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Beyond Microsoft


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Published in: Business
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Beyond Microsoft

  1. 1. Beyond Microsoft <ul><li>Positioning The Next As “Web 2.0/Work 2.0/Biz 2.0/Office 2.0” Front End. No Longer As Classic Offline Office Front-End Only </li></ul><ul><li>By Arvino Mudjiarto, Worxcode </li></ul><ul><li> Conference - Barcelona - September 19-21, 2007 </li></ul>
  2. 2. Today’s Work Requires Everything To Be Seamlessly Connected And Integrated “ Work Connected” (TM)
  3. 3. As We Do Our Work, We Would Like To Distribute, Review, Get Approval, Cross Check & Share Our Work With Others Draft/Compose, Submit Multiple Form & Template Review & Approve Receive & Respond
  4. 4. We Love The Intuitiveness Of Office, Combined With The Power & Simplicity Of The Web “ E-Paper”
  5. 5. Our “Office” Docs Flows Smoothly With Our Digital Working Process Digital Workdesk Digital Workdesk Digital Workdesk Automatic Alert & Reminder Reg Performance Measure. Aware. Discover, Immediate Respond & Act Digital Conveyor Belt Digital Auto Organized Result Digital Work Tracking Index Digital Collaboration/Link Index Digital Tag/Search/Profiling Index Digital Historical Index Productivity, Performance, Intelligence, Knowledge, Sharing, Searching, Interactivity, Discovery, Asset Office Doc Flow Digital Interaction Digital
  6. 6. Unfortunately That’s Not How Things Can Be Done Today
  7. 7. Today -- With “Office” We’re Still Work In “Manual” Sneakernet is still our “best” tool & technology ever ...
  8. 8. The Current Office’s “Bold” & “Italic” Is Okay ... But The Work Process SU*!@#$ How we compose document ... How we work ... I use Office ... And I attach ... And I send ... via email) And I forget where it’s stored ... And I can’t link them each other ... And search is tough! ... And my mailbox got 1,900 entries!! ...
  9. 9. A Truly Broken Process
  10. 10. Beyond Microsoft
  11. 11. No Longer The Future Shall Be “Similar” Nor “Exactly” The Same (To Microsoft’s) Redefined Path. The Battle of “BOLD” & “ITALIC” is over! The era of “OpenOffice” that is “similar” (to Microsoft) is over! Can Do BOLD Microsoft Same Here ... Oh Come On!!! Can Do BOLD Can Do ITALIC Add Ribbon Add Fancier Bold Button Add Fancier Italic Button That’s Totally Boring!
  12. 12. The NEXT’s Core Innovation Perhaps Could Happen “On The Way” To The Web This is where the next innovation begins & focuses on
  13. 13. Key Attribute & Characteristics
  14. 14. 1. That Can Adjust To Business Template Form That Readily Connect To A Web Process Since Day 1 ... Memo Invoice Contract P/O Report Notepad “ Office”-Based Paper-Form Document Integrated Web-Aware Template Form
  15. 15. 2. Office Form That Is So Intelligent And Seamlessly Designed For Web Work, That People “Forget” That A Page, A Form & The Web Was Ever Separated! Form Smart-XML Representation Intuitive Template Maker Smart-Template Registry
  16. 16. 3. A Seamless Form XML Data Grabber Mechanism That Would Allow Selected -Content-Data To Be Read And Grab As “Intelligent Content Index” Form Smart-XML Representation Integrated Form-Grabber Mechanism Intelligent Content Index
  17. 17. 4. A Seamless “Web-Store” Mechanism That Would Allow Content To Be Natively & “Intelligently” Stored, Linked, Connected (& Discovered) On The Web Form Smart-XML Representation Stored Individually Stored Linked Around Context
  18. 18. 5. A Seamless “Web-Store” Mechanism That Would Allow Content To Flow Freely To Any Place Where Next Work-Step Need To Be Done, And Intelligent “Content Stamper” That Is Able To “Reformat” Content On The Fly To Its Final Content, Textual & Contextual Form Form Smart-XML Representation Dynamic, Flexible, Smart, Paperlike Web Flow & Intelligent Content Stamper
  19. 19. A “Beyond Microsoft” Office That Connect, Integrate & Work Seamlessly With Its Intelligent “WebStore” & Paperlike “WebFlow”!! Integrated WebStore + Paperlike WebFlow + Dynamic Content Stamper/Grabber”next” Worxcode Workbench OpenServer Web-Aware Content Maker Seamless Front End For Document & Work
  20. 20. Worxcode’s Integrated “WebStore” + Dynamic “WebFlow” Experience & Lab Experiences So Far ... PERPETUAL BETA PROTOTYPE DEMO
  21. 21. Idea: Connecting The “Two Lab” Together ... Woorknet Open Server Open API OfficeNext WebStore + WebFlow API Worxcode Work Server www (beta release soon)
  22. 22. Building The Next That “Understand” The Web Better
  23. 23. Integrating The Powerful Yin & Yang Of The 2 World Together ! Combining Inherent Intuitiveness Of Office With Simplicity & Power Of The Web
  24. 24. Together Innovating In Sync & Building Something That Eventually Contributes Greatly To The Advancement Of Our Greater Society Worxcode 2 Times Asia Pacific Innovation & Excellence Award Winner 5 Times Asia Pacific Award Winner (Wxc Founder) Entrepreneurs To Watch, 2007 (SWA)
  25. 25. [email_address] h ttp://