MLA/DLA 2015 Meeting 1


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  • Conference is made up of a lot of working pieces:

    Ourselves and Skills which we just scratched the surface with. How many of you are conference committee first-timers?
    Our roles and Responsibilities – For example: Division VPs raise your hands. A responsibility of that role is to plan conference programs.
    Expectations are above and beyond and between the lines of responsibilities. For example: @Large folks raise your hands. Your role is @Large, you’re free agents, you’re wildcards. You don’t have any pre-definied responsibilities – yet. One of my expectations for you is to know your skillz and interests and then find a part of the conference to be a part of – OR – respond to the help wanted ads that the divisions/committees/subcommittees/interest groups post to the conference committee. For example, I know the silent auction subcommittee is looking to grow their team this year and will be sending just such a help wanted ad in a few days.

    Making sure that we all know how we fit into this group is so important to me that I want us to divide up into 4 small groups to review the MLA Manual/Handbook Duties handout as well as the Expectations handout.

    Group 1: Division VPs (plus 2 @Large)
    Group 2: MLA/DLA (plus 2 @Large) Margaret, Julie, Kate, Laurel, Mary Hassler
    Group 3: DLDS, Silent Auction, Pub Quiz, SMUG, (plus 2 @Large)
    Group 4: IFAP, CML, GIIG, RAIG, Technology, (plus 1 @Large)
  • Important! Make your notations clear so that I can read them. We will not have time to review and discuss all of the feedback that you give me but I will compile it all and review the documents accordingly and post them to the wiki so, I need to be able to easily interpret your handwriting.
  • You might have noticed a lot of expectations revolving around participating, communicating, and collaborating and in a few minutes we’ll learn 2 ways we’ll do all three. Now I want to make sure we’re all at the same starting line by reviewing the groundwork that has already be laid (incl. handouts). These are the NASA documents I emailed.

    Did anyone not have a chance to read through the documents?

    The Important Hightlights:

    NASA will partner with MLA/DLA for the 2015 conference by way of some combination of speakers, preconferences, regular programs, and exhibits.
    In order to further the discussion among NASA’s outreach department, I had to send a proposal that included a focus and examples of potential programs/preconferences/etc. The focus/theme I suggested was: STEM Teaching, Learning, and Application: a Triple bond between libraries, schools, and NASA.
    Speaker Series  Under 21 speaker series  local brilliant students from MD and DE who are doing STEM-Y stuff of note
    We will sign a memorandum of understanding by late June or early July

    What this means for us:
    NASA preconferences and programs will be sponsored by the conference committee – which means I may need an @Large member to act as program planner.
    We’ll potentially save $$ on the speaker series because NASA speakers can only accept reimbursement for travel and lodging.
    Theme: I’m going to say that our theme will be something spacey  so I’d like to ask that instead of spending a lot of time at one meeting brainstorming and deciding on a theme, can we instead have someone create an IdeaScale that we can all contribute to and vote on? Margaret can give us a due date – she needs to share the theme with the brochure designer and the more time she has to come up with creative ideas the better
    I am encouraging each of you to contribute to the ideas for ways that we can partner with NASA for this conference in terms of programs, preconferences, special events, etc. Of course, I’ll be looking for these ideas to be shared on the wiki. 
    All of this is subject to change.

    What questions do you have about anything I just said?

  • MLA/DLA 2015 Meeting 1

    1. 1. MLA/DLA2015 Conference • Please sign in • I need a note taker • Brief introductions • Agenda review – on next slide
    2. 2. MLA/DLA 2015 Conference Committee Meeting June 18, 2014 | 2pm-4pm Purpose: Who are you? Who am I? What are we doing here and how are we going to make it happen? Objectives: 1. Identify each other by name and system. 2. Describe how we each fit within the conference team. 3. Learn how to access and use the Wiki for program/event planning. 4. Learn how to access and use Google Hangouts & Blackboard Collaborate to attend Conference meetings virtually. 2:00pm: Welcome, introductions, and orientation • Getting to know: each other and the skills we bring to the team • Getting to know: our roles, responsibilities, and expectations • Getting to know: the conference and the groundwork that’s already been laid 3:00pm: Workshop Time • Katilyn Miller  Wiki: How to Access, How to Use (20 minutes) • Stuart Ragland  Google Hangouts (20 minutes) • Julie Zamostny  Blackboard Collaborate (if there’s time) 3:50pm: Wrap up & next steps (incl. Program Planning Day; Leadership Day; Call for Proposals, LHTMO) 4:00pm: Meeting ends
    3. 3. Getting to Know Each Other & Our Skillz You’ll Need: - Cream-colored card - Pen/pencil You have 3 minutes to: - Partner w/someone you don’t know well - Record their answers on the card - Sit down when finished
    4. 4. Getting to Know Each Other & Our Skillz • Introduce your partner • Hand in your cards to Julie Q: Why did I have us do this?
    5. 5. Getting to Know our Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations
    6. 6. You’ll Need: - 2 Handouts: - MLA Manual and Handbook - MLA/DLA Conference Committee Expectations - Pen or Pencil You have 10 minutes to: - Review both handouts within the group - Suggest clarifications, revisions, additions, deletions - Note: only JZ’s interpretations can be revised on the MLA Manual Getting to Know our Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations
    7. 7. Give Me a Break… till …
    8. 8. Katilyn: Mini Wiki Workshop
    9. 9. Stuart: Mini Google Hangouts Workshop
    10. 10. Wrap Up: Next Steps Mark Your Calendars: • Program Planning Day: June 25, 12:30pm – 4:00pm @ MLA Office – Program Planners • Leadership Day is July 18 from 10am-4pm at AACPL West County – MLA Appointed and Elected Officers and Chairs • Learn How to Meet Online – TBD – 2 classes • Next meeting: July 30th via Blackboard Collaborate
    11. 11. Wrap Up: Next Steps Homework: • Who’s creating IdeaScale for theme? • Familiarize yourselves with the wiki • Share at least 1 idea for a conference program or event that could involve NASA in some way • @Large: start thinking about what you heard today and how you might like to get involved. Then email me and let me know!
    12. 12. Round Table Review • Tell me 1 thing you want me to repeat or that you enjoyed about today’s meeting • Tell me 1 thing that you don’t want me to repeat or that you want me to change in the future.