing is Word of Mouth marketing on Internet INTEGRATE YOUR LEGACY MARKETING WITH DIGITAL MARKETING
  3. 3. Put an En d to Wasteful Mark etin g Spen din g Targetin g is just th e begin n in g of th e con versation h ttp://Jy