BLUG 2012 Version Control for Notes Developers


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BLUG 2012 slide deck for my Version Control for Notes Developers session

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BLUG 2012 Version Control for Notes Developers

  1. 1. Version Control forNotes developers Martin Jinoch
  2. 2. #shameless-plug blog: twitter: @mjinoch email:
  3. 3. AgendaWhat is version control and why you shoulduse it, ...Development work-flow with Git and git-flowHow to use Git in DesignerOther tools you can integrate into yourdevelopment process
  4. 4. “Classic” way ;-)
  5. 5. “Classic” wayno easy way to get back to previous stateunless we are keeping→ backup versions of design elements→ or backup copies of the whole templatewe dont know what the last change was→ we should maintain a separate change-log
  6. 6. There must be a better wayVersion control systems→ client/serverCVS, SVN (Subversion), ...→ distributedGit, Bazaar, Mercurial, ...Which one to use? Any. But please, DO usethem. (And dont use CVS)
  7. 7. Basic operationscommit → save current state to VCSdiff → show the differences between commits (versions)revert → undo (any) commit.branch → make a new “copy” of the whole appmerge → apply changes from one branch to another branch
  8. 8. Branching model Vincent Driesen ( not only development process- like creating new featuresbut also release management and support- promoting new features to production app, fixing bugsin production app and in development version at oncecould be used with other VCSas well!
  9. 9. pretty simple, huh!?lets see a demo
  10. 10. git-flow to Notes mappingmaster = NTF file on production serverdevelop = NTF file on test serverfeature/* = NTF file on local machine or localserverteam settings: rights to push to master and/ordevelop should be restricted to role(“gatekeeper”). In general individualdevelopers work on feature branches andsend pull requests to “gatekeeper”
  11. 11. Support for Version control in Designerin 8.5.3 it is built-in to Designerconnects NTF with so called on-disk projectsyncs changes to on-disk project and back→ version control systems need real files toact on not virtual file system→ and some design elements have to beconverted to DXL
  12. 12. Configuring DDE for version controlDesigner runs on top of Eclipse 3.4 (2008)install VCS plugin from→ EGit for Domino Designer (by Nathan T. Freeman) based on current EGit for Eclipse 3.6 and higher→ Subversion UpdateSite for Domino DesignerMercurial - andchoose 1.6.0 version of MercurialEclipse plugin and1.4.3 version of Mercurial Binaries
  13. 13. Install EGit to DDE
  14. 14. Install EGit to DDE
  15. 15. Install EGit to DDE and point it to the downloaded zip file
  16. 16. Install EGit to DDE just check and press Next
  17. 17. Install EGit to DDE I guess even as non-lawyers we can accept this
  18. 18. Install EGit to DDE after pressing Finish keep accepting (there is one more dialog asking for permission to install plugin) and then restart Designer
  19. 19. Enable Source Control for NSF
  20. 20. Enable Source Control for NSF
  21. 21. Enable Source Control for NSF
  22. 22. Set up Git for the on-disk project
  23. 23. Set up Git for the on-disk project
  24. 24. Start using Git directly from DDE or use command line in Git Bash (were developers, right?)
  25. 25. Redmine● project management tool, bug tracker, ...● connects to repository to link commits to issues (commit message “fixes #1” automatically closes issue with id 1) and for time tracking (@1h30m)● will probably be used for projects on as well as Git and Mercurial repositories
  26. 26. Questions?● more about Git great book
  27. 27. Resources● Subversion -● Git –, Git for Windows - and follow link “Git for Windows”● Mercurial –● Bazaar –● EGit for Domino Designer – action=openDocument&name=EGit%20for%20IBM%20Domino %20Designer● Subversion UpdateSite for Domino Designer – action=openDocument&name=Subversion%20UpdateSite%20for %20Domino%20Designer● branching model -● git-flow –● Redmine –
  28. 28. Thank you!