Uw Design Ws 1 2


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Worksheets used in May 12 Designing Online Groups Presentation

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Uw Design Ws 1 2

  1. 1. Designing Online Groups: Worksheet 1 You are responsible for devising an instructional strategy to support achievement of following objective. The course is delivered online using an integrated course design framework (e.g., Desire 2 Learn; WebCT, Blackboard) that includes standard tools such as discussion, chat and whiteboard. You want learners to achieve the objective while maximizing online collaboration, cooperation and communication. In 20 minutes, devise and record an instructional strategy. Course: Community Health Nursing Practice Objective: Discuss the use of key health planning concepts in community health nursing practice. Purpose of Group (Check one or both) ___Learning ___Assessment ___Both Devise and record your strategy Factors to consider in your design may include: